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ASSOS of Switzerland’s mission is to provide innovative, technically outstanding cycling apparel with meticulous, lean design. For more than 40 years the Swiss traditional company has been producing performance oriented clothing for men and women. From professional rider to passionate amateur everyone enjoys highest quality and comfort – no matter what time of the year. In addition to the road bike apparel, ASSOS offers the Offroad Rally and GTASSOS collections for MTB and urban cycling. It´s time to ride! » Read more

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Premium Cycling Apparel since 1976

The traditional company was founded in 1976 by Toni Maier-Moussa in the Swiss canton of Ticino – with the mission to offer the highest quality, most comfortable and most functional cycling apparel to the most demanding road cyclists. Since then, more than 200 world championship titles and Olympic gold medals, as well as numerous World Cup races have been won by riders wearing the products of the inventor of the first Lycra cycling shorts.
Another milestone was the development of the first elastic chamois in 2001, which makes rigid, inflexible seat pads a thing of the past - a quantum leap in terms of comfort on the road bike.
In addition to its textile laboratory, ASSOS operates its own professional RoadLab test team, the EQUIPE EXPLOIT factory team, which tests each individual model thoroughly on the road under various conditions.

ASSOS of Switzerland – Premium Apparel for passionate cyclists

The ASSOS collection focuses on the concept of the ASSOS Layering System "ALS" as a technically innovative clothing system. All products, including cycling jackets, bib shorts, jerseys, undershirts, but also accessories such as arm and leg warmers or socks, have been perfectly tailored to fit together like the pieces of a puzzle. This means that cyclists have the perfect combination at their disposal at any time of the year for optimum protection and comfort.

The Campionissimo line offers high-performance equipment for the toughest competition requirements. The T.campionissimo_s7 bib shorts are ASSOS' absolute top model and outshine anything ever seen before: Instead of the usual Lycra, it now relies on revolutionary and ultra-light type.444 compressor material and, with the campionissimo_S7 seat padding, offers the highest level of riding comfort.

With the T. milleShorts_s7 Bib shorts, road bike novices can also enjoy uncompromising ASSOS quality - an outstanding all-round pair of bib shorts that will win you over during the race as well as on the weekend tour.
The T.laaLalai_S7 are ASSOS' fastest ladies' shorts so far and immediately the first women specific bib shorts of the collection - perfect for women who have highest demands on their cycling apparel.
ASSOS' original DNA is the road bike, but in 2016 the Offroad Rally collection made its debut. Since then, the Swiss have also been offering jerseys and shorts of the highest quality for mountain bikers. Assos also introduced a special XC Racing line for the 2018 Autumn/Winter season so that cross-country racers can also equip themselves appropriately. An off-road racing collection with jerseys and bib shorts for fast riding at the limit.
Furthermore, ASSOS is more than just a brand - it´s is a lifestyle. That's why the GTASSOS series now rounds off the portfolio and creates leisure and cycling clothing in an urban look.

ASSOS of Switzerland – XC Offroad Racing Collection