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Green Oil

Green Oil Bicycle Brush

Green Oil Bicycle Brush

Green Oil Bicycle Brush was born out of a desire to make a quality brush, with a traditional edge. The Bicycle Brush is also the the World's first FSC certified bike product. The Green Oil Bicycle Brush is:
  • Made in Britain
  • Has a luxury sustainably sourced, ergonomic wood handle
  • Utilizes plant based bristles
  • Is designed to last many years of use - 'a brush for life'
The Bicycle Brush is also great for cleaning spokes and wheel rims and is built to last. Its a good thing that the Bicycle Brush is not made of plastic, so no oil is used to make the brush. Similarly, the bristles are plant based, so when there is wear and tear, little pieces of plastic aren't going into the environment which don't biodegrade. Even the print on the brush is biodegradable, so theoretically if your brush did ever wear out, you could put it in your compost bin! It is durable though, so a well kept brush should not be heading to the compost bin any time soon! Green Oil recommend drying out your brush indoors, or in the sun after use to keep it in good conditions, for a long Bicycle Brush life.

Dimensions in mm (L/W/H): 245/67/86

Fact Sheet of Green Oil Bicycle Brush

Product Name: Green Oil Bicycle Brush
Manufacturer: Green Oil
Item Code: GOL198960
activity: Cycling
care & clean accessories: Brushes
Model year: 2022
Manufacturer page: