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SRAM Groupsets – Sophisticated MTB and Road Bike Components

Whether for the Tour de France or the Mountain Bike World Cup, a tranquil asphalt route or the first time on a trail: SRAM’s mission is to develop specially designed and inspiring components for any ride. SRAM is constantly on the lookout for better ergonomics, function and performance. From the eTAP to the Eagle, from HRD to Code, SRAM groupsets get the best out of you and your bike.

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SRAM: Constantly Expanding. Constantly Improving. Revolutionary Innovations.

SRAM was founded in 1987 by Scott King, Stan Ray Day and Sam Patterson in Chicago. Initially the company made a name for itself with just one product: the Grip Shift gear shifters were one of the few alternatives to the then industry giant Shimano. They earned huge popularity in the young, unconventional, rebellious mountain bike scene and were the foundation of today’s global company. The company grew and began to manufacture SRAM derailleurs in the mid-1990s. Instead of the previous standard 1:2 gear ratio these use a 1:1 ratio. The derailleur moves just as much as the gear cable. SRAM called this technology, which is now used in a modified form under the name EXACT ACTUATION, ESP, and thus enabled simpler shifting with less effort.

Consequently, SRAM also pushed ahead with the development of its braking and gear systems by including innovative brands in the SRAM family. Since 2002 SRAM has not just taken over the suspension fork and shock absorber manufacturer RockShox, but also the brands Truvativ, ZIPP and Quarq. TIME pedals and Hammerhead bike computers round out the brand portfolio. With the Force and the Rival the Americans have been building their own racing bike gear systems since 2006 – alongside MTB gear systems. And in 2016 SRAM launched the first wireless gear system. Since then SRAM has been the innovation driver in the field of electronic gear systems. Today the company markets its own SRAM brakes, power meters and much more.

SRAM XX1: The Revolution in Bike Gear Systems – That’s Where It All Began.

When SRAM presented its XX1 group, it was hotly debated. It contained a completely new idea: instead of two or three chain rings, the SRAM XX1 is fitted with a single chain ring. Instead, a cassette with 11 sprockets was used – gigantic by the standards of the time. The smallest had just 10 teeth, which was also bold and new. Thanks to the 42 teeth on the largest sprocket, a range of gear ratios was achieved that had nothing on the conventional 2- or 3-speed gear systems. Over time this principle was able to convince most sceptics. No wonder: Shifting is more intuitive, the technology is simpler, bikes look tidier and the chain rattles less. Starting with the SRAM XX1, this technology has been adopted for all SRAM MTB groups over the years. And it’s been further developed: today SRAM gear systems work with 12 sprockets and a significantly extended gear range. 1x12 drives from SRAM can beat conventional drives hands down in every respect. No surprise then, that this technology has been adopted by all well-known gear manufacturers.

Today, SRAM circuits with 1x12 technology are widely used: from the GX, XX1 and X01 Eagle series for MTBs right through to the Force and Red eTap road bike systems, the Americans know how to impress with the huge range and smooth shifting of their 1x12 drives. The transmission range is still increased with a small sprocket with only 10 teeth on the ring gear.

SRAM eTap, AXS & Eagle: Technology for the Ultimate Riding Experience

SRAM gear systems have been setting new standards in terms of simplicity, versatility and performance for years, particularly in the field of drive systems. But SRAM is not resting on its laurels. SRAM has completely revolutionised the market in electronic gears with the wireless shifting of the RED eTap. This was soon followed by the next stage of innovation: the SRAM AXS. Alongside the SRAM RED, Force, Rival, XX1 and X01 Eagle, the SRAM GX Eagle drive system with proven AXS radio technology is now available. Gear cables are superfluous. The cockpit becomes clearer and the shifting experience is super-fast and incomparably precise. The individual components can be personalised down to the last detail with the AXS app and it is easily possible to combine road bike and MTB components with each other. This is one of the most important innovations of all: The boundaries become blurred and make your bike more personal than ever before. For example, you can opt for a SRAM derailleur from a mountain bike group and combine it with a dropbar gear shifter. Added to this, why not an SRAM power meter and an SRAM chain ring? Your personal SRAM gravel gears are ready, perfectly suited for the next Alps crossing.

SRAM GX Eagle AXS: your new Riding Budy in the AXS universe

SRAM RED eTap AXS: Made for Champions

Pink, yellow and RED – 2023 is the most successful year in SRAM history, because with SRAM RED eTap AXS athletes*innen won the overall classification in every Grand Tour. Years of research and development with countless prototypes have made it possible, crank for crank revolution to bring the best possible performance on the roads and the lead into the finish. Sepp Kuss, Demi Vollering, Jonas Vingegaard, Primož Roglič and Annemiek van Vleuten have won the biggest races through the synergy of top performance and top components, their drivetrains were engineered to withstand weeks of immense intensity in the hunt for victory. In particular, intensive development work on key technologies such as AXS and Quarq DZero have ensured that gear changes are made in record time and power meters delivered precisely and relieable data. In addition, the gear ratio options of the RED X-Range drivetrains allow optimization for each stage. And the fact that the brakes are comfortable and easy to use even on long days on countless descents with peaks of over 100 km/h has been clearly proven in the 313 hours and 12,621 km of the Giro, the Tour and the Vuelta of men and women.

SRAM GX Eagle AXS: Your New Riding Buddy in the AXS Universe

With the GX Eagle AXS 12-speed MTB gears, SRAM brings the Eagle AXS wireless marvel to your mountain bike. The GS Eagle AXS gear system is your robust workhorse at the rear, thanks to the overload clutch, cage shock absorption and the huge range of from 10-52 teeth Eagles sprockets. Working with the individually adjustable GX Eagle AXS controllers and the X-SYNC 2 chain rings it ensures super-fast and precise gear shifts in the most rugged terrain. Naturally, the derailleurs and shifters can be easily combined with all cassettes in the SRAM Eagle ecosystem. And thanks to the AXS app there are no limits when programming and personalising your SRAM and RockShox AXS components.

SRAM Force eTap AXS: The Next Level for SRAM Road Bike Groupsets

SRAM has added all important functions of the RED eTap AXS to the electronic Force groupsets: the X-Range, the advanced chain management and easy personalisation. And that’s not all, SRAM has made this wireless shifting system even more suitable for gravel and all-road use and increased the shifting range of the SRAM Force eTap AXS. The new 43/30-toothed chain ring gradation allows more tire clearance in combination with the wide front derailleur. And together with the SRAM Force XG-1270 cassette with 10-36 teeth, you are perfectly equipped to keep your optimal cadence on the steepest climbs. The Force eTap AXS gear system with sprocket compatibility of a maximum of 36 teeth provides the compatibility needed for large cassettes.

SRAM Force eTap AXS  – Control. Personalize. Monitor.

SRAM Gear Systems for Gravel and Road MTBs – Simple Is Better

There’s an incredible amount of development work that goes into the new SRAM innovations. Really, when it comes to SRAM technologies, “simple” is not the right term for them. But it fits perfectly for everyday usage: SRAM gear systems are incredibly intuitive when it comes to handling! There are different reasons for this:

  • The 1-speed drive consists of fewer parts. As a result assembly is easier as is setting the gears. The front derailleur, for example, is completely eliminated. You don’t have to assemble, adjust and set what isn’t there.
  • SRAM technologies ensure cleaner bikes. With the SRAM mechanical gear systems you save on a gear cable for the front derailleur. There is no longer any gear cable with the electronic wireless gear systems. We guarantee you’ve never mounted a gear system so quickly before. You screw the parts to the bike, connect them to each other using the app, you personalise them and you’re ready to go!
  • At the mechanical level everything about SRAM gear systems is also designed for easy, unobtrusive use. With SRAM gear systems, the overload clutch derailleur protection is a technology that contributes to this. It absorbs the movement of the derailleur, caused by bumps in the terrain. As a result the chain runs more quietly, the gears work more precisely and your bike rattles less. Just as simple and inspired is the SRAM X-Sync technology on the SRAM chain ring. The teeth of the chain ring with their typical narrow-wide shape, ensure that the chain cannot come off without a front derailleur or chain guide. In addition, this technology ensures less friction, better self-cleaning and therefore less wear and tear.

SRAM GX, X01 & XX1 Eagle: The Full Range with 52 Teeth

Steep climbs are finally less terrifying: With the brand new 10-52-toothed cassettes for the Eagle groupsets GX, X01 and XX1, SRAM offers you a range update that’s impressive. To cope with the generous 520 per cent overall gearing, SRAM has upgraded the GX, XX1 and X01 Eagle derailleurs. The highlight: In addition to their improved shifting performance, the reworked gears are backwards compatible: they are in harmony with the well-known 10-50 cassettes A new colour concept also ensures that the Eagle series also lives up to standards. Four stylish chain and cassette colours are available across groups to customise your groupset. Last but not least, SRAM has completely redesigned the affordable SRAM GX Eagle drive and given it a pure, light carbon crank.

SRAM GX, X01 & XX1 Eagle: The Full Range with 52 Teeth

SRAM NX Eagle: 12-Speed Gear System at an Entry-Level Price

When SRAM brought out its XX1 gear system many years ago it was by no means a bargain. Today the tide has turned. Today, this proven technology once reserved for the expensive top groups is available at entry-level. The SRAM NX Eagle gear system is the best evidence of this. You get Eagle technology with a transmission range of 520 per cent at an incredibly fair price-performance ratio. The result: You can enjoy the performance of a modern SRAM gear system on an inexpensive mountain bike.

The Complete SRAM Universe for Limitless Riding Fun.

To list everything you can find in the SRAM portfolio would break all boundaries. However, here’s a short overview of everything SRAM has in its range.

  • SRAM MTB gear systems: SRAM GX, X01 and XX1 Eagle as well as the SRAM NX and SX Eagle
  • SRAM road and gravel bike gear systems: Red, Force, Rival, Apex and the XPLR series
  • SRAM disc brakes SRAM Code, SRAM G2, and SRAM Level
  • SRAM AXS & eTap electronic groupsets: XX1, X01, GX (MTB) and Red, Force, Rival (road)

Of course, you’ll find various wear and replacement parts in the SRAM range. For optimal performance it is advisable to use original parts. These include, for example.

  • SRAM brake discs & brake pads
  • SRAM cassettes
  • SRAM brake fluid, gear cables and other SRAM replacement parts

Don’t forget: The SRAM Group includes other performance cycling brands. You can therefore buy products that are perfectly tailored to SRAM gears and ensure maximum precision on your bike. These include, for example.

  • Suspension forks and shock absorbers
  • Parts such as handlebars, cranks and seat posts
  • Road bike wheels
  • Power meters
  • Clipless pedals
  • Bike computers