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ASSOS of Switzerland – Premium Cycling Apparel and Accessoires

ASSOS of Switzerland’s mission is to provide innovative, technically outstanding cycling apparel with meticulous, lean design. For more than 40 years the Swiss traditional company has been producing performance oriented clothing for men and women. From professional rider to passionate amateur everyone enjoys highest quality and comfort – no matter what time of the year. » Read more

ASSOS x BIKE24 - Premium Jersey, Cycling Caps and super comfortable bib shorts in the design of your favourite online bikeshop
ASSOS of Switzerland – Premium Cycling Jerseys
ASSOS of Switzerland – Premium Cycling Shorts and Pants
ASSOS of Switzerland – Premium Cycling Jackets and Vests
ASSOS of Switzerland – Premium Accessoires
ASSOS of Switzerland – Premium Cycling Apparel and Accessoires for SALE

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Premium Cycling Apparel since 1976

The traditional company was founded in 1976 by Toni Maier-Moussa in the Swiss canton of Ticino – with the mission to offer the highest quality, most comfortable and most functional cycling apparel to the most demanding road cyclists. 

The ASSOS collection focuses on the concept of the ASSOS Layering System "ALS" as a technically innovative clothing system. All products, including cycling jackets, bib shorts, jerseys, undershirts, but also accessories such as arm and leg warmers or socks, have been perfectly tailored to fit together like the pieces of a puzzle. This means that cyclists have the perfect combination at their disposal at any time of the year for optimum protection and comfort.


In 2013, the S7 generation of bike shorts replaced the proven models of the S5 collection after six years. With the S7 shorts, e.g. the T.campionissimo_s7, the most comfortable bike shorts were created, which put everything that has existed so far in their shade. So how should this collection be improved? ASSOS admits that this was anything but easy, but the S9 generation was born in 2019 out of the tireless will of the Swiss for continuous improvement and the passion for racing. The EQUIPE RS Bib Shorts S9 and the EQUIPE RSR Bib Shorts S9 Bib Shorts are all about support. For both models every textile, construction and technique of the S7 series has been renewed and improved. The cyclist's body repositions itself permanently when riding through sharp curves, in the saddle or upright, with millions of pedal turns - an enormous strain on shorts and seat pads. For this reason, the S9 bib shorts pursue completely new approaches:

One is the "butterfly insert" - a revolutionary new cut and seam construction that completely surrounds the legs and effectively frames the seat pad. The result? More stability and comfort thanks to significantly fewer seams. On the other hand, ASSOS has optimised the tried and tested EQUIPE EVO seat pad. A reduced surface saves weight and the superAir microSchock foam offers even better breathability and air circulation thanks to 3D waffle and kraterCooler.

EQUIPE RS Bib Shorts S9 & EQUIPE RSR Bib Shorts S9

The EQUIPE RS Bib Shorts S9 also features ASSOS unique rollBar technology, which uses the bibs of the shorts to stabilize the seat pad. This compensates body and weight shifts in curves and pedalling movements. The bibs are sewn directly into the hem above the seat pad so that it is always under comfortable tension. The result is ASSOS' characteristic comfort, but stabilised like never before!

EQUIPE RS Bib Shorts S9 with unique rollBar-Technology

The EQUIPE RSR Bib Shorts S9 is not based on this technology because it focuses on maximum weight reduction and concentrates entirely on the stabilising and holding properties of the textile used: the brand new Type.701 kompressor material - successor to the highly praised S7 Campionissimo kompressor material. This yarn is like a second skin: incredibly thin, light, almost frictionless, and provides optimal compression to the muscles.

The New EQUIPE RS Spring Fall Collection - lighter, faster, better in layered look.

Even when temperatures fall, less is often more when the body performs at its best. This is why ASSOS presents the new EQUIPE RS Spring Fall Line of competition and training apparel with light insulation. Light, fast and designed to be worn in multiple layers. Including the short EQUIPE RS Spring Fall Bib Shorts S9 – with its light insulation it is perfectlysuited for cooler weather conditions in spring and autumn. Of course, ASSOS' unique S9 rollBar Technology is also used in these cycling shorts.
Because your body‘s core also needs protection against wind and cold temperatures, the EQUIPE RS Spring Fall Aero Short Sleeve Jersey is available to match the bib shorts. Again, lightness and warmth were top priorities, along with superior aerodynamics. 
Since ASSOS has perfected layered clothing over the years, the EQUIPE RS Spring Fall Aero Vest is the perfect complement. The vest helps you to adapt to changing weather conditions. A complex soft shell material and a waterproof exterior prevent your upper body from cooling down. 
If that's not enough on cold spring and autumn days, the warmer EQUIPE RS Spring Fall Jacket is the solution. The cold has no chance against this jacket. With the "valves" in the front shoulder area it is perfectly suited for wearing in combination with the EQUIPE RS Spring Fall Aero Jersey. This draws cool air from the outside to the inside, distributes it between the layers of fabric of the jersey and creates a pleasant cooling effect, as opening the zipper is not always an option.
With the new EQUIPE RS Spring Fall Collection you are perfectly equipped for every situation in the cooler seasons.

EQUIPE RS Spring Fall Collection - lighter, faster, better

ASSOS Offroad RALLY, Offroad XC and Offroad TRAIL Mountainbike Collections

ASSOS' original DNA is the road bike. Since 2016, the Swiss have also been offering top-quality jerseys and shorts for mountain bikers under great popularity. As mountain biking is not all the same as mountain biking, Assos has designed off-road collections with a wide variety of characteristics. The versatile RALLY collection contains innovative high-end apparel for gravel roads, single trails and everything in between. Specially designed for professional cross country riders, the XC Racing line offers uncompromising quality and performance for the off road racer. Brand new for the 2019 season is the Offroad TRAIL collection. No aerodynamics, a relaxed fit and robust textiles - perfect for all-mountain riders who prefer off-road single trails.

Furthermore, ASSOS is more than just a brand - it is a lifestyle. That's why the GTASSOS series rounds off the portfolio and creates leisure and cycling clothing in an urban look.

ASSOS Offroad Rally, XC Racing & Trail for ambitious Mountainbikers

ASSOS x BIKE24 Team Wear - Finest Cycling Apparel with BIKE24 Styles

ASSOS meets BIKE24 - An amazing symbiosis of ASSOS' aerodynamic apparel – tailor-made for challenging rides – and the distinctive BIKE24 design features.
All jerseys, cycling caps as well as the unparalleled bib shorts of the ASSOS x BIKE24 collection are dedicated to inspired cyclists with particularly high demands. Because these garments are superior in terms of materials, fit and comfort.

Start your next adventure with the classy ASSOS x BIKE24 collectionASSOS x BIKE24 Team Wear – PCR.1 jersey & cycling cap