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Compressport Socks and Running Gear for More Power

If you are testing your limits every day in running and triathlon sports, you deserve clothes that are up to the challenge. The Compressport product range offers socks and clothing as well as arm and leg protection with advanced compression technology. Your muscles are protected, precisely stimulated and particularly well-supported on long stretches. Discover an exceptional Compressport range for even more power on your next run.

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The Compressport Success Story

The Compressport success story began in Switzerland in 2008, when the company’s founder Sylvain Laur developed the innovative R2 calf sleeves for the Ironman® in Nice. From its original medical beginnings, it quickly developed into an accomplished team of doctors, researchers and experts who still work hand in hand with professional and amateur athletes today.

The Swiss company has since become a globally respected brand for compression clothing for running, swimming and cycling. The desire for performance and the need to keep beating their personal best has occupied developers and athletes since the first pair of Compressport socks right up to the present day.

Compressport Socks and Calf Sleeves

Trail, road or triathlon running expose your feet and calves to the highest stresses. Compressport socks and calf sleeves offer you triple support with protection, muscle support and thermoregulation. Strategically placed 3D dots, the running socks’ wide toe box and soft mesh fabric protect the foot from blisters and pressure points.

Thanks to their effective compression function, the socks and leg protection reduce muscle vibrations, absorb shocks and promote blood circulation for maximum power on the track. To keep feet dry even on high tours, Compressport socks and calf sleeves are made of lightweight, air-permeable and sweat-wicking performance material. Depending on your shoe and personal preference, you can choose between high-cut or ankle-high running socks.

Compressport Clothing

Sport that pushes you to the edge of your performance limit requires the highest performance not just from your socks, but from your entire sports outfit. Compressport clothing is ultra-lightweight with excellent ventilation, thus providing the required dose of freshness when running. The versatile clothing range consists of

  • Compressport trail shorts & tights
  • Compressport long- & short-sleeve running shirts
  • Compressport running jackets for protection against windy and wet conditions
  • Compressport underwear
  • Compressport headwear for all weathers

The entire range’s innovative 3D weave technology and seamless finish prevent any friction or chafing across the body. Anatomically designed cuts fit the body like a second skin and offer you optimal support in any weather. In order to be able to meet the high demands on workmanship and quality, Compressport clothing is manufactured in Europe and further developed with continuous feedback from athletes.


Compressport Headbands & Caps

Beyond the socks, other equipment is indispensable for running too – especially if you cover longer distances. To avoid drying out in the sun or getting soaked in the rain, good head protection is a must. UV-resistant and air-permeable caps or visors protect you from uncomfortable sunburn or sunstroke on hot terrain. To combine optimal protection with good distance vision, you can choose between different versions with a semi-transparent or adjustable mesh visor.

So that you can also train comfortably in winter, protective hats and headbands keep the cold wind out. Thermoregulating fabrics are particularly suitable for cool autumn and winter days, while lightweight multifunctional scarves also protect the ears and neck on mild days in the cooler seasons. Stretchable fibres adapt ideally to the shape of the head.

Compressport Running Backpack & Belt

Drinks, food and other small items can be stored safely and comfortably in the Compressport running backpack. The styles developed especially for running are comfortable to wear thanks to their ultra-light design. Perfectly and snugly fitted to the upper body, the Compressport running backpack follows your every move without throwing you off your rhythm by moving on its own. The hydration pouch offers easy-to-reach storage options in the chest area so that you can easily access drinks or power gels while running.

With a well-fitting running belt, Compressport further expands the storage space available for triathlons, marathons or other disciplines. You can carry your keys, smartphone and even a compact windbreaker or rain jacket in its generous wraparound compartment. The bib number belt ensures easy and secure attachment of your start number during the race. In addition to several fastening elements for number identification, the narrow adjustable straps also provide loops in which you can store your gels to save space.

From Running to Triathlon with Compressport

With its wide range of products, Compressport offers socks in various lengths as well as clothing, calf and arm sleeves and useful additional equipment. Their ultra-lightweight design with regulating and quick-drying fabrics make them perfect for switching between swimming, cycling and running. Supportive, seamless fits make compression support an indispensable choice on any trail length. With Compressport’s global 2-year manufacturer's guarantee on its products, you are perfectly equipped – not just for next season, but for many training sessions and competitions thereafter as well. Find your equipment for running, cycling, swimming or other outdoor fitness activities now on BIKE24.