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Get Out There and Explore with Jack Wolfskin

This brand has come a long way since Ulrich Dausien sold clothing from his Frankfurt apartment in the late 1970s. He officially launched the company in 1981 and by 1993 had a shop in Heidelberg. In the mid-90s, outdoor activities were no longer a niche interest, so equipment, as well as clothing, was in high demand. Dausien aimed to be accessible to all, from weekend backpackers to pioneers who needed serious expedition equipment. He hit upon the perfect brand name after feeling inspired by the works of adventure novelist, Jack London, and seeing wild Alaskan wolves for the first time.

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Jack Wolfskin Jackets and Vests for Men, Women and Children

The Jack Wolfskin waterproof Texapore fabric was created in collaboration with mountaineer Mischa Saleki and Aleksander Lwow, a champion dog sled racer. Now, Texapore is used in most outdoor Jack Wolfskin clothing, including jackets and vests. Made from a non-porous membrane, as well as a robust upper material, these jackets offer weather protection, breathability and windproofing in one garment. As the weatherproof layer of a Texapore garment is microporous, it allows moisture to wick away from your body. That means you’ll stay warm and dry, without overheating. Look out for the addition of Nanuk Dynamic in a jacket if you prefer the comfort of a stretch fabric and a smooth feel. Breathability makes this polyester blend great for sports, but it also dries quickly and provides some insulation. In 2018, Jack Wolfskin began using the upgraded Texapore Ecosphere for their two-in-one jacket. It was the first of its kind made from 100% recycled material anywhere in the world. This flexible material means Jack Wolfskin jackets excel in changing conditions, making them a go-to solution for all seasons. There is also an array of fleece jackets and Jack Wolfskin hoodies in a wide range of colors and styles, many of which have been made from recycled materials. Jack Wolfskin’s focus on eco-friendliness began back in 1999 with their Polartec collection. Since then their research into new, more advanced fabrics with green credentials has earned the brand a reputation for sustainability with no compromise on performance or accessibility.

Hats, Caps and Headbands for Urban Cool and Wild Adventures

Whether you’re looking for a cap to keep the sun off, a tube to protect your neck, a fleece beanie or a hat, Jack Wolfskin has got you covered. If you choose a fleece hat for winter it’s likely to feature their light but incredibly warming Nanuk 200 material. Made from 100% recycled polyester it’s light but incredibly strong. You could also choose a transitional Jack Wolfskin men’s hat made from Polartec Classic 100, an adaptable fabric that’s available in a huge range of colors. Go for a Stormlock knitted hat if you need to double down on wind and weather resistance, without bulk. This tear-resistant fabric is thin and light, yet capable of keeping your head warm in the chilliest of conditions. They’ve also taken care of that classic summer headwear staple, the baseball cap. Choose from caps with the paw print logo or the brand name in various colors, all made from certified organic cotton. Slap one on to protect your head from exposure to the sun and the curved peak will also shade your eyes.

Shorts and Trousers for Day Trips and Longer Treks

Remaining true to the paw print logo, Jack Wolfskin active track shorts and trousers are also designed to be an environmentally-friendly choice. By refusing to prioritize fast-fashion looks, the brand has made its name through robust clothing that will last a wearer for years. In Jack Wolfskin walking trousers you’ll find comfort, resilience and the freedom to move. They have been made with some of the most versatile fabrics in the brand’s arsenal, including the flexible and abrasion-resistant Hydropore. While remaining breathable, it keeps you insulated and minimizes odors. As you’ll also enjoy UV protection in a Hydropore garment, they are a good choice for endurance sports and longer hikes. You’ll remain sweet-smelling on challenging trips if your Jack Wolfskin pants have experienced the S. Fresh treatment. This means active substances including silver oxide and titanium have been added to the fabric in order to deter the growth of bacteria. Jack Wolfskin calls this ‘Deodorant for your clothes.’

Don’t Forget the Gloves!

It’s easy to overlook the smaller items when you’re packing for a trip, but gloves take up minimal room and keep your hands toasty as the temperatures drop. Touch-screen friendly and produced with Jack Wolfskin’s Quick Moister Control fabric, they will keep you dry whilst remaining breathable. If you prefer a more flexible fit, choose Flexshield gloves which feel stretchy on the hand, but look like wool. With water and wind repelling abilities, they can also protect your skin from exposure to the cold.

Guard Your Cards and Personal Details With a Wolfskin Wallet

Being on the move means you need a way to keep your cash and cards secure, even when the weather is against you. The range of wallets includes various colors and styles, along with a range of practical benefits. Made from tough CROSS RIP 210D fabric, they have a couple of compartments to keep everything organized. Look for wallets with a loop feature if you plan to attach them to your pack. To keep your data private, an RFID Protect lining is added to certain wallets in the collection. This creates a physical barrier and can prevent your personal details from being read on any frequency.

Sustainability and Functionality from Jack Wolfskin Clothing

The Jack Wolfskin women, men and children ranges include hybrid pieces of clothing that are produced in a sustainable way. They have simple fastening systems and functional extras like deep pockets, hoods and UV protection.