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Ortlieb - Reliably waterproof. Bicycle bags, pack sacks and backpacks made in Germany

Looking for a waterproof pannier? Ortlieb offers besides the classic Back-Roller carrier bags, handlebar packs, saddle packs, frame packs and backpacks - made in Germany - for the big adventure. The bags for commuters, globetrotters, leisure cyclists and outdoor lovers are 100% waterproof, made of sturdy fabric, easy to handle and sustainably produced. Hikers, climbers and water sports fans also take the backpacks and pack sacks on tour. » Read more

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Ortlieb - Waterproof. Sustainable. Made in Germany.

Spring of 1981: Constant rain over the hills of South-England. A young cyclist is going to spend the night in a wet sleeping bag at the roadside... The holiday he had long saved up for could have been better, but the consequences of this awkward situation were to leave their mark on Hartmut Ortlieb's life and the tours of many cyclists! 
Back home, he worked on a solution for weatherproof luggage and sewed the first bicycle bag made of waterproof truck tarpaulin on his mother's sewing machine. In 1982, Hartmut Ortlieb founded the company of the same name. The practical Back-Roller was soon followed by handlebar bags and the waterproof roll closure. The development of the Quick-Lock system, which has been tried and tested to this day, was groundbreaking for the safe and quick attachment of the bags. 
By word of mouth and appearance on trade fairs, the waterproof packing bags, bicycle bags and backpacks soon became very popular, so that the company headquarters in Nuremberg became too small and Ortlieb moved almost 30km away to the Franconian town of Heilsbronn in 1997. To this day, all work steps and sales activities are carried out on site - including high-frequency welding for the total waterproofness of all products to guarantee a water column of up to 100.000mm. 

In addition to the functionality and durability of the products, two things have always been particularly important at Ortlieb: innovation and sustainability. 
The rightly popular waterproof roll closure is complemented by zip, Velcro and  Quick-Seal closure. This allows for an enormous range of waterproof luggage which makes you well equipped for any outdoor adventure and independent of the weather. The function and design of the bags for front and rear wheels, handlebar bags, panniers, courier bags, office bags and bicycle baskets have always been high rated by specialist editors. In addition, there is an extensive range of accessories and spare parts.
Throughout the entire production process, Ortlieb takes care to keep its own CO² footprint as small as possible and to optimise the ecological balance. The electricity used for production is generated for 100% by renewable energies. A third of it is provided by the photovoltaic system on the company roof. In addition, Ortlieb supports campaigns, associations and organisations such as EOCA, that promote bicycle mobility and are committed to climate protection.