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Kari Traa

Kari Traa Hiking Hat Women - bjerk

Kari Traa Hiking Hat Women - bjerk

The Kari Traa Hiking Hat is a fishing hat for women that simply rounds off any outfit. The combination of sustainable material and robust details make this classic fishing hat the ideal companion for all your hikes through woods and meadows. At the same time, a water-repellent surface ensures that your head stays dry and protected in any weather. Grab your favorite sunglasses, put on your fishing hat, and head out for adventure!

 Features of the Kari Traa Hiking Hat for Women

  • Fishing Hat

  • RUDOLF BIONIC-FINISH® ECO - sustainable, durable, fluorine-free, water repellent waterproofing.

  • mesh lining

  • Pocket with flap closure

  • Adjustable drawstring

  • Embroidered logo


Non-mulesing wool

All wool products launched by Kari Traa are made from non-mulesing wool. To ensure this, Kari Traa has ongoing routines for obtaining certificates for all wool used in manufacturing.

1: IWTO Certificate - to ensure that all partial shipments of wool are made from non-mulesing wool.

2: Certificate of Origin - this certificate confirms that all partial shipments of non-mulesing wool are from specific suppliers in the actual country of production to the supplier in China, classified as non-mulesing wool for resale of the wool.

3: Wool Spnn Certificate - confirms that all garments produced by Kari Traaa's production partners are based on non-mulesing wool.

Kari Traa has actively opposed mulesing and expects that this practice of raw material extraction will soon be history.

Kari Traa is both proactive and positive when it comes to adapting to new certification rules or other standard regulations that could be installed to ensure animal rights in the production process.

Main Material: 100% cotton
Lining: 100% polyester

Fact Sheet of Kari Traa Hiking Hat Women - bjerk

Product Name: Kari Traa Hiking Hat Women - bjerk
Manufacturer: Kari Traa
Item Code: KTR632988
Material: Main Material: 100% cotton
Lining: 100% polyester
activity: Outdoor, Leisure
gender: women
textile fabric: Synthetics, Cotton
season: Summer
Features: Water resistant
headwear version: Hats
Model year: 2023
Collection: Spring/Summer
Color: Beige, Multicolored
Sustainability: Mulesing free
Manufacturer page:


In the following tables you will find information on the dress sizes of the manufacturer .

Category: Headwear / Helmets



International XS S M L XL XXL
head circumference (cm) 52 - 53 54 - 55 56 - 57 58 - 59 60 - 61 62 - 63

International XS

head circumference (cm) 52 - 53

International S

head circumference (cm) 54 - 55

International M

head circumference (cm) 56 - 57

International L

head circumference (cm) 58 - 59

International XL

head circumference (cm) 60 - 61

International XXL

head circumference (cm) 62 - 63


International S M L XL
head circumference (cm) 48 - 50 50 - 53 53 - 54 54 - 55

International S

head circumference (cm) 48 - 50

International M

head circumference (cm) 50 - 53

International L

head circumference (cm) 53 - 54

International XL

head circumference (cm) 54 - 55