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On Running – Swiss Running Shoes and Performance Running Gear

Cushioned landing, firm take-off. ON's revolutionary idea, has taken the running scene with speed. This has resulted in running shoes that helped numerous top athletes to new personal bests at World Championship events. Running should be fun. Instead of correcting your movement, On lets you run the way you are meant to run. The result is unmatched comfort and a more enjoyable running experience. » Read more

On Running - Women's Shoes
On Running - Men's Shoes
On Running - SALE

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On Running – Swiss Performance Running Shoes & Running Apparel

The three Swiss friends Caspar Coppetti, Olivier Bernhard and David Allemann had the vision to revolutionize the running world in 2010. They wanted to develop the running shoe for the perfect running feeling. Today, On Running Shoes are available in more than 50 countries worldwide; for their outstanding design and innovative technology, On has already won international awards. Each model is available in a specific fit for women and men.

Millions of Runners have found theirs. Find your On Running Shoe, too.

The special thing about On Running Shoes is immediately noticeable: The soles are equipped with a lot of "clouds" that precisely and intelligently cushion the occurring forces. These eye-catching and effective cushioning elements ensure soft landings and powerful push-off.

The Cloudflyer, Cloudace and the Trailrunning Shoe Cloudventure Midtop from the Support category offer a little active support and stability to the feet so that the running position can be optimized and you can enjoy a more comfortable running feeling.

If you value more than running, your workout program is more versatile, and you have a second home in the gym, you need shoes that do everything. You can rely on the On Cloud X models and the more performance-oriented Cloudflow for this. The versatile Cloudflyer and Cloudace are also suitable. They are made for variable training with explosive movements in all directions.

When it comes to running across the finish line in a new best time and first, the competition shoes Cloudsurfer, Cloudrush and Cloudflash are your ace up your sleeve, but the Cloudflow is also your top performer here. These running shoes give you maximum comfort even at high speeds. And if you want to break through boundaries that previously seemed unreachable, hear the loud cheers of the audience and yourself and feel exuberant joy, then you need the ultimate Cloudboom. Ultra-light, uncompromising and enriched with carbon fiber, your new best time was inevitable with this race road shoe.

ON Running Cloudboom

For those who find their happiness rather off the beaten track, On offers a range of high quality Trailrunning Shoes. On rocky paths and difficult terrain you can rely on the Cloudventure, Cloudventure Peak and the Cloudventure Midtop with increased stability.

Cloud and Cloud X shoes are ideal for an active lifestyle, offering performance and comfort all day long, according to the On motto #NeverNotOn. Whether you're on your way to work on foot, on a bike or in the hustle and bustle of urban life, these everyday shoes will get you ready for anything.

So that you don't have to ask yourself "if" you train in the rain, but only "with what", On offers the Cloud, Cloudflyer and Cloudventure models in a waterproof version. The upper material of these running shoes is completely rainproof, but still breathable. Wind and water have no chance to stop you from running.

On Shorts, Pants, Shirts, Jackets - Running Apparel with maximum Performance and Superior Aesthetics

In 2016, the Performance Running Gear collection celebrated its debut. Performance running pants, shirts, socks and jackets - such as the cloud light Weather Jacket - complete the On portfolio and make for an even more comfortable running experience in any run and any weather.