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Winter Cycling Shoes - Protect Yourself against Cold Feet

When snow and coldness arrive, the question arises every year: to ride a bike or not? Dreamy, snow-covered landscapes are an invitation, but the thought of cold feet makes many a tough biker prefer to send the bike into a well-deserved hibernation. With the right winter MTB shoes and road cycling winter shoes, icy feet can be avoided or at least their development can be significantly delayed, so that a few hours on the bike in winter do not become an ordeal.

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If you decide to get on your bike in winter, you'll soon find out: Cold feet can really spoil the fun of cycling. So the question is: What to do?

Overshoes and Socks: The Perfect Complement for Your Winter Cycling Shoes

The certainly cheapest option is thick socks inside and warm overshoes over the cycling shoes. Waterproof and windproof overshoes made of thick neoprene create a barrier against the elements. For short distances around the block, over the house trail or commuter rides, this variant is quite sufficient, but is probably always a compromise: Summer shoes, which are usually bought to fit, often do not offer enough space for sufficiently thick socks, and a lot of heat is lost via the cleat openings, as this area does not have enough insulation. If you really want to have long-lasting warm feet so that you can also spend extensive tours on your bike in winter, you should not shy away from investing in special winter cycling shoes. It is definitely one that will pay off.

Why Special Winter Shoes for Cycling?

Winter cycling boots have specific features that prevent the feet from cooling down. Water- and windproofness is key, as is a thicker insulation with a warm inner lining. A higher-cut shaft prevents water from entering from above and also closes the gap between the shoe and the bib tight. The sensitive cold bridge of the pedal connections is optimally insulated in winter shoes, so that neither coldness can penetrate nor heat can be lost.

If you get cold really quick or if you want to sit on your bike in winter from morning to evening, you can increase the warmth effect with thermal insoles, thick socks and neoprene overshoes. 

The selection of different models is now large, whether winter MTB boots, shoes for road bikes or specific models for women – there is something for everyone. The cold doesn't stand a chance.