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Wahoo – Smart Bike Trainers, GPS Bike Computers & Sensors

Since its founding in 2009, Wahoo Fitness has managed to "wahoo" its way into the hearts of cyclists with innovation, precision and high quality. Whether in the professional peleton or in the garage at home: Smart bike trainers like the KICKR CORE or SNAP, the functional and aerodynamic bike computers Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT and ROAM, ingenious accessories like the mountain simulator or accurate cadence, speed and heart rate monitors make training more effective and fun. It does not matter whether you accelerate on the road, on the trail or virtually in front of the screen. Wahoo is always with you.

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Wahoo - A Quick Rise with Steep Climbs to Success

Wahoo Fitness has taken the cycling world by storm. Founded in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2009, their high-quality, smart bike trainers, innovative accessories and powerful, aerodynamic GPS bike computers can now be found in countless living rooms and on most roads around the world. The realistic riding experience of the Wahoo KICKR smart bike trainers (v5, CORE and SNAP) and KICKR BIKE smart trainers mimics riding outdoors better than ever before and, along with the KICKR CLIMB mountain simulator and KICKR HEADWIND smart fan, provides motivation to go full throttle indoors every day. Both indoors and out, the intuitive Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT and ROAM bike computers provide perfect connectivity, navigation, performance measurement and overview in a modern and streamlined design. The precise RPM speed and cadence sensors and TICKR heart rate monitors make you more efficient in real time and fast training progress even more likely. So that the training successes are also visible in the race and your time is even improved, Wahoo Fitness offers you the first-class SPEEDPLAY system pedals. The innovative pedals are individually aligned so that you get your optimal seating position and achieve the best cadence.

Wahoo – Smart Bike Trainers, GPS Bike Computers & Sensors

Smart Bike Trainers – Wahoo KICKR BIKE, v5, CORE & SNAP

The KICKR BIKE is the ultimate training machine and combines the most innovative technologies from Wahoo into an experience that blurs the line between simulation and reality. A large flywheel, an internal motor brake, a resistance of more than 2200 watts, an almost silent belt-driven motor and the most robust materials allow you to give it all you have. The integrated ascent and descent simulation makes every virtual ride into a real experience. Test yourself in your living room on the legendary climbs of the Alps and Pyrenees and be rewarded with descents where your speed is maintained. Programmable to all common gear groups and adaptable to the geometry of your favourite bike, the KICKR BIKE offers a unique blend of precision, responsiveness and realistic riding experience. 

The only sounds you'll hear on the Wahoo Fitness KICKR v5 smart bike trainer are your breath and the smooth shifting on the pre-installed 11-speed cassette during your workout. Thanks to the automatic calibration, the KICKR trainer always measures your performance with tremendous accuracy (+/- 1%) and automatically adjusts the resistance up to 20% incline. Combined with your favourite app and the ANT+ and up to three simultaneous Bluetooth connections, you can go on a worry-free indoor trip. 

The KICKR CORE offers incredible value for money and lives up to its legendary name giver - the KICKR BIKE. You can look forward to a quiet, precise and realistic indoor training experience. Modern algorithms and integrated cadence measurement, which have been adopted from the KICKR BIKE and Smart Bike Trainer, as well as the proven flywheel technology (5.5 kg), compatibility with all common cassettes and the simulation of gradient changes up to 16%: The KICKR CORE shines in all virtual adventures and even the most intensive training sessions. 

With the KICKR SNAP, new cycling enthusiasts can still enjoy the advantages of the award-winning KICKR technologies. Thanks to its practical wheel-on design, it is easy to transform your road, mountain or triathlon bike into a versatile bike trainer. Using your smartphone, laptop or GPS bike computer, you can adjust your resistance at any time and measure and track your performance data.

For even more fun, variety and a more authentic riding experience, you can complement your smart bike trainer with innovative KICKR accessories such as the CLIMB mountain simulator, the HEADWIND smart fan or the Bike Desk. The KICKR CLIMB can imitate an incline of up to 20% and a gradient of up to 10% and creates an even more realistic mountain feeling for you and your muscles. If you can then feel the targeted headwind of the KICKR HEADWIND, which can reach speeds of up to 48 km/h on the descent, the summit becomes even more attractive. So get on the training mat and up the mountain! And if you want to finish writing a few emails and warm up, you can do so at the Wahoo Fitness Bike Desk.

GPS Bike Computers – Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT & ROAM

Powerful and elegant would be a brief summary of the ELEMNT GPS bike computers. A more detailed description has to contain adjectives such as intelligent, high-quality, robust, user-friendly and aerodynamic. 

The ELEMNT ROAM is a powerful partner and navigator on all adventures. The brilliantly bright colour display with ambient light sensors and programmable LED indicators is protected by hard-wearing Gorilla™ glass and gives you a crystal clear view of instructions and performance data. Feel free to roam the landscape and explore exciting paths: The ROAM guides you along your route, to the start, to your favourite place or simply to a new address. All recordings, new maps or updates are 100% wirelessly synchronised. And compatibility with smart bike trainers, platforms such as Strava or Training Peaks, real-time connections with friends and loads of workout options will keep you motivated and informed. 

Optimised by professionals in the field of aerodynamics, the Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT is the race version that lets you get those last important seconds. Slanted sides and a large smooth surface, which is created together with the mount, have been perfected by numerical fluid dynamics and save the driver another 1.5 watts. The BOLT brings out the best in you and your bike!

Speed & Heart Rate Sensors – Wahoo TICKR, RPM & Accessories

The versatile sensors, wristbands and chest straps from Wahoo Fitness always reliably guarantee the highest level of precision and thus ideally complement the bike trainers and bike computers. With the convenient TICKR heart rate monitor you always have your pulse and calories burned in view. It can be easily paired with all popular devices. If you prefer optical heart rate measurement on your wrist, the adjustable and waterproof TICKR FIT wristband with its up to 30 hours battery life is an excellent choice. 

Wireless recording of precise data while riding is promised by the RPM speed and cadence sensors. All this in a discreet design combined with dual-band technology, which ensures smooth synchronisation with your favourite app or GPS bike computer. 

Innovative System Pedals & Accessories – Wahoo SPEEDPLAY

The double-sided SPEEDPLAY road bike and triathlon system pedals from Wahoo offer maximum efficiency and comfort. The free rotation adapted to the individual pedal dynamics (0 ° to 15 ° stepless adjustment) and the step maximization (14 mm alignment forward and backward, 8 mm laterally) provide a perfect seating position and let you and your bike become one. In the featherweight NANO version with titanium axle, the SPEEDPLAY pedals bring you right to the front in the race. Extremely robust and with first-class power transmission, the ZERO pedal with stainless steel axle ensures breakthrough results. SPEEDPLAY COMP is suitable for both amateur and professional cyclists and offers a chrome axle. The AERO pedal with stainless steel axle has a streamlined design for a fast time.