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Schwalbe Tires – High-End Bicycle Tires for Road Bikes, MTBs, Gravel, Touring and e-Bikes

If you’re looking for bike tires, you’ll most likely end up with Schwalbe. And with good reason, because Schwalbe is considered the world's leading manufacturer of bicycle tires and inner tubes. You’ll find the right Schwalbe tire for every discipline and purpose here - whether road biking, off-road adventures, city trips or touring.

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Schwalbe Bicycle Tires – Tons of Grip & the Best Rolling Properties since 1973

The Schwalbe, German for swallow – an elegant songbird that symbolises happiness, longing and freedom. Ralf Bohle founded a company with this name in the early 1970s, as this bird is also a perfect symbol of cycling: being carefree, powerful, at one with nature and confident on the road. Schwalbe loves the bicycle, its ingenious simplicity and, at the same time, surprising versatility.

Engineering the perfect bicycle tire that needs no further improvement is like trying to make a square out of a circle, as to do so, it would have to have the best of each individual property, yet these properties stand in fundamental contradiction to each other: maximum grip, the most reliable puncture protection, the longest mileage and all of this, of course, with the lowest weight. Engineering the perfect tire is an unattainable ideal, but that's no reason not to try. Schwalbe's passion and, above all, ability to endure suffering helped them to at least come very close to this ideal – in the form of the high-end tires to which Schwalbe has given the name EVO. Evolution. Countless series of tests and never-ending changes to formulas, materials, profile details, construction principles and laboratory analyses have ultimately resulted in the best Schwalbe tires in their class.

But the commitment to creating the ideal Schwalbe bike tire also goes above and beyond the product itself. The goal: tires produced sustainably, from their development to their disposal. Schwalbe is therefore the first tire manufacturer to cooperate with Fair Rubber e.V. and support fair trade in natural rubber. Fair Rubber is currently used specifically for Schwalbe e-bike tires such as the Schwalbe Marathon E-Plus and the Schwalbe Pick-Up.

Schwalbe MTB Tires – Grip Is Your Friend

If you’re looking for your fill in off-road thrills, explore the wide range of Schwalbe MTB tires, all with distinctive Schwalbe names. 
We couldn’t imagine their product range without some of their long-standing classics, such as the true all-round talent Nobby Nic. Whether touring, all-mountain, difficult cross-country routes or demanding enduro trails – the Nobby Nic ticks the boxes in a wide variety of conditions, with excellent traction and braking performance. Schwalbe has given its light "Al Grounder" an aggressive profile design with sturdy shoulder knobs. This ensures maximum stability when pushing the limits, more dynamics and better self-cleaning properties.
Racing Ralph, another core part of the brand’s product range, is focused on speed and outstanding rolling properties. Schwalbe mountain bike tires eat extreme XC tracks for breakfast and impress riders with their exhilarating acceleration and excellent traction. 
Some time ago now, the Hans Dampf brought a breath of fresh air to their range, and has since lived up to its name. As a genuine, but versatile enduro tire, it can pull everything from up its sleeve when it comes to gravity biking: handling is dynamic, with the MTB tire remaining aggressive but still good-tempered, both up and downhill. 
With the Big Betty, the cult tire from the late 90s and early 00s has made a comeback in the Schwalbe range. Extra-strong shoulder knobs and long, supported braking edges enable maximum cornering grip and braking performance and make the downhill and enduro legend more powerful than ever.
Do you constantly go on and off-road with your mountain bike? Looking for a jack of all trades to do the job? Then long-standing favourite Schwalbe Smart Sam will hit the mark, feeling at home on any terrain and rolling lightly and quietly on tarmac, whilst providing optimal grip off-road. 
And best of all many current models are available for different MTB wheel sizes, starting with Schwalbe 26 inch tires, to Schwalbe 27.5 tires up to Schwalbe 29 inch hoops.

Schwalbe ADDIX® – the Compound for MTB Tires by Schwalbe

In 2017, Schwalbe completely redesigned their legendary Star Compounds. Their objective: improve grip, rolling resistance, durability and shock absorption. An improvement in one property is always accompanied by a loss in another, so one single compound cannot, therefore, be the solution. In order to meet the differing requirements of MTB sport, Schwalbe has created four ADDIX® compounds, each with a different focus, allowing you to push your limits and those of your tires. The different compounds can be identified by a coloured stripe on the Schwalbe tire.

  • ADDIX SPEED (red stripe). XC race. The compound for XC race specialists who care about one thing above all: speed. The rolling resistance of the previous PaceStar compound has been reduced even further. The result: tires in a whole new dimension when it comes to performance.
  • ADDIX SPEEDGRIP (blue stripe). XC/AM/trail. The most versatile compound found in one version on most Schwalbe models. Speedgrip replaces the PaceStar compound, and in addition to more mileage and service life, offers that bit more of everything: speed, grip and durability.
  • ADDIX SOFT (orange stripe). Enduro/downhill. Replaces the Schwalbe TrailStar compound and is significantly more durable. Top-class damping properties and plenty of grip ensure maximum biking thrills from downhill and enduro to all-mountain and trail riding. It’s also great for combining to gain more speed: Soft at the front, Speedgrip at the back. Or for more shock absorption: Ultra Soft at the front, Soft at the back.
  • ADDIX ULTRA SOFT (purple stripe). Enduro/downhill. The perfect compound for rock solid downhill and enduro trails. Comparable to the previous VertStar compound, with even better damping. Extremely soft, for maximum bite to the ground.
ADDIX® Compound- für höchste Ansprüche im MTB-Sport

The New Schwalbe Carcasses – 5 Superheroes for All Trails

From cross-country to trail and enduro and through to downhill, every MTB needs a carcass that is adapted to the relevant discipline, so you can get the maximum out of your tires when it comes to performance, puncture resistance and weight. For this reason, Schwalbe has completely redesigned their Schwalbe Evolution Line (EVO) MTB tires for the new decade. The result: five innovative "Super" carcasses, tailored to the different disciplines without cutting corners and easily recognisable by their names: Super Downhill, Super Gravity, Super Trail, Super Ground and Super Race.

  • Super Downhill is designed for downhill athletes who need maximum control, maximum stability and strong puncture protection to confidently ride on the limit. Six carcass plies made of stable polyamide protect the tread even at very low tire pressures. The side walls are equipped with reliable protection against cuts and punctures thanks to four carcass plies and a SnakeSkin fabric layer. A newly constructed apex protects from pinch flats and increases side wall stiffness.
  • Super Gravity is the tire construction for all downhill and enduro riders who are looking for a lighter tire, but who don't want to compromise on shock absorption, stability or robustness. Four carcass plies in combination with SnakeSkin fabric from bead to bead protect the tread and sides that are subject to big impacts. Just like the Downhill version, a special apex provides effective protection against pinch flats and ensures side wall stiffness, and yet the tire stays exceptionally flexible thanks to the patented turn-up construction.
  • Super Trail is the optimal carcass for mid-range suspension bikes, from intense all-mountain and trail rides to light enduro use. Two carcass plies on the sidewall and three layers of fabric under the tread ensure stability, low rolling resistance with high cornering traction and puncture protection at a moderate weight. SnakeSkin fabric running from bead to bead and the apex provide additional protection.
  • Super Ground is the perfect lightweight construction for XC, All-Mountain and Trail. Three carcass plies underneath the entire tread and the tried-and-tested SnakeSkin fabric running from bead to bead make the tire cut-resistant and guarantee a perfect balance between protection, low weight and optimal riding properties.
  • Super Race is designed without compromises, for low rolling resistance and minimal weight, making it the ultimate tire construction for cross-country and marathon competitions. The patented wide turn-up construction with two carcass plies plus RaceGuard puncture protection under the tread and three carcass plies on the sidewall ensure plenty of traction and protection against cuts and snakebites.
5 Superheroes for All Trails

Creating Souplesse – Lightweight Schwalbe Road Tires

Give yourself the best chance on the road and racetrack with Schwalbe road bike tires. Schwalbe's innovative spirit and the way the brand strives for continuous improvement ensure that every Schwalbe bike tire is state-of-the-art in every respect. 
From long-standing Schwalbe classics, such as the entry-level Lugano with its excellent price-performance ratio, to the Durano, one of the most puncture-proof road bike tires on the market thanks to its SmartGuard protection. 
Or even groundbreaking innovations such as the newly-developed and out-and-out top model Schwalbe Pro One, which outshines everything that has gone before. Embodying the lightness of road cycling, with every turn of the pedal you can feel how easily your tires roll over the tarmac, the reliable grip on the corners and maximum souplesse. The Pro One provides the same riding experience as a tubular Schwalbe road tire, reacts quickly and precisely to your instructions and gives you sensitive feedback at all times. Another major advantage for you: you don’t get tired as fast and can perform better for longer. If you want to enjoy real high-end road cycling, the Pro One is available as TLE Tubeless Easy, which offers the best performance by far. If you prefer to ride with a tube, however, you can also opt for the Tube Type version.

The Schwalbe G-One gravel tire comes in the versions G-One Allround, G-One Speed, G-One Bite and Ultrabite, as well as the rapid G-One R and Schwalbe G-One RS, expanding the playground for gravel enthusiasts: fly down the road at high speed on your Schwalbe gravel tires and then keep the speed-up whilst staying safe on unpaved trails and gravel tracks. You couldn't find a more reliable, powerful companion for your next adventure. 
The X-One cyclocross version also offers remarkable performance. The X-One Speed, X-One Bite and X-One Allround versions are equipped with the perfect properties for dry or muddy cyclocross tracks, with the all-round version being the most versatile option for varying conditions.

Marathon – Schwalbe Flat-Less Tires for City, Trekking and E-Bikes

For Schwalbe, cycling is an irreplaceable part of everyday culture and has huge potential to reduce motor traffic – with particularly positive effects for the environment as well as for your health and fitness. Schwalbe live and breathe bicycles, and have worked towards making cycling in the city a more attractive and less complicated endeavour.
The fruits of their labour can be seen in what is probably the most well-known of all Schwalbe bicycle tires, the Marathon Plus, untiring, reliable and almost indestructible. The patented 5 mm thick flat-less puncture protection means unwelcome recollections of flat tires, repairs or tube changes in the middle of the city fade into distant memory, helping to make city cycling a significantly more appealing option. With such excellent properties, the Schwalbe flat-less tire is ideal for e-bikes.
Bicycles and the way they’re used are more diverse than ever and so is the Schwalbe Marathon family: from the Marathon Plus, Marathon E-Plus and Marathon Plus Tour to the Marathon Supreme, Marathon Racer and even more Marathon models... The successful tire is available with different profiles and features for the most diverse demands; whether for big expeditions or bustling city traffic.

Aerothan – The Lightweight Schwalbe Tube with Minimal Rolling Resistance

Schwalbe bicycle tubes are redefining your riding experience with the revolutionary Aerothan tube made of thermoplastic polyurethane. Puncture-proof and with minimal rolling resistance, you’ll glide over the tarmac on the ultra-light Schwalbe Aerothan race tube. Even if your rim brakes are smoking on the wildest descent, the road bike tube will remain completely resistant to the heat and you can put your full trust in the Aerothan MTB tube even on the most impassable of trails. Neither snakebites nor sidewall damage can harm the 100% recyclable lightweight tube. And you can also reap the benefits of this innovative material on everyday rides or gravel or trekking tours thanks to the Aerothan Allround bicycle tube by Schwalbe.