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Maloja: Clothing for Nature Explorers

Maloja was founded in 2004 by a group of young sports enthusiasts who were inspired by the untouched nature and lifestyle of Maloja, a small village in the Engadine in Switzerland. The brand offers high-quality outdoor and cycling clothing with unique designs that are surpassed year after year. Maloja sets high standards for itself in terms of environmental standards and sustainability responsibility. Experience for yourself how these standards are reflected in the quality of their products!

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The Maloja Spirit: Authentic Clothing for Real Adventurers

Maloja: a brand born out of an unforgettable winter day in the Engadin mountains. It embodies an attitude to life that combines a thirst for adventure, friendship and a connection with nature. Founded with the inspiration of a perfect day on the platter lift, Maloja symbolizes the way to tread your own path and the appreciation of simple but meaningful moments. Maloja clothing is aimed at people who seek the extraordinary while respecting their environment. Each individual item of clothing tells its own story of adventure and creativity, supported by a philosophy that puts people and nature at the center. In short: Maloja is for everyone who enjoys life to the full - both on bike and on foot.

Maloja – Outdoor & Cycling Clothing for Women, Men & Children

Unique Maloja Collections: Inspiring Themes and Key Motifs

One of the core elements of the Maloja brand is clothing, which is released in unique collections. These are published twice a year and pick up on special themes. The highlight: each collection is a creative masterpiece, inspired by different cultures and experiences. Here are two examples:

  • Alpan Way: this collection delved deep into Japanese culture and celebrates the concept of "Wabi Sabi" - the beauty of imperfection. It reflects the simplicity and deep respect for nature that is anchored in Japanese culture.
  • The Mountain Nomads: Inspired by Moroccan culture, this collection captured the essence of the Berbers between the sea, desert and mountains. It evokes the hospitality of Morocco and the powerful nature of the High Atlas.

Each Maloja collection tells its own story and invites you to become part of this fascinating world in future editions.

Maloja – Outdoor & Cycling Clothing for Women, Men & Children

Bike Wear from Maloja: High-Quality Materials for Cyclists

Maloja combines functionality and sustainability in its bike wear. The advantage for all cycling enthusiasts: both men and women will find high-quality jerseys, jackets, cycling shorts and more for their next tour at Maloja. What makes them special? An insight into the materials used provides information:

  • Thermal Stretch ECO / Bike Stretch ECO: These fabrics are made from 100 percent recycled raw materials, including nylon and elastane. They are ideal for cycling clothing as they offer warmth and flexibility without harming the environment.
  • Polygiene® technology: This textile treatment inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Many products in the bike collection are treated with Polygiene, which means that clothing needs to be washed less and stays fresh for longer.

Whether in Maloja jerseys, cycling shorts or jackets - outdoor adventurers who appreciate a good ride on their bike get innovative materials here. These not only improve performance, but also protect the environment. Maloja Bike Wear is therefore well equipped for your next tour!

Maloja Active and Streetwear: Your Partner for Any Outdoor Adventure

Maloja doesn't just stand for high-quality cycling clothing. The versatile street and active wear is also testimony to the brand's efforts to produce suitable clothing for a range of outdoor activities. Here are a few examples:

  • Hiking jackets and trekking pants: perfect for your discovery tours in the mountains. Maloja's robust jackets and comfortable pants offer protection and comfort on every trail.
  • Hoodies and shorts: Ideal for relaxed days outdoors, camping or a picnic by the lake. Maloja combines casual style with practical functionality.
  • Children's clothing for little explorers: Colorful and functional - so even the little ones are well equipped for their adventures in nature.

Maloja offers you and your family the perfect clothing for every outdoor moment. What becomes clear: Even beyond its collections, Maloja supports the passion for nature with style and comfort.

Maloja Active and Streetwear: Your Partner for Any Outdoor Adventure

Sustainability and Responsibility go Hand in Hand at Maloja

Since its foundation, the Maloja brand has pursued a holistic approach to sustainability and responsibility. Ethics, respect for people and nature and fair treatment of partners are deeply rooted in the brand's DNA. "Soul in the woods", the theme of the first collection, became the company's leitmotif. Maloja strives to have as little impact on nature as possible while upholding values such as honesty, authenticity, respect and decency. Immerse yourself in the Maloja mindset and learn how the careful selection of materials and responsible entrepreneurship significantly influence the quality of the products.

Sustainable Fashion with Premium Materials

When selecting materials, Maloja relies on a combination of sustainability and innovation. Here are a few examples that underline the brand's philosophy:

  • Organic cotton: Maloja mainly uses organic cotton for its streetwear collection. This environmentally friendly approach avoids the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, reduces water consumption and protects the soil.
  • cembra® Shell series: This technology offers optimum weather protection and is environmentally conscious at the same time. The products are mainly made from recycled polyester and have a PFC-free impregnation, which has less impact on the environment.
  • Merino wool: For warmth and comfort, Maloja uses merino wool, which is known for its natural, breathable and odor-inhibiting properties. It comes from responsible animal husbandry and ensures a comfortable feel.

Several Pillars for Sustainable Business Practices at Maloja

Sustainability is more than just a word at Maloja - it's a credo. In addition to the choice of materials, this is reflected in the brand's social commitment and its high environmental and production standards:

  • Social commitment: Maloja is involved in various social projects and supports initiatives that work for a better world.
  • Environmental and production standards: Maloja works with environmental standards that ensure that products are manufactured under fair working conditions and with the lowest possible environmental impact.

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