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FOX Factory - Award-Winning Suspension Forks, Shocks, Seatposts & Accessories

Whether on downhills, trails, XC or enduro excursions, FOX forks and shocks are considered the ultimate in mountain bike suspension.  FOX has been manufacturing suspension forks with Float air springs for more than 20 years, technology used as the basis for their current 32, 34, 36 and 40 lines. Sensitive shocks, adjustable seatposts, accessories and clothing round off the brand’s dynamic product range.

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A Roaring Success — FOX Forks & Shocks

In 1974, company founder Bob Fox developed the first FOX air shock prototype for a motocross bike. This went into production a few months later, leading riders to countless victories in road and cross races. In addition to motocross, FOX Racing Shox also made a name for themselves in off-road car races back in the late seventies and in 1983, FOX struts were dominating US car and motorcycle racing.

When the first full sus MTBs came on the scene at the end of the 1980s, FOX then began developing suspension forks and shocks for mountain bikes too. FOX Factory engineers relied on FLOAT air suspension here, an established technology in the automotive sector. This led to the creation of legendary products in close collaboration with world-famous professional riders, one of which is the FOX 40, a fork which led riders to many a downhill World Cup and World Championship win. The FOX 36, on the other hand, helped mountain bikers such as Richie Rude and Tracy Moseley to countless successes in the Enduro World Series.

FOX Factory suspension forks & shocks

Forks & Shocks from FOX Factory: The Right Product for Every Discipline

FOX’s range of suspension forks and shocks means you can get the right suspension on every terrain and bike. The brand no longer only serves the more traditional MTB disciplines like XC and downhill, but you’ll also find FOX forks made for gravel riding too.

FOX 32 TC: Gravel Goes Suspension!

FOX Factory forks are an MTB institution. However, the latest model, which goes by the name 32 TC, has opened up a completely new horizon: this fork has been developed for gravel bikes. At just 1,226 grams, it is the lightest suspension fork FOX has produced so far. It offers up to 50 mm of travel and has a flat mount for disc brakes with a diameter of 160 mm or 180 mm. Head out on your gravel bike and feel the flow!

FOX Cross Country Suspension Forks: Light in Weight, High in Performance!

The FOX 32 and FOX 34 Step Cast suspension fork models are recommended for cross country races. Step Cast denotes the special shape of the tubes, which taper off towards the bottom, yet another way of saving on weight. The high-performance FIT4 damper is also available with an optional remote-controlled lockout system. The forks in the Performance series which are towards the lower end of the price range use the Grip damper, which can be adjusted into three different positions. The FOX Float DPS featuring the EVOL air spring is the best choice for a shock tailored to this biking discipline. Like cross country, but don't fancy teasing every last gram out of your equipment? Then the “normal” forks in the 32 and 34 series without the step cast shaping are your best option. They may be heavier, but they still have the same features for delivering a top performance on the trails.

The Champion Gets a New Crown: The FOX 36, for All-Mountain Riding

The FOX 36 is FOX’s all-mountain model, with a perfect balance between rigidity, robustness and a low weight. The new versions have received a major update to their fork crown: this now overlaps a larger area of the steerer tube, improving durability and rigidity and saving weight at the same time. All in all, the new 36 series models are lighter, more sensitive, more rigid and easier to adjust, whilst tried-and-tested features such as the Kabolt X axle, GRIP2 damper and FLOAT EVOL air spring continue to ensure optimum performance. If you like things even lighter, the new FOX 34 is a great alternative for shredding the trails and the compatible FOX Factory Float DPX 2 and FOX Float X shocks come in handy for the rear here too.

FOX 38: The Enduro Specialist

Modern enduro bikes have a travel of between 160 mm and 180 mm and their powerful suspension can easily handle big blows. These bikes are great for riding in enduro races, and you'll have tons of fun with them in trail or gravity bike parks too. The FOX Factory 38 suspension fork is perfect for this kind of riding. This is a small downhill fork equipped with a single fork crown. The FOX 36 offers between 160 and 180 mm of travel and is available for 27.5 or 29 inch wheels. The tried-and-tested FOX Kashima coating, FLOAT EVOL air spring and GRIP damper provide optimal performance and supreme adjustability. You can adjust all possible parameters on the GRIP2 damper to suit your driving style: high-speed and low-speed compression, as well as high-speed and low-speed rebound can all be externally adjusted to meet your precise requirements. The FOX Float X2 or FOX DHX shocks with steel spring are the ideal counterparts for kitting out the rear of your enduro bike. This fork model is also available as a FOX Factory e-bike fork, as is the 36.

FOX 40: The MTB Downhill Legend

The FOX 40 downhill suspension fork has been the benchmark in downhill mountain biking for many years now. It epitomises maximum stability at the lowest possible weight and provides the best performance on the downhill trail thanks to high-performance GRIP damping, the EVOL air spring and a whole array of other tried-and-tested features, such as the FLOATING AXLE, leg bleeders and sophisticated FOX Kashima coating. The FOX 40 downhill fork is available for bikes with 27.5 and 29 inch wheels. The matching FOX shocks for use on the downhill trails are the FLOAT X2 with air spring and the DHX or “DHX2”, both equipped with an ultralight steel spring and providing optimum responsiveness.

FOX Suspension Forks in Detail: What Do Their Names Mean?

FOX suspension forks are available in different variants, for all kinds of uses and in an array of price ranges. It’s easy to lose track of what’s what! The names of the individual models offer no help at first glance, but at second glance, things start becoming clearer: there’s actually a method to the madness. Once you get your head around it, you’ll be able to classify any FOX suspension fork in a flash and find the model that’s perfect for you. Below you can find out what the individual abbreviations in the FOX model names stand for.

Let's take two typical FOX product names:

  • Factory Series 34 FLOAT 29 130 GRIP2
  • Factory Series 40 FLOAT 27.5 203 GRIP2

That looks confusing at first glance, right?

But the names of FOX suspension forks all follow the same pattern, which works as follows:

1. Fork series

It starts with the series or “performance level” of the fork. FOX differentiates as follows:
- “Factory Series” describes the top model of the fork in question and thus refers to the best (and most expensive) equipment.
- “Performance Elite” is the mid-range model that offers the best value for money.
- The forks labelled “Performance” are the cheapest option.

2. Usage

This is essentially determined by the forks’ steerer tube diameter and identified in the product name with the numbers 32, 36, 38 and 40. FOX 32 suspension forks are ideal for cross country riding, whilst FOX 34 forks are suited to trail and all-mountain bikes. The FOX 36, on the other hand, is the brand’s all-mountain and enduro model and the FOX 38 is the perfect fork for ambitious enduro riders and racers. Finally, the FOX 40 is a thoroughbred downhill fork with a dual crown.

3. Spring

The “Float” part of the name can now actually be omitted as FOX only has forks with air springs in their current range, but it’s good to know what “Float” stands for in any case.

4. Wheel diameter

FOX suspension forks are available for two wheel sizes: 27.5 and 29 inches, and this is reflected in the product name. The gravel suspension fork 32 TC is the only exception and is offered for 700C. In principle, this corresponds to 29 inches, but with dropbar bikes it is referred to as 700C. As such, you will find “700C” in the name for this fork.

5. Suspension travel

The next number in the product name of a FOX suspension fork indicates the suspension travel. It’s simple: if it says 130, the suspension fork provides 130 mm of travel. There are different options here depending on the model, so it’s important to pay attention to this number.

6. Damper

The last term in the name of a FOX suspension fork refers to the fork’s damper. It’s good to note what it says here as different dampers are used according to the series. Some are kept simple (and inexpensive), whilst others are more complex with precise setting options. GRIP2 refers to the highest quality damper FOX currently offers for gravity biking. It provides the top performance and can be adjusted to the finest detail.

Long-Lasting Riding Thrills with FOX Seatposts, Parts & Accessories

In addition to the right suspension, the right saddle height also plays a key role in whether you enjoy a successful tour across various kinds of terrain. The award-winning FOX Factory Transfer telescopic seatposts can be adjusted while riding using the new Race Face handlebar lever, so you can intuitively adapt to different trail conditions. The durable, ergonomic Vario seatposts are available in a black performance variant, and as part of the Factory Series with genuine Kashima coating.

High-quality FOX Factory thru axles, accessories, shock pumps, tools and fork oils ensure that your bike runs, dampens and bounces dynamically and reliably and remains a trusty companion on any adventure.

FOX Factory seatposts

The Perfect FOX Factory Clothing for Wearing on Off-Road Excursions and in Your Free Time

It's not just your bike that needs to be suitably kitted out for an off-road adventure, you should too, with suitable, functional clothing. Show off your passion for off-road riding both on the trails and in your free time with FOX Factory tops, trousers, jackets and accessories. Casual jerseys and tops, hoodies, sweaters and shirts, and even hats and socks — the brand has everything for thrill-seeking men, women and children.