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Schwalbe - High-End Bike Tires for Road Bike, Mountain Bike & Touring

Anyone looking for bicycle tires usually ends up with the Schwalbe brand. And there is a good reason for this, because Schwalbe is considered the world's leading manufacturer of bicycle tires and inner tubes. You will find the right tire for every area and purpose - whether for road cycling, off-road adventures, city or touring. » Read more

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Schwalbe - the German word for swallow: An elegantly flying songbird that embodies happiness, longing and freedom. For the company Schwalbe founded by Ralf Bohle at the beginning of the 1970s, the swallow is the right symbol for cycling: Being light-hearted, powerful, natural and confident. Schwalbe loves the bicycle, its ingenious simplicity and at the same time surprising versatility.

To build the perfect bicycle tire that cannot be improved is like squaring the circle, because it would have to combine top values in individual characteristics that are fundamentally contradictory: maximum grip, most reliable puncture protection, longest mileage and all this, of course, with the lowest weight. Building the perfect tire is an unattainable ideal, but that is no reason not to try. Schwalbe's passion and above all the ability to suffer has helped to bring them very close to this ideal - in the form of the high-end tires that Schwalbe has given the series name EVO. evolution. Innumerable test series, recipes, materials, tread details, construction principles, laboratory analyses, and so on, have resulted in the best tires in their class.

Grip is Your Friend - Schwalbe Mountain Bike Tires

For lots of fun off the road, Schwalbe offers a wide range of MTB tires with the distinctive names typical for Schwalbe.
It is impossible to imagine the product range without long-term classics such as the absolute all-round talent Nobby Nic. Whether for touring, all-mountain, difficult cross-country routes or demanding enduro trails - the Nobby Nic convinces under the most diverse conditions with its excellent traction and braking performance.
Racing Ralph, which is also a fixture in the inventory, focuses on speed and outstanding rolling characteristics. The Racing Ralph eats extreme XC tracks for breakfast and impresses with exhilarating acceleration and excellent traction.
Some time ago, the Hans Dampf brought a breath of fresh air to the range and has been living up to its name ever since. As a genuine but versatile enduro tire, it has everything that is important in the gravity sector up its sleeve: dynamic handling, with the mountain bike tire always aggressive but still good-natured - trail and trailabout.
Do you constantly change between road and off-road with your mountain bike? Do you need the Swiss Army Knife for that? Then you'll find the Schwalbe Smart Sam to be a permanent fixture that feels at home in any terrain and rolls easily and quietly on asphalt and at the same time provides optimum grip off-road.

Schwalbe ADDIX® - The New Compound for the EVO-Line

In 2017 Schwalbe has reworked its legendary Star Compounds from the ground up. The objective was to improve grip, rolling resistance, durability and damping. The improvement of one characteristic is always accompanied by the loss of another. A single Coumpound can therefore not be the solution. In order to meet the various demands of MTB sports, Schwalbe has created four ADDIX compounds, each with a different focus that allows you to push your limits and those of your tire. The different compounds can be recognized by a colored stripe on the tire.

  • ADDIX SPEED (red stripe). XC Race. The compound for XC race specialists who are primarily concerned with one thing: speed. To achieve this, the rolling resistance of the previous PaceStar Compound has been reduced once again. The result: tires in a new performance dimension.
  • ADDIX SPEEDGRIP (blue stripe). XC/AM/Trail. The most versatile compound found in one version on most Schwalbe models. Speedgrip replaces the PaceStar Compound, but in addition to more mileage and durability it offers a lot of everything: speed, grip and durability.
  • ADDIX SOFT (orange stripe). Enduro/downhill. Replaces the Schwalbe TrailStar Compound and is much more durable. Super damping properties and full grip ensure maximum riding pleasure from downhill and enduro to all-mountain and trailriding. Can also be combined for more speed: Soft in the front, Speedgrip in the back. Or for more damping: Utra Soft at the front, Soft at the rear.
  • ADDIX ULTRA SOFT (purple stripe). Enduro Downhill. The perfect compound for really hard downhill and enduro use. Compared to the previous VertStar Compound with even better damping. Extremely soft for maximum suction on the ground.
ADDIX® compound - for the highest demands in MTB sport

Creating Souplesse - from the Lightness of Road Cycling

With Schwalbe road bike tires, you are perfectly positioned on the road and on the race track. Schwalbe's innovative spirit and striving for continuous improvement ensure that every tire is state-of-the-art in all areas.
No matter whether long-standing Schwalbe classics such as the entry-level model Lugano with an excellent price-performance ratio or the Durano - thanks to SmartGuard puncture protection one of the most puncture-resistant road bike tires on the market.
Or groundbreaking innovations such as the completely newly developed and absolute top model Schwalbe Pro One, which outshines everything that has ever been seen before. Symbolizing the lightness of road cycling, you feel with every crank revolution how easily the tire rolls over the asphalt, the reliable grip in corners - and a maximum of Souplesse. The Pro One offers you the riding experience of a tubular tire, responds quickly and precisely to your commands and gives you sensitive feedback at all times. Another big advantage for you: You tire more slowly and can perform better for longer. If you want to enjoy absolute high-end road cycling, the Pro One is available in the TLE Tubeless Easy version and offers the far best performance. If you prefer to ride with a tube, choose the Tube Type version.

The Schwalbe G-One gravel tire in the G-One Allround, G-One Speed, G-One Bite and Ultrabite versions extends the range of use of every road cyclist: Glide along the road at high speed, but at the same time be safe and fast on dirt and gravel roads. You couldn't find a more reliable and powerful companion for your next adventure trip.
The X-One cyclocross version also offers remarkable performance. The X-One Speed, X-One Bite and X-One Allround versions give you perfect performance on dry or muddy cyclocross tracks or, in the Allround version, the most versatile option for varying conditions.

City & Trekking and the Most Famous Schwalbe Tire: Marathon

For Schwalbe, cycling is an irreplaceable part of our everyday culture and has a huge potential to counteract motorized traffic - with particularly positive effects on the environment and your health and fitness. In order to make cycling in the city attractive and uncomplicated, Schwalbe is committed to the topic of cycling from head to toe.
One example of this is probably the most famous and best-known bicycle tire that Schwalbe has ever made: the Marathon Plus. On its part, it is enduring, reliable and almost indestructible. The patented 5 mm thick "Unplattbar" puncture protection makes unpleasant memories of flat tires and patching or changing tubes in the middle of the city fade rapidly and contributes significantly to the attractiveness of cycling in urban environments. Thanks to its excellent properties, the Marathon Plus is also ideal for e-bikes.
Bicycles, like their intended use, are more versatile than ever and so is the Schwalbe Marathon family: From the Marathon Plus, Marathon Plus Tour to the Marathon Supreme, Marathon Racer and even more Marathon models... The successful model is available with different profiles and equipment for the most diverse demands; whether for the big expedition or the busy city traffic.