ax-lightness VIAL evo D Carbon Frame Set

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Description of ax-lightness VIAL evo D Carbon Frame Set

Nothing beats a Vial Evo D!

The Vial EVO D is a completely new development and ties in with the sophisticated and award-winning construction of AX-Lightness Vial frame to move into new spheres. The target of the development has been to engineer a light yet unrestricted usable frame with best mechanical values. As usual with AX-Lightness light weight has been a strong motif, however it has not been the leading theme in the development: Riding stability, safety, comfort and riding qualities have been the dominating focus. Thanks to technological potential the company has achieved to realize a real milestone in frame construction!

Load-capable design with optimized tube cross sections
The frame features complexly shaped and load-bearing capacity optimized tube cross sections. By means of elaborate data recordings the occurring load scenarios have been analyzed and have directly been incorporated into the construction and layup of every single tube of the frame.

That way the frame possesses an unique character which however is not very distant from the traditional silhouette. The actual features and gimmicks take a back seat and are eventually only spotted at second or third glance.

The frame is entirely and exclusively built with premium quality high-tensile fibers. Additionally the frame is being strategically reinforced with high modular fibers in selected regions.

Why aren't these fibers utilized thoroughly?
These high modular fibers only bare a relatively low breaking elongation. With their help it would be absolutely feasible to build an even lighter and stiffer frame, however doing so one would have to make sacrifices in regards to the safety at the same time. Whilst such a frame would score excellent results on paper and in the laboratory, in practice and especially in case of an overloading you would not be having fun with it for all too long. Safety reigns supreme with AX-Lightness: The frame has to remain a practical piece of sports equipment!

The frame features a profound asymmetry, that exemplary is being illustrated on the basis of the chainstays:

The left side is a lot more voluminous than the right one. The basic shape of the chainstays at first appears to be rectangular, but features fluent transitions rather than edges for an improved fiber flow as well as lower resin aggregation ("dead material") in the edges. They furthermore go pretty much towards a triangular shape for an improved resistance against against the occurring loads and forces.

Besides the right chainstay is higher than the left one in order to withstand the chain pull on this side. On its outside there is a bulge to make room for the small chainring without taking too much volume out of the chain stay. In general the stays nonetheless feature a traditional appearance, which has been part of the objective as well.

Double Tubing
Inside the frame there are strategically placed structures to be found in specific regions of the frame that function as a double wall and improve the stiffness.

Improved aerodynamics
The slim, traditional silhouette with hour glass shaped headtube offers an improved aerodynamic performance, which is even more efficient in comparison to heavily oversized tube shapes. The stiffness are at the same time on a distinctively higher level than with pure aero frames respectively the weight a lot lower in comparison to products with comparable stiffness values.

The internal cable guides (for either mechanical or electronic shifting groups) contribute to this approach and as well provides cleaner aesthetics.

Extended headtubes in accordance with the latest biomechanical approaches
In finding a suitable geometry AX-lightness not simply been relying their own (riding) experiences, but instead are very happy to be having teamed up with one the most-experienced bike fitters in Germany, Scrane, who besides already having conducted thousands of fittings also works with well-known professionals from triathlon as well as road racing.

The newest biomechanical philosophies and approaches aim at placing the racer/rider into a power efficient and relaxed position in the drops as this is where races are being decided. For such a position even numerous pros often require spacers with conventional frames. The findings and results from AX-Lightness Alpha custom frame confirm this approach.

In this regards the geometry already directly targets racers. Moreover the frame currently is undergoing the UCI frame approval procedure to be granted the "UCI Approved" sticker in order to be allowed to be raced in UCI controlled events.

Racers benefit from mostly being able to ride the frame without any spacer and also with a very flat headset cover. For this purpose the company supply its own ultra flat 3mm deep headset cover along with the frame which puts the seemingly extended headtubes into perspective. Everyone who wants to be sitting less aggressive as well as touring riders enjoy finding their position without having to use too many annoying and often also unattractive spacer solutions.

Besides these geometrical aspects, this geometry approach also bares mechanical advantages. Due to the extended headtube as well as the omission of spacers and the flat headset cover the bearing load is reduced and the stress on the fork's steerer decreased which directly poses a safety plus. Furthermore the stiffness of the bike's front is boosted which is immediately notable at the bar: What does the highest lateral stiffness on paper help if it is being foiled by a flexible stem area?!

All those who nonetheless intend to sit in a more aggressive position by eventually using a stem with steep negative rise (such as for instance the Rigid 17) as well benefit from this geometrical approach as the extended headtube also in these scenarios influences the stiffness in a positive way (in comparison to a shorter headtube with a less steep negative stem). The majority of customers should however be perfectly fine with the underlying geometry.

Thanks to compact bars such a position based on an aggressive position in the drops of the bars does not necessarily translate into a non-raceworthy, relaxed overall position though. Whilst originally intended to allow for a more relaxed position in the drops of conventional bike designs, here they conversely allow quite the opposite. By fixing the position in the drops, they as well put the rider into a more racy position in the top of the bars and hoods as well due to their lower total height (respectively "negative drop" = rise).

Lightweight design down to the last detail - example bearing seats
The objective of the development has been to construct a lightweight road bike system without having to make the oftentimes required compromises. For this reason ax-lightness have not only isolatedly been focusing on the frame itself, but been taking a look at the complete bike as a holistic concept.

This method of approach does not stop by optimizing the actual core piece, the frame, but also dedicates itself to the connection of the peripheral devices. The fundamental objective thereby has been to not be accepting any restrictions in regards to the compatibility or to be having to rely on proprietary standards or special-purpose solutions. The suitability for daily use has had to be the main focus and it was about optimizing the interfaces.

Therewith AX-Lightness in fact has been imposing a higher work on it selves, the challenge has been worth taking though to satisfy the high demands on it selves. The resolution shall exemplary be mentioned in the case of the bearing seats.

In contrast to other (light) frames, ax-lightness exclusively make use of carbon bearing seats with directly pressed-in ball bearings allowing to bypass all sorts of adapters or bearing shells. Hereby ax-lightness saves weight and eliminate potential weak spots that can lead to creaking sounds.

For the bottom bracket and as already with the Vial as well Alpha frames, AX-Lightness consistently rely on the BB386 Standard. It is based on the BB30 standard for 30mm bottom bracket spindles, but makes use of a 86mm wide bearing stance instead of the 68mm of BB30 and thus inflicts a lower bearing load whilst keeping the improved stiffness and lower weight in comparison to conventional bottom bracket standards. In addition thanks to the wider and more voluminous bottom bracket shell, BB386 allows for an improved connection of the frame tubes as well as opens up the option for larger tube diameters that for instance in case of the chainstays results in a wider stance for a higher stiffness as well as more tire clearance.

In contrast to usual BB386 frames ax-lightness deliberately relies on directly integrated and laminated carbon bearing seats and therewith bypass all typical nylon or aluminum bearing shells: The ball bearings are pressed directly into the frame and thus save a further 30+ grams over conventional PressFit solutions. Narrow tolerances and the eschewal of additional adapters reduce the likelihood of fit imprecisions as well as creaking sounds (an exasperating topic with many modern frames) to a minimum.

Of course you are not forced into immediately swapping out your existing crankset. ax-lightness includes an adapter for Shimano Hollowtech II / FSA MegaExo cranksets along with the frame, so that you are able to keep on using the corresponding cranksets. The adapter, itself less than 18 g in weight, still allows for a lighter and stiffer system than with conventional bottom bracket designs. There are also well-priced adapters separately available for SRAM GXP as well as also those for Campagnolo UltraTorque cranksets, so that you are not being limited in any way in your choice of a crankset.
As ultimate lightweight solution both engage Pelton as well as AX-Lightness Morpheus cranksets may be worth a consideration as they can be mounted directly without any further adapters and will thus yield the lightest possible weight and maximum stiffness at the same time.

Without stopping at the bottom bracket, ax-lightness is also picking up this design approach for the headset bearings and here as well rely on laminated bearing seats. As already with the bottom bracket this saves another 30 grams over designs with semi-integrated headsets. This additional work also allows us to realize a slimmer headtube and therewith a more svelte silhouette, smaller cross-sectional area and thereby improved aerodynamic performance whilst keeping the same type, size and durability of the utilized bearings.

Bike24 would like to assist you thoroughly regarding frame size as well as possible configuration when buying premium quality bike frames.
You will be contacted by our specially trained bike consultants via e-mail after the order process has been completed. We take into account your requests and wishes, devise the fitting and optimal set up.
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Fact Sheet of ax-lightness VIAL evo D Carbon Frame Set

Product Name: ax-lightness VIAL evo D Carbon Frame Set
Manufacturer: ax-lightness
Item Code: AXL175387
Year: 2016
Material: carbon
Weight: approx. 660 gram (in frame size S (52) with. seat clamp and headset, but without fork)
Wheel size: 28" road bike
Frame sizes: please have a look at the attachments
Color: carbon - black
Incl./Excl. fork: incl. THM Scapula CT fork (295 g uncut)
Recommended headset: 1 1/8" upper
1 ¼" lower, tapered
Derailleur clamp diameter: braze on
Case width: adapter for Shimano Hollowtech cranks or Sram GXP cranks available separately
Campagnolo OverTorque cranks compatible without adapter
not compatible with Campagnolo Ultra-Torque cranksets!
Bottom bracket standard: BB386
Seatpost diameter: 27.2 mm
Axle Standard: F: 9x100 mm | R: 10x130 mm
Changeable derailleur hanger: Yes
Purpose: competition, training
Included in delivery: frame, THM Scapula CT fork, ax Tapered headset, low friction steel bearings bottom bracket, ax Aluminium seat clamp
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ax-lightness VIAL evo D Carbon Frame Set
in stock, delivery time 1-3 daysVersion | Size: Universal for mechanical or Di2 electronical shifting groups | S 52
Production, delivery time 1-3 weeksVersion | Size: Shimano Di2 version | S 52
Production, delivery time 1-3 weeksVersion | Size: Sram eTap version | S 52
Production, delivery time 1-3 weeksVersion | Size: Campagnolo EPS version | S 52
Production, delivery time 1-3 weeksVersion | Size: Shimano Di2 version | M 54
Production, delivery time 1-3 weeksVersion | Size: Sram eTap version | M 54
Production, delivery time 1-3 weeksVersion | Size: Campagnolo EPS version | M 54
Production, delivery time 1-3 weeksVersion | Size: Universal for mechanical or Di2 electronical shifting groups | L 56
Production, delivery time 1-3 weeksVersion | Size: Shimano Di2 version | L 56
Production, delivery time 1-3 weeksVersion | Size: Sram eTap version | L 56
Production, delivery time 1-3 weeksVersion | Size: Campagnolo EPS version | L 56
Production, delivery time 1-3 weeksVersion | Size: Universal for mechanical or Di2 electronical shifting groups | XL 58
Production, delivery time 1-3 weeksVersion | Size: Shimano Di2 version | XL 58
Production, delivery time 1-3 weeksVersion | Size: Sram eTap version | XL 58
Production, delivery time 1-3 weeksVersion | Size: Campagnolo EPS version | XL 58
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frame geometry ax-lightness Vial Evo frame geometry ax-lightness Vial Evo (500 kBytes) ax-lightness GmbH
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