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Campagnolo - High End Road Components for Absolute Performance

“Campagnolo represents not only the search for technical perfection, but also the passion, the efforts, the torments, the myth, the past, the present and the future of cycling, the most beautiful sport in the world”. There is no better way to describe this traditional company than with the words of its owner Valentino Campagnolo. Campagnolo components combine Italian aesthetics and design with uncompromising functionality and quality. » Read more

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Campagnolo - High End Road Components for Absolute Performance

The immersion in the history of a bicycle brand is rarely so captivating and inseparably linked with important milestones in the development of bicycle history as in the case of the Italian premium component manufacturer Campagnolo. When Campagnolo was founded in 1933 by the Italian cyclist Tullio Campagnolo, the history of bicycle gears was still in its infancy. At that time it was still common to loosen the wing nuts on the rear wheel to change gears, turn the wheel over and place the chain over the sprocket on the other side. It was precisely this procedure that caused Tullio Campagnolo's downfall in a bicycle race over the Passo Croce d'Aune, who was unable to loosen the nuts with his frozen fingers. Only three years later, he registered his patent for the first quick-release for a faster gear change, which is still used today on modern wheels. The competition and arms race for the development of a working gear shift that would allow gear changes without dismounting was highly competitive. Many systems were introduced to the market, but in 1940 Campagnolo once again succeeded in developing the first bicycle gearshift that was tried and tested in everyday use as well as in top-class races such as the Tour de France or the Giro d'Italia. As early as 1949 Campagnolo was able to present the first prototypes of a pivoting parallelogram chain derailleur, which is still the basis for modern rear derailleurs today. This is operated via 2 cable hoists placed on the down tube. This revolutionary system was ready for series production only two years later with the Gran Sport 1012, which in its revised version could be operated with only one hoist. This was further optimised and culminated in 1962 in the birth of the first Record rear derailleur, followed by the first Super Record rear derailleur in 1973 - both still the top Campagnolo groupsets today.

Pure Performance - Tradition, Technology, Development, Design

Campagnolo's history and its close connection and passion for road cycling have shaped the brand's image. Thanks to countless innovations, outstanding quality and functionality, the component manufacturer has earned its place in the premium and high-end segment. Campagnolo also distinguishes itself from other brands through its Italian preference for outstanding design and elegant form. Nevertheless, for the Italians, the focus is on the safety of the components, followed by their performance - whether for the wheelsets, brakes, cranks, front derailleurs or rear derailleurs. The products, their materials and dimensions are developed with the greatest care, attention and precision, and the package is rounded off with an ingenious degree of ergonomics, efficiency and aerodynamics.
With a lot of Italian self-confidence, Campagnolo 2018 finally presented its hydraulic disc brakes for road bikes with the words "We are admittedly last, but also the best!". All good things are worth waiting for. The fact that the Italians have brought the German disc brake expert Magura on board for their Disc Brake attests to this as well. And since Campagnolo doesn't do things half-heartedly, the hydraulic Ergopower shift/brake levers in particular are a real eye-catcher: despite all the technology and hydraulics in the small lever, they are amazingly slim - Italian design is always a priority, just as perfect ergonomics, for which Campagnolo have always been known for.
Last for Disc Brakes, but first for 12-speed! Campagnolo defended its pioneering role in 2018 with the launch of the top groupsets Super Record and Record as a 12-speed drivetrain. This meant that unbalanced jumps between the individual sprockets were a thing of the past on any terrain.

Campagnolo Super Record & Record

Campagnolo's top groupsets. Including the non-plus-ultra flagship Super Record, an uncompromisingly carbon and titanium tuned group. This is already the only difference to the "smaller sister", the Record, which does without this excessive fine tuning, but in terms of technology and functionality in no way differs from the Super Record. As the first groupsets on the market with 12-speed drivetrain, the two high-end groups mark a new era in road cycling - super-smooth gear changes, whether on the flat or on the uphill - almost like stepless shifting. Campagnolo also supplies the EPS (Electronic Power Shift) version of the Super Record as an electronic gearshift, which can be perfectly adapted to the individual wishes of the rider by means of a specially developed app.

Campagnolo's non-plus-ultra flagship Super Record

Campagnolo Chorus

High-end features at an excellent price/performance ratio. The mid-range groupset Chorus offers the technology and functionality of the top groupsets Super Record and Record with slightly simpler materials. This makes it a versatile but high-quality product with a special appeal for the general public of hobby and amateur bikers. Technologically state-of-the-art, Campagnolo now also presents the Chorus as a 12-speed shifting groupset.

Campagnolo Potenza & Centaur

The groupsets Potenza and Centaur prove that quality does not necessarily have to cost a lot of money. With the same features as the top components, the proven Campagnolo ergonomics, reliability and inimitable design, both groups are an affordable solution for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the world of road cycling.
The special thing about the Potenza and Centaur groups! For all lovers of classic bicycles and vintage chic, who are also devoted to the search for silver components for their nostalgic steel frame, the crank, gearshift lever, front derailleur, rear derailleur and the brakes of both groupsets are also available with a polished silver finish! Technologically up to date, but with a touch of retro.

Campagnolo Wheelsets - Synonyms for Quality, Performance, Reliability

In 1986 Campagnolo introduced the Ghibli, the first disc wheel for time trial racing, and shortly afterwards the Shamal, the first system wheel with high profile rims. As with the gearshift components, the focus of the wheelsets is clearly on quality and performance. Passionate cyclists will find solutions for outstanding efficiency and aesthetics in the Campagnolo portfolio. The wheels are available in rim brake and disc brake versions, with high, medium and low profile.
The carbon wheels of the Bora family are unbeatable in terms of lightness, aerodynamics, smoothness and spectacular braking performance. Made of high quality carbon, they are the best carbon wheels for road bikes, but Campagnolo's aluminium wheels are also just as good as the carbon models. Whether training or long distance racing, from the noble classic Shamal to the reliable Zonda to the Calima, Campagnolo aluminium wheels guarantee maximum performance, technology, lightness and reliability.

Campagnolo Wheelsets - Synonyms for Quality, Performance, Reliability