SRAM - Tweak. Refine. Tweak. Refine. Leap Ahead.

Whether it’s the Tour de France or Mountain Bike World Cup, a serene stretch of asphalt or your first feeling of tires on dirt, SRAM’s mission is to provide purpose-built and inspiring components for the way you ride. SRAM is constantly searching for the antidote to complexity through better ergonomics, function and performance. From eTap® to Eagle™, HRD to Code, SRAM brings more value to your ride. » Read more

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Incremental enhancements. Perpetual improvements. Revolutionary Innovation.

SRAM was founded in 1987 by Scott King, Stan Ray Day and Sam Patterson in Chicago and initially made a name for itself with the popular Grip Shifts. In the mid-1990s SRAM began to produce rear derailleurs that used a 1:1 ratio instead of the previously used 1:2 ratio, i.e. the rear derailleur moved as far as the cable. SRAM calls this ESP technology and thus enables simpler gear changes with less effort. SRAM also consistently pushed the development forward by focusing strongly on brand acquisitions. In 1997, for example, the bicycle division of the German hub manufacturer Sachs was acquired. Since 2002 SRAM did not only take over the suspension fork and damper manufacturer RockShox, but also the brands Avid, Truvativ, ZIPP and Quarq. In 2006, with the Force and Rival, SRAM built road gear groups for the first time.

SRAM Eagle™ - Born in the USA, engineered in Germany, made for the world.

In 2012 SRAM stirred up the mountain bike scene and was the first manufacturer to bring the 1x11-speed drivetrain onto the market with the XX1. Away from front derailleurs and multiple chainrings. Too complicated, less intuitive and a never-ending mess of cables on the handlebar. Towards more simplicity and better mountain biking. No matter whether in the noble version XX1, the middle class X1 or the more favorable NX version - the SRAM 1-speed system has now convinced almost everyone. No reason for SRAM to rest on its laurels. Now Eagle™ heralds a new era. With this technology SRAM offers now the most progressive and most efficient shifting with now 1x12-speed gears and a total transmission ratio of 500%. The Eagle™ cassette is equipped with twelve sprockets with ten to 50 teeth. The SRAM Eagle™ drive system is more precise, lighter, quieter and more wear-resistant.

SRAM MTB - Tweak. Refine. Tweak. Refine. Leap Ahead.

SRAM RED eTAP - It’s Time To Shift Forward.

After many years of development and after competitors had already introduced electronic drivetrains to the market for a long time, SRAM trumped with the RED eTAP. Of course, the Americans didn't just jump on the train, but revolutionized the field: eTAP does not only work electronically, but is operated completely wirelessly. The shifting logic has also been renewed and virtually eliminates mistaking shifts: the right lever shifts to the larger gear, the left lever to the smaller gear. The front derailleur is operated by pressing both levers. The wireless operation not only ensures a puristic and clean look on the bike, but also a very easy installation.

SRAM Road - Tweak. Refine. Tweak. Refine. Leap Ahead.

SRAM's stated goal is to satisfy your longing for the ultimate bike. Every feature of every single component is constantly developed further. The result are products that simply delight everyone. And the best thing is: SRAM just keeps making it better.