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Fizik – High-Performance Saddles, Bike Shoes & Accessories from Italy

Fizik was founded in 1996 and focuses on high quality components that directly connect bike and rider. The success of the Italian company from Pozzoleone is based on ergonomic bike saddles, shoes and handlebar straps that perfectly combine performance, design and comfort. Fizik is constantly innovating in the fields of road bikes, MTBs and triathlons, through intensive studies on ergonomics and movement.

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Fizik - Ergonomic Designed Components for Road & MTB since 1996

Since its creation in 1996, Fizik had a simple mission: to improve the riding experience of all cyclists. To achieve this, the bicycle and the rider are considered as a single entity and special attention is given to the way the components are adapted to the rider's body. Fizik's brand name also reflects this: fi'zi:k is the phonetic equivalent of "physique" and stands for the form of the human body. 
In order to offer you the best bike saddles, handlebars, handlebar straps and bike shoes, Fizik has developed the Wing Flex technology. The Wing Flex saddle shells guarantee more leg freedom during pedaling. The Fizik K:IUM aluminum panels are a saddle frame that is extremely strong and lightweight. The Spine Concept, developed by Fizik, allows you to choose the best basic saddle model (Snake, Chameleon, Bull) and the correct saddle width (regular or large), depending on your spine and pelvis flexibility.

Road Bike Saddles - The Ideal Saddle for Every Type of Rider

Whether it's competition or training, familiar or new paths, the sound of the wind and the wheels while cycling convey a unique feeling of freedom that belongs only to you at this moment. Only the best road bike saddles can give you this freedom and that is why Fizik develops road and triathlon saddles with a wide range of lengths, widths and profiles, carefully adapted to your riding position, style and use. Fizik Arione, Antares and Aliante are the classics of the Spine Concept saddle models developed with cycling professionals. The "Snake" type of rider (very agile, very smooth pedaling) is given an optimal riding position by the slim and flat designed Fizik Arione. For more upright riding, the Fizik Antares (Chameleon) is wider but just as flat. The Fizik Aliante saddle is the ideal choice for the "bull" rider thanks to its wide and curved saddle shape (little movement, high rotation during pedaling). In addition, the Fizik road bike saddles are available in different widths (regular and large) and material versions (R1 premium versions, R3 ranges, R5 basic models) in order to meet the different needs in terms of weight and comfort. 
Details make the difference: For Endurance lovers and All-Road Gravel enthusiasts, Fizik has equipped its Tempo Argo saddles with pressure-relieving recesses and the so-called Type 2 foam, a progressive padding that provides more comfort on long rides. The Transiro Triathlon saddles, on the other hand, allow for more comfort and performance in the Aero time trial position, thanks to their compact shape and the Microtex saddle cover.

MTB Saddles - Control & Comfort in Every Riding Situation

The Fizik off-road saddles are designed for fast uphills and downhills on rough trails far away from civilization. No matter which material you choose: Fit, function, durability and weight are always the central parameters for each new innovation of a Fizik MTB saddle. The Wing-Flex saddle shell and off-road oriented features such as rounded edges, generous cutouts, relief channels and low-density foam ensure efficiency and comfort when riding. The reinforced Mobius rails of the Fizik Alpaca saddle models for Trail, Enduro and Gravity give you more control and safety. The Fizik Tundra is the perfect choice for cross-country racers and all-mountain enthusiasts due to its optimal weight/performance ratio. The Fizik Luna MTB saddle for women uses IschiaFlex technology to support all requirements for best comfort on long and fast rides.

High-Performance Road Bike Shoes for Competition & Training

Fizik road bike shoes are uncompromisingly designed to provide first-class comfort and to bring your power effectively to the pedal. To achieve this, the Italians work closely with experienced professional cyclists and carry out anatomical studies and extensive practical tests. This has resulted in numerous innovations such as the ergonomically designed overcurve shoe construction or the Aeroweave technology for less weight and more breathability of your Fizik road cycling shoe. In addition to single or double Boa closures, Fizik has developed the Powerstrap Velcro closure system. It wraps tightly around the foot for optimal containment.
The Vento Infinito series of high-performance road bike shoes are Fizik's high-end bike shoes for the ultimate road bike performance. New standards in terms of fit and foot stability sets the Fizik Vento Stabilita Carbon road cycling shoe. The Fizik Tempo Overcurve R4, on the other hand, is the perfect all-round road bike shoe for daily training up to the demanding Gran Fondo. It stays fitted to your foot for long lasting comfort. Discover the Fizik road shoe collection for more comfort, performance and the ultimate riding experience!

Innovative MTB Shoes for Every Use

Fizik's mountain bike shoes for men and women are the perfect choice for those who feel at home in the mountains. Whether it's a strenuous hike-a-bike ascent or a rapid downhill, the best gravel and MTB shoes must be equally efficient on and off the bike. That's why Fizik has created the Terra All-Terrain series, a complete line of the best off-road bike shoes for the casual explorer to the world-class MTB pro: The responsive and durable Fizik shoes are equipped with innovations such as injected carbon outsoles, powerstrap closure systems and special insoles to improve both fit and comfort. The ultimate MTB shoe for cross-country and fast trail riding is the Fizik Infinito X1 mountain bike shoe. First-class comfort and maximum breathability meet an unprecedentedly efficient power transmission with this lightweight shoe. The Powerstrap X4 is an all-rounder bike shoe designed specifically for gravel bikers. And with the ankle-high Fizik Clima X2 and Artica X2 shoes, you have waterproof and breathable all-mountain shoes ready to protect you from the cold and wet.

Everything under Control with Fizik Handlebars & Tapes

The Fizik bar tape collection for road and gravel bikes offers different material options to minimize vibrations, increase control and give you the grip you need for your riding style. The choice of Fizik handlebar tapes is huge: You can choose between different colors, patterns, densities and thicknesses. Professional riders prefer the Fizik Vento Microtex handlebar tapes. They offer the ultimate in control without sacrificing weight or comfort. The handlebar tape types in the Tempo series are available in three finishes (Classic, Soft Touch, Tacky Touch) and all of them offer professional quality at a competitive price. The Fizik Bondcush Microtex handlebar tapes are the best option for achieving riding comfort and durability on all types of roads and gravel tracks: A multi-layer polymer foam with medium padding meets the proven Fizik Microtex outer layer.
The Fizik Cyrano handlebars and stems are named after Cyrano de Bergerac, a writer and bon vivant who knew how to master epee and feather just as masterfully as you can control your road bike with the Fizik components of the Cyrano series. Fizik has transferred its proven spine concept to the handlebars and offers two incredibly light and noticeably comfortable carbon handlebars in the 00 and R1.