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Wolf Tooth Components – Precision Bike Parts from USA

Wolf Tooth Components is a company originally from Minneapolis in the USA that specialises in the production of tuning parts for bicycles. The people that work there are passionate cyclists themselves, and every detail of their products is something close to their hearts. It is against this backdrop that Wolf Tooth develops chainrings, drive components, thru axles, grips, tools and much more besides. It is this combination of design and function that makes Wolf Tooth components popular all over the world.

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Innovative Wolf Tooth Bike Parts & Tools for Your Bike

The wide range of Wolf Tooth products are true to the motto “by riders for riders”. All Wolf Tooth employees take to the saddle themselves and are familiar with the needs of this pursuit. That’s why the individual bike parts stem from innovative ideas intended to give you a better ride.

The Wolf Tooth Chainring for Optimum Power Transmission between Rider and Bicycle

The chainring is a fundamental part of a good drive system. It’s where the power is transferred, which is why the engineers at Wolf Tooth have examined the tooth profile in detail and then optimised it. The result: the patented Wolf Tooth Drop-Stop Design. The unusual aspect is the asymmetric shape of the teeth, which are designed to be flatter on one side. On the side that comes into contact with the chain, this arrangement allows for optimum transference of power. On the other side, dirt is able to fall off to minimise friction. The best thing is that there’s a specific Wolf Tooth chainring for virtually every chain and bike.

The Wolf Tooth CAMO System makes it possible to use other chainrings even though a direct mount standard is installed. The spider enables more favourably priced five-hole chainrings to be fitted without the need to change the chainline. This makes it quick and easy to change chainrings. All the necessary spare parts can be ordered as needed.

Wolf Tooth Chainrings at a Glance

  • 104 BCD Chainring
  • CAMO Direct Mount Spider for SRAM
  • Elliptical 104 BCD Chainring

The Wolf Tooth Thru Axle for a Perfect Link between Bike and Wheel

The engineers at Wolf Tooth knew that a straightforward replacement thru axle would not meet their standards. That’s why the axles from Wolf Tooth Components are special. They are produced in accordance with safety requirements used in aircraft building.

Every Wolf Tooth thru axle has an additional washer to reduce strain on the frame. The way that the thru axle is mounted also prevents it from sticking when you need to remove it. Wolf Tooth thru axles are available in a variety of lengths and for a range of thread types. The Wolf Tooth website includes a guide to help you find the right model for you.

Wolf Tooth Thru Axles at a Glance

  • Wolf Tooth Rear Axle for X-12
  • Wolf Tooth Axle for Fox Suspension Forks
  • Wolf Tooth Axle for Road Forks

Wolf Tooth Tools – Bike Screws Made Easy

Good tools make it so much easier to work on a bike. The innovative tools from Wolf Tooth make maintenance and repair work as easy as pie. Wolf Tooth not only supplies high-quality tools for use at home: there are also practical multi-tools ideal for use on the move. The EnCase Multitool, for example, can be used to make quick repairs to flat tubeless tyres and broken chains. The tools can of course be discreetly secured to the bike: they can be placed inside the handlebar and retrieved in no time. The practical 8-bit system enables you to configure your own personal multi-too

Wolf Tooth Tools and Multi-Tools at a Glance

  • EnCase System Bar Kit One
  • 8-Bit Kit One
  • Pack Wrench Steel Hex Inserts

Wolf Tooth Accessories – More Products for Your Bike

Because cycling enthusiasts love a good tinker, Wolf Tooth supplies even more solutions for your individual bike. These parts enable targeted tuning and the ability to combine different manufacturers on your bike. One of these products is the Wolf Tooth ReMote lever for telescopic seatposts. There are other less conspicuous products though that Wolf Tooth has turned into innovative sources of support: ranging from the convenient Wolf Tooth seatpost clamp to the ultra-light stem caps, a huge range of bike parts is covered. These products allow you to apply the finishing touch to your bike. Also popular is RoadLink, the Wolf Tooth adapter. This enables a road-bike derailleur to be re-positioned to create space for wider MTB cassettes.

Wolf Tooth Accessories at a Glance

  • Wolf Tooth ReMote Dropper Post Lever
  • Wolf Tooth RoadLink
  • Wolf Tooth Tanpan