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DXC DP/TWO Dropper Post - Internal - Ø 30.9 - Travel 170 mm

DXC DP/TWO Dropper Post - Internal - Ø 30.9 - Travel 170 mm

As an evolution of our DXC DP/ONE Dropper Post, the DP/TWO Dropper Post not only boasts a significantly lower weight, but also two features its little sister lacks: The dropper post extension can be reduced by up to 25 mm, in 5 mm steps (+RAD system) A valve at the top of the post also lets you adapt the pressure (rebound) like suspension forks and shocks (air valve feature). It has never been this easy to adjust a dropper post to your individual preferences or the terrain as with the DXC DP/TWO!

Otherwise, the DP/TWO naturally shares all of the same features: The hydraulically adjustable dropper post has a handlebar-mounted remote control that adapts the saddle position simply and conveniently to the terrain, no tools required. The reliable, robust technology offers simple and precise height adjustment, with virtually no backlash, allowing users to change the saddle position rapidly. The saddle can be raised or lowered to any position within the dropper post adjustment range.

Features of the DXC DP/TWO Dropper Post

  • Made of 7075-T651 aluminium
  • Approx. weight 516 g for 31.6/125 mm
  • +RAD system adjusts the travel by up to -25 mm
  • Air valve system adjusts the pressure (shock pump required)
  • Infinitely adjustable via handlebar-mounted remote
  • Simple saddle clamp attachment

+RAD system

The +RAD system allows the extension to be limited by up to 25 mm. This allows, for example, a support with 200 mm travel to be limited to 175 mm travel. The adjustment takes place in steps of 5 mm and is possible without tools. The limitation of the extension is implemented with the aid of a small bushing inside the prop. The adjustment is to be made as follows:

  1. Lower the support at least 35 mm.
  2. Loosen the cap between the seat post body and the extendable part.
  3. Pull out bushing, reposition and reinsert.
  4. Screw cover cap tightly in place.
  5. Extend the seat post completely.

Air Valve Feature

Similar to shocks and suspension forks, the pressure in the cartridge of the DP/TWO can be adjusted individually. To do this, the saddle must be completely removed. The same applies to the saddle clamp. The adjustment is made with the help of a damper pump (not included).

The change in pressure affects speed at which the support compresses and rebound. The default setting is 280-300 psi (approx. 20 bar). 300 psi is the maximum pressure that must not be exceeded!

Scope of delivery:

  • Seat post
  • Bowden cable with outer cover
  • Bowden cable attachment
  • Handlebar remote control


Fact Sheet of DXC DP/TWO Dropper Post - Internal - Ø 30.9 - Travel 170 mm

Product Name: DXC DP/TWO Dropper Post - Internal - Ø 30.9 - Travel 170 mm
Manufacturer: DXC
Item Code: DXC630704
activity: Cycling
material: Aluminium
usage bikesport: MTB
Seatpost Ø: 30.9mm
length: 482mm
rail clamp style: round rails, oval rails
type seat post: Post w/o Offset, Dropper Post
dropper post version: Routing internal, Travel > 150 mm, Actuation mechanical
Model year: 2024
Color: Black
Weight Source: Manufacturer