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Trekking Bikes – All-Rounders for Leisure and Touring

Men’s or ladies: trekking bikes are the perfect choice if you don’t want too many bikes in your shed. Trekking bikes cover a huge range of uses, combining the speed of a road bike with the stability of a mountain bike. This makes trekking bikes sporty, robust and comfortable all-rounders, just as good for daily shopping or long-distance rides on roads, hard forest tracks or challenging gravel roads. » Read more
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What Does a Trekking Bike Look Like?

When buying a trekking bike, you’ll find a massive choice of different models, with the right trekking bike for every type of ride and requirement.

There are roughly two types of ladies and men’s trekking bikes:

  • Sporty models, with saddle and handlebars at around the same height. This gives a more forward-leaning sitting position, for lower wind resistance and better power transmission.
  • Models designed more for touring, with the longer rear frame providing greater stability and good steering. The lower saddle position in relation to the handlebars makes for a more relaxed upright posture.

But some basic features are typical for all trekking bikes:

  • Equipment and Accessories: fully equipped trekking bicycles have a hub dynamo, LED light system, mudguards and stable luggage carriers. And they often come with a comfy saddle, suspension and ergonomic handlebars, which makes them ideal for long-distance trips.
  • Wheels: smaller 28-inch wheels for easy terrain
  • Brake system: rim brakes or hydraulic disc brakes
  • Gears: derailleur or low-maintenance hub gears
  • Frame: sporty frame geometry with a comfortable sitting position ‒ ultra-resilient frame, usually aluminium or steel
  • Weight: mostly 12 to 14 kilos, as durability and reliability are key to any trekking bike

Trekking Bikes: Tires and Wheel Size

The 28-inch wheel size is the determining factor for both men’s and women’s trekking bikes: these wheels run smoothly on rough, uneven ground, offering plenty of grip and traction for excellent safety.

Whilst most men can choose a 28-inch trekking bike, a 26-inch version is also an option for women when choosing a suitable bicycle, due to their sometimes smaller body size.

Tire choice has a big impact on rolling characteristics, cornering and the whole ride experience with a trekking bike. The usual trekking tire is 38 to 45 mm wide, rolling well and highly puncture-resistant. Depending on body weight and extra load (e.g. on the luggage carrier), the recommended tire pressure is 3.5 to 4.5 bars.

Aluminium or Steel? the Right Frame Material for a Trekking Bike

The two predominant frame materials for trekking bikes (men’s and women’s models alike) are aluminium and steel. The choice of a suitable material is all about individual requirements: a modern aluminium trekking bike is light, rigid and powerful. A steel trekking bike is heavier, but has a special look and offers excellent durability and a comfortable, lively ride.

Choosing between Derailleur and Hub Gears

The appropriate gear system depends on rider preference and what the trekking bike is used for. Basically: the hillier the terrain, the bigger the gear range needs to be.

With a derailleur, there are generally three chain rings in front and ten sprockets behind (giving 30 gears). This gear format ticks the box with a very big gear range and the possibility of maintaining it yourself. Hub gears generally have eight or eleven gears, however. They are heavier than a derailleur, but also really low-maintenance and easy to use.

Buying a Trekking Bike: A Men’s or Women’s Model?

You don’t have to stick to the manufacturer’s gender category when buying a trekking bike: in theory, men can buy a women’s model if they want. And some women prefer a men’s trekking bike. The most important thing is always the feelgood factor!

Most men’s bikes have a diamond frame, giving the optimum rigidity-to-weight ratio.

Many manufacturers‘ women’s trekking bikes usually come with add-ons for women (saddle, handlebars, grips) and the frame shape is adapted to the female anatomy for greater ride comfort. And ladies trekking bikes with a practical step-through trapeze frame and no top tube have really caught on. A wave frame offers a really low step-through but is mainly found in city bikes.

Buying a Trekking Bike from the BIKE24 Online Shop?

BIKE24 has a huge range of products, and that’s good news for you. But when you’re looking to buy a trekking bike online, it’s a good idea to think about your specific requirements beforehand. We give you loads of information about the right choice of frame size for your trekking bike, for example. Finally, you need to ensure that your new trekking bike suits you and your body size.

And we also help you with information about how we pre-assemble and pack our bikes.

Good service and advice are important to us: if you’re unsure or have any questions, please contact our customer service team any time!

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