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Nalgene Drinking Bottles – Sustainable, Durable and Cool

A plastic drinking bottle that is sustainable and will last a lifetime. Does that sound too good to be true? Not at all. Drinking bottles from Nalgene are only made of high-quality materials and meet the highest laboratory standards. They are visually beautiful and suitable for young and old. And at the end of their lifespan, Nalgene drinking bottles can simply be recycled again.

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What Distinguishes Nalgene Products?

Nalgene was originally founded to produce laboratory utensils. The company was created in New York in 1949 under the name Nalge Company. It quickly made a name for itself with plastic Petri dishes, test tubes and bottles that were much lighter and more robust than their glass relatives. At some point rumours surfaced that researchers were using the bottles for camping trips.

Spotting an opportunity, the son of the founder turned this into a company tradition. Since then, Nalgene drinking bottles have become an integral part of the world of outdoor products. Even today, the Nalgene bottle has a precise measuring scale that is helpful for mixing drinks – or just tells you how much water you have already drunk. In contrast to other bottles with a coating, you can also fill Nalgene drinking bottles with fruit juices and mineral water if you desire. The inner layer of the Nalgene bottle is acid-resistant so doesn’t release any harmful substances into your beverage.

Incidentally, Nalgene attaches great importance to environmental protection. With its motto "Refill, don't landfill", the company calls out the environmental pollution caused by disposable bottles. Thanks to the handy gauge, users can also track how much they have drunk throughout the day. All Nalgene bottles are produced exclusively in the USA. In addition to their popular drinking bottles, Nalgene also offers merchandising products such as t-shirts, mugs and pint glasses.

Drinking Bottles from Nalgene – No More Thirst on the Move

Drinking bottles from Nalgene are available with different capacities ranging from 300 ml to 5 litres. They are all BPA-free, extremely light, durable and dishwasher safe.

The standard Nalgene drinking bottle consists of a bottle and a lid. They are also designed with long term use in mind. If the lid needs to be replaced, you can simply buy a new one individually. The range includes drinking bottles with different openings and drinking systems, and there are plenty of different Nalgene lids. Particularly noteworthy here is the special Nalgene OTF closure (on the fly) which ensures easy access to fluids during sporting activities.

Nalgene Everyday drinking bottles are intended for outdoor use and are splash-free. The lid can be secured with a loop and screwed tightly. The Nalgene Everyday can also be mounted on bikes and is available in several signature colours. With their subtle colouring the bottles are even suitable for use in the office. The Nalgene drinking bottle with a capacity of 1 litre is also designed to ensure that you meet your daily fluid requirement. As an added bonus, it also has to be refilled less often than 0.5 or 0.3 litre bottles.

Nalgene Water Bottles for Children

Nalgene also offers water bottles for children with colourful and cute designs: Owls, sea or forest. Nalgene drinking bottles for children have a capacity of 0.35 litres. With their appealing patterns, they should motivate your children to hydrate properly. Because it is particularly well sealed, the Nalgene bottle also won’t leak into school bags. The ergonomic shape generally makes drinking easier.

At BIKE24 you will also find a large selection of environmentally friendly hydration bottles from other suppliers. And don’t forget, you even pay 10% less than the USP price. With a Nalgene drinking bottle you will gain a lifelong and environmentally friendly companion to use every day.