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MAAP Jerseys and Clothing for Ambitious Cycling Enthusiasts

MAAP lives and breathes passion for cycling and sustainability. What’s more your jerseys are highly functional and at the same time produced in an environmentally friendly way. They are also stylishly designed with innovative technologies. The end result is outstanding jerseys, shorts and accessories that meet the highest demands.

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Different Backgrounds, One Passion: The Story of MAAP

High fashion, graphics and performance design – the creative minds and founders of MAAP Cycling came together in 2014 from different industries to make a common dream come true: to develop and produce their own cycling clothing, that delivers in all areas of biking sport and is enabling. The common denominator of the company founders is also their greatest motivation, as they share a burning passion for cycling.

The brand’s home is in Melbourne, its home and heart are the paved roads in and around the second largest Australian city. There the workforce puts every new product through its paces, whether it's a MAAP vest, cycling shorts or jersey.

MAAP Jerseys and Clothing for Ambitious Cycling Enthusiasts

Different Backgrounds, One Passion: The Story of MAAP

From socks to jerseys and sunglasses to cycling jackets, the brand tries to produce all pieces of clothing and accessories as sustainably as possible. This requirement has been firmly anchored in the brand’s DNA since the firm was founded. The aim, to be able to produce 100% sustainable MAAP cycling clothing, has not yet been reached – but it’s no easy task either, because jerseys and bib shorts for cycling are made of synthetic, functional fibres, as with other manufacturers.

As a solution to this dilemma the clothing specialists rely exclusively on special fabrics, that are either BLUESIGN® or OEKO-TEX®-certified. These certificates guarantee that all manufacturing processes are sustainable and environmentally friendly. This includes, among other things, that only green chemicals are used that are safe for people and the environment. In addition all production steps and the associated water and air emissions are clean. The principle is represented in three steps:

1. Sorting and disassembling 2. Processing 3. Fine tuning
Old plastics (such as plastic bottles and threads) from consumption and industrial waste Recycling material is processed into functional fibre strands Panels of synthetic fibres are then treated (e.g. bleached) 

The shift to green-sourced synthetic fibres goes hand in hand with uncompromising functionality. So when you use it you not only benefit from the powerful performance of your jersey and other branded clothing. In addition you are also supporting a manufacturer who is making every effort to achieve its goal of offering 100% sustainably produced clothing and equipment.

MAAP Jerseys Became “Jereseys” — Small Error, Big Impact

The honest, passionate commitment to sustainability can be illustrated in a small typo. The launch of a MAAP women’s jersey series did not go as smoothly as hoped as a typo crept in: instead of the correct spelling “Jereseys” is written on the jerseys.

True to the claim to leaving the world in a better condition, the manufacturer decided against a new edition. Instead of disposing of the entire production run in landfill, or even burning it, it was decided to be open with communication and today some women can enjoy their cycling in a unique MAAP cycling jersey.

MAAP: Cycling Clothing for Any Situation

MAAP: Cycling Clothing for Any Situation

The brand roughly divides its collections into two areas: for on the bike and for everything else. Although the brand’s origins lie in highly functional jerseys and bike shorts, today there are also some ranges of everyday outfits with a sporty look. However, the focus is still on bike clothing, because the brand feels even more passionately connected to its roots than on the first day. Alongside jerseys some of the other things available are:

  • Gl
  • ovesArm warmers
  • Cycling caps
  • Cycling jackets
  • Vests
  • Shorts

All pieces of clothing have been crafted with the greatest attention to detail, the highest standards of performance and sustainability and aesthetically pleasing designs. The same applies to both summer and winter collections. Even in winter you can throw yourself into jerseys, jackets and pants for bike fans and go on bike tours through the snow and winter mud.

MAAP Bib Shorts – Short, Classic, Comfortable

Not only does MAAP make outstanding jerseys, its bib shorts too are among the best you can buy. The Australians combine the classic shape of the bib shorts with other impressive features:

  • striking wearing comfort
  • secure support
  • cold protection around the kidneys

Thanks to the straps, your MAAP bib shorts are not only a dead cert, the high-cut waistband effectively protects your kidneys against cold and wind.


MAAP Bib Shorts – Short, Classic, Comfortable

MAAP Jerseys & Cycling Clothing: You Can’t Get Greener

The two hearts – cycling and environmental protection – beat in unison at the Australian brand. For you this means that: all clothing and equipment from the Australian maker are sustainably produced and at the same time designed to global standards in terms of design and performance.