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No more dull pedalling and staring at the wall. Indoor bike trainers and bike rollers now make indoor cycling varied and creative. Join exciting training programmes and follow group rides along virtual routes on your PC or tablet. Never be bored on a cycle trainer again! Read more

What types of bike trainers are available?

There are lots of bike trainers for beginners and pros – from bike rollers to complete indoor cycling trainers. Terms like “indoor bike trainer“, “ergotrainer“, “bike trainer“ and “cycling rollers“ often get confused. Here is an overview:

  • Bike rollers
  • Roller unit cycle trainers
  • Direct drive cycle trainers
  • Stationary indoor bikes

Bike rollers

Bike rollers do for a cyclist what a treadmill does for a runner: you cycle on the bike rollers without going anywhere, as the base is moving. This kind of indoor bike trainer therefore requires a normal bike.

Bike rollers often have a frame with three parallel rollers for the wheels. It is like road riding, as the bike moves under the cyclist. Bike rollers are mostly straightforward, but many can be connected with training software via smart phone, tablet, notebook, TV or bike computer. Some models offer training programmes, virtual rides or strength and performance measurement.

Increased tire wear is unavoidable with this type of indoor bike trainer. You can buy special slip- and wear-resistant training tires to protect your normal tires.

Direct drive cycle trainers

Direct drive bike trainers are now much more popular and affordable. The rear triangle minus wheel is mounted to an axle with cassette and freewheel already fitted on the indoor bike trainer. The dropouts are attached firmly as usual via the quick-release skewer or thru-axle.  Indoor cycling on a direct drive trainer  is a lot quieter than with a classic roller unit cycle trainer, and you don’t need special tires to use this bike trainer.

Because some of these bike trainers can be tilt sideways, you enjoy a really authentic ride, even when pedalling out of the saddle and in corners. And direct drive indoor bike trainers have really accurate, integrated performance measurement and data recording, giving you a good overview of your performance data.

Indoor Bikes

Smart indoor bikes mix ergotrainers with cycle trainers. They’re always ready: you don’t need a bike, so there’s no need to convert yours into an indoor bike trainer. Smart bike trainers are easy to adjust, so several users within the household can train on them.

Indoor cycling trainers are expensive, but offer loads of exciting functions and features, making your indoor training feel authentic.

Brake systems and drive units for bike trainers

Classic cycle trainers are fixed to your bike via the rear wheel hub. The tire touches a plastic or steel roller connected to a flywheel. Depending on model and price, these indoor bike trainers can have a magnetic, electric, fluid or motor brake. The brake increases resistance, simulating different speeds and climbs.

Magnetic brakes are recommended for beginners and are based on a simple principle: contact-free, moveable magnets exert force on a metal flywheel. The closer the magnet is moved towards the flywheel, the higher the resistance.

Alternatively, you could choose a cycle trainer with electric brake
Braking power is induction-induced and controlled by an electronic system via programming or rider input. The faster you pedal, the higher the power and braking force. You generate power yourself by pedalling – so you can use the bike trainer without an additional power source.

A fluid brake works with a liquid such as silicone oil, slowing down the rotation. With this indoor bike trainer, resistance is stronger the faster you cycle. But you can still control resistance manually by changing gear.

A motor brake is based on simulation technology. An electric motor connected to the flywheel simulates climbing via electrical resistors, also giving the rider a true hi-speed downhill sensation. This kind of cycle trainer resistance unit needs additional power supply and is often in the top model category.

Cycle trainers with magnet or fluid brakes are really popular, as they are standalone with no additional power supply.

Smart accessories for your indoor bike trainer

You can pair many cycle trainers with your smartphone or tablet via ANT+ or Bluetooth. Add a suitable phone holder or display stand and you have all the information in view.

Training on cycling rollers or an ergotrainer can be rather sweaty. Sweat catchers and mats keep moisture off the floor, the latter also help reduce vibration. Many manufacturers have devised a clever feature: speed simulators. They adapt air flow to your speed, cooling you down for a realistic ride experience.

For even more simulation from your bike trainer, you can fit your bike fork into an indoor mountain simulator for an authentic ascent and descent.

Multitaskers, workaholics and creatives can use their indoor bike trainer while they work: adjustable desks allow you to pedal at your desk, so you don’t need to wait until after work to train.

Buying a bike trainer from BIKE24

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