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Bluegrass Helmets: Reliable Protection for Downhill and Enduro Riders

Bluegrass emerged as an offshoot of legendary cycling brand Met Helmets in 2008. Taking advantage of Met’s research labs, the Bluegrass helmet design team create stylish and technically advanced headgear and other protective accessories, allowing extreme riders to feel in control and safe whenever they hit the trail. And they aren’t just a brand: Bluegrass helps support the pro-enduro circuit, taking spectacular riding to a whole new level.

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Bluegrass Gear for Your Cycling Needs

Bluegrass specialises in providing kit for enduro, trail and mountain bikers – although many of their designs can double up as everyday helmets for urban riding as well. The company’s collection varies, with fullface and visor-free options, reinforced MIPS helmets, bold coloured models as well as pure anthracite helmets that will make any rider look the part. Add in body armour, knee pads, under shorts and gloves, and you can kit up for the riding season from top to bottom at the Bluegrass BIKE24 store. Categories available include:

  • Fullface and visor free helmets
  • Protective pads and clothing
  • Specialist riding gloves

Choose the Right Fullface Bluegrass Helmet

Many of the most eye-catching helmets from the Bluegrass team come with visors built in, so that they provide all-round coverage and protection against dirt, surface water, rain and debris. Bluegrass Legit is one of the key lines and comes in both fibreglass composite and carbon shells. Engineered for racing, it’s perfect for competitive BMX and enduro fans. But there’s also Bluegrass Intox – which combines streamlined looks with a reinforced chin guard for extra protection. Full face designs from the Bluegrass store include:

  • Bluegrass Intox helmets for affordable all-round protection
  • Bluegrass Legit and Legit Carbon helmets for premium racing protection

Visor Free Helmet Designs from Bluegrass

If you want more visibility as you tackle descents, a visor-free selection from the Bluegrass helmet store could be ideal. There are plenty of options here, including Bluegrass Super Bold helmets which come in a range of dynamic tones. Perfect for stunt BMX riding, they feature adjustable straps to find a comfortable fit every time. Lightweight Bluegrass Rogue helmets are an alternative. Reinforced for protection, they come in standard and ultra-strong MIPS varieties, and will be perfect for trail riders who need to balance lightness and protection. If you want a lightweight helmet, Bluegrass offers:

  • Bluegrass Super Bold helmets with a bowl shape and adjustable straps
  • Bluegrass Rogue and Rogue MIPS helmets for lightweight speed

Stay Safe with Bluegrass Clothing

Bluegrass isn’t all about helmets. In fact, Bike24 also stocks a variety of Bluegrass body armour, underwear and pads. If you need to guard against falls, Bluegrass solid knee pads will do the trick. Flexible but robust, they can handle any impacts. Seamless protector shirts blend protection and breathable mesh fabrics, while B&S D3O body armour goes further, protecting your torso when falls occur. And there are also undershorts and elbow pads to put together a comprehensive collection of Bluegrass protective gear. In fact, the options include:

  • Bluegrass skinny elbow pads and heavy-duty Solid elbow pads
  • Bluegrassknee pads
  • Bluegrass body armour and protector shirts
    Wolverine protective undershorts

Get a Grip with Bluegrass Gloves

When you pick up a Bluegrass bike helmet, why not add some extra control with a pair of Bluegrass gloves as well? The brand is known for its tough, comfortable gloves, including super-light Vapor Lite models, React gloves for precise handling, versatile Union gloves, as well as Prizma 3D designs that will be ideal for hard-core trail riding and BMX stunts. Whatever your style, there’s something here, including:

  • Bluegrass Prizma 3D gloves
  • Vapor Lite gloves
  • Union gloves

Before you hit the trail, it pays to be protected, and Bluegrass is the brand to choose. This popular enduro and BMX specialist offers full face and visorless helmets, as well as gloves, body armour, padding and more. So if you want to minimise the risk of injury while feeling free to perform, you’ll find something here. And if not, be sure to check out enduro helmets, high grip bike gloves and much more at the Bike24 store.