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PowerBar – The Taste of Sports.

PowerBar Sports Nutrition - the right thing for new energy. The PowerBar sports drinks, protein bars and energy gels are produced with best ingredients. Top athletes constantly give feedback so that the power packs are getting better and better. Order now, before you hit the wall! » Read more

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PowerBar – For the love of sport. For over 30 years.

The moment when sweat drips, your muscles shake and you're just happy - happy to do one more repeat, one more extra round or win at the last second. For PowerBar, this is The Taste of Sport and in doing so the American sports food manufacturer wants to support top athletes and recreational athletes.

In 1986 there was the first bar - 65 grams at 12 centimeters. Today PowerBar can look back on more than 30 years of experience and cooperation with athletes. Whether marathon runner, triathlete, mountain biker, basketball player or on an expedition in the Arctic - PowerBar delivers the right drive at the right time. At sporting events such as the Tour de France, the Trans Alpine Run or Fisherman's Friend StrongmanRun, PowerBar are firmly established in the community.

PowerBar offers three sports food categories so that everyone can choose the best support for him or herself. Athletes who want to get the most out of competition, play or training and want to become even better, please use gels, bars, isotonic drinks and recovery powders from the Performance & Endurance product range. For those who like to jog in the park with friends or just enjoy burpees and sit-ups, the protein kicks in form of bars, powders and drinks from the Muscle & Shape range are just what you're looking for. If you prefer to be away from gyms and sports fields and run on demanding trails, enjoy the view on steep slopes or ride the waves on a surfboard, Active & Natural is the right thing for you. Vegan bars, ride bars and sports drinks provide fresh energy.