Green Oil CF3 Re-useable Lube Spray Chain Lubricant 100 ml

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Description of Green Oil CF3 Re-useable Lube Spray Chain Lubricant 100 ml

The CF3 re-usable lube spray lets you spray Green Oil onto your bike. It can also be used with White, or Clean Chain degreaser. It uses air pressure rather than harmful propellants:
  • No VOCs
  • No isobutane
  • Incredible spray performance
  • Easy to use
Every workshop has a spray can these days. Simply, its quick and easy to spray lube onto a bike when servicing it. However, most spray cans are difficult to recycle, and they contain numerous toxic nasties, including PTFE/Teflon. This is not only bad for 'the environment', but the immediate workshop environment, and therefore your health. Other spray lubes specifically say, 'only use in a well ventilated area' because they are so harmful. Yet, in most workshops, the windows cannot be open all the time - it would get cold. So staff in workshops breath in the stuff, and suffer lung damage.
Green Oil chain lube contains N-Toc, a special refined plant extract to increase durability, increasing the length of time between applications. Green Oil can also be used for cables, brake leavers, bike locks and for other lube applications. Its versatile.
How is Green Oil green? Other chain lubes out there contain PTFE and petrochemicals. They don't even bother with proper recycling information! This is crazy, as every fluid used on a bike ends up in the environment, and usually on a mechanics hands. And your hands, and in your garden.
  • PTFE creates a carcinogen in its production.
  • PTFE accumulates in the food chain, after your bike chain. We don't use PTFE
  • Petrochemicals often do harm in the environment and aquatic life

Green Oil don't use palm oil - all ingredients are sustainably sourced. Green Oil use plant based ingredients, natural molecules with similar long chain molecules to found in petrochemicals. The mixture used is sticky enough to stay on the chain, but not so sticky excess dirt sticks to it.
Every Green Oil bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic - so don't be surprised if the bottle is a curious colour! The label is made from the same type of plastic as the bottle, to aid efficient recycling.
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Fact Sheet of Green Oil CF3 Re-useable Lube Spray Chain Lubricant 100 ml

Product Name: Green Oil CF3 Re-useable Lube Spray Chain Lubricant 100 ml
Manufacturer: Green Oil
Item Code: GOL198880
Year: 2016
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