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Oakley Glasses and Helmets – Style and Safety for Outdoor Sports Fans

Since its foundation in 1975, the American sports fashion label Oakley has set itself the task of combining sporting benefits and impressive aesthetics in its products. That's why from the very beginning the company has brought technically and visually refined sports accessories to the market. That’s how purely functional items have become fashion icons. Meanwhile, versatile models of Oakley’s famous sunglasses are the company’s trademark creation.

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Oakley – Undisputed Market Leader

Oakley glasses not only provide a clear view and protect your eyes, but also make a visual impression. They are also available on request with styles for different eye sights. The same goes for Oakley helmets: These helmets mainly provide protection when cycling or snowboarding, but at the same time offer exceptionally stylish designs. That’s especially true when you combine the two. That way, Oakley sunglasses and helmets can become parts of fashionable sporting outfits. Oakley sunglasses for men and women come with lenses that are tinted in exciting colours, protecting your eyes while ensuring a cool, dynamic look. Oakley also provides a two-year warranty on many products – which is not only fair, but also reflects the brand’s quality.

Oakley Sunglasses for Men and Women – Stylish and Functional

Oakley sunglasses feature extravagant frames in bright colours, combined with imaginatively shaped, tinted lenses. When the lenses are tinted, the palette ranges from dark grey to various rainbow colours. Each tint protects the eyes in different ways. For example, a dark grey tint will be ideal for providing protection in strong light. The Oakley Sutro model is a visual masterpiece, with its beautifully shaped, tight-fitting frame, while it also provides excellent visibility thanks to Prizm™ technology. The Oakley Holbrook is characterised by a timeless design with rivets on the frame. The extravagant Oakley Jawbreaker offers vents to create a cooling airflow, Unobtainium™ components for a solid base, and Switchlock™ technology to make changing lenses easy. Oakley glasses are available in variants specially designed for women and for men.

Oakley Eyewear for Men and Women

Oakley Sport Glasses – Excellent Comfort and a Perfect Fit

The frames of Oakley sport glasses are particularly light and offer excellent comfort levels when playing sports. The colours of the frames and lenses complement each other or create stylish looks using striking contrasts. Airbrake MTB goggles are ideal for racers because they provide good ventilation, while the lenses can also change colour depending on light levels. They also ensure a clear view in extreme conditions due to their water-repellent properties.

Oakley Cycling Sunglasses – Unique and Unmistakable

In most models of Oakley sunglasses for men and cyclists, the extravagantly shaped and artfully tinted lens design is a major highlight. The black version stands in stark contrast to mostly multicoloured glasses, such as the Oakley Radar with particularly dark tinted lenses or the Oakley Evzero.

Oakley Helmets – For Your Safety at the Highest Level

With its clever head cushion, the Oakley DRT5 is a real all-rounder among mountain bike helmets. The elongated shape and low weight ensure exceptional wearing comfort without restricting your freedom of movement – whether you are cycling on flat roads or mountain biking. The Oakley Aro3 and Aro5 models offer a comfortable experience even at high speeds. Oakley road bike helmets are equipped with many features for optimal comfort such as a special head cushion. The glasses holders and the helmet’s tight fit make the product absolutely non-slip.

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