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Casco Helmets: European Design for Speed and Safety in the Saddle

German company Casco has been creating stylish cycling helmets since 1989. Its designs always combine comfort, streamlined forms and use of innovative materials to keep riders safe. And they have been embraced by road and trail riders at World Championships, Olympic Games and Grabd Tours. So if you want performance and good looks, slipping on a Casco helmet makes a lot of sense.

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Casco Helmets Cater To Off-road, Urban and Pro-level Riders

The Casco helmets selection features a wide range of popular models that have a passionate fan base all over the world. Road models like the Casco Speedairo helmet are sculpted to let air flow naturally around them, while providing excellent visibility and protection against falls. Casco MTB helmets let you hit mountain trails with confidence, while hybrid town and country helmets bridge the gap between riding styles. Major designs in the company’s catalogue include:

  • Speedairo and Speedairo 2 road helmets
  • MTBE and MTBE 2 helmets
  • Active 2 and E.Motion 2 town and country helmets
  • Casco Speedster helmets for serious racers

Casco Road Helmets

Slip on a Casco road helmet and you’ll be ready for any eventuality during weekend excursions and extended tours. Models like Casco Speedairo or Roadster helmets feature Vautron visors which minimise glare and provide total protection against road debris. With these models you can easily rotate your neck 360 degrees, surveying traffic and catching some scenery. And you can swap in different Casco SPEEDmask visors for Speedairo and Roadster helmets, adding different colours and spares to your arsenal. If you need protection be sure to browse:

  • Casco Speedairo 2 and Speedairo models
  • Casco Roadster helmets
  • Replacement visors for Casco road helmets

Casco MTB Helmets

Casco’s technicians have also come up with some of the best off-road helmets around. MTBE helmets are engineered with tough composite material and interior padding that fits perfectly, while they are cleverly formed to promote ventilation, keeping riders ice cool as they plan their routes. You could also add a winter interior accessory for out-of-season adventures. And if you prefer a mixture of styles, Casco E.Motion helmets or Activ helmets will do the job. Extremely visible thanks to reflective strips and offering great viewing all around the rider, they are a good middle ground between the town and the city. Off-road and hybrid helmets from Casco include:

  • Casco E.Motion helmets
  • Casco Activ 2 helmets
  • Casco MTBE 2 and MTBE helmets

Casco Helmets for Everyday Riding

Not all riders need next generation materials and flashy visors. Casco also provide a variety of solid helmets that will help you stay safe and look the part on urban commutes and rural rides. For instance, take a look at Casco Cuda helmet models. The Cuda 2 is super-light thanks to the Monocoque-Inmold-Plus-process, fits neatly and has exceptional ventilation. And if you’re buying for kids, don’t miss Casco’s Junior and Mini ranges. Protection starts as soon as you hit the saddle, so provide your children with everything they need. Options in the everyday category include:

  • Casco Junior and Mini helmets for kids
  • Casco Cuda helmets
  • Essential accessories like Casco cycling helmet cleaners and hard case helmet bags

Casco applies high level German engineering to the world of head protection, resulting in a diverse collection of helmets for mountain biking, racing, and day to day road travel. Expect comfort, style, and advanced materials, as well as an easy fit and durability that matches the best. Whether you choose Cuda, E.motion or Speedairo models, you’ll feel the difference as soon as you slip one of these helmets on. And you’ll be well protected wherever you ride. But Casco isn’t the end of the story. If you want a full range of cycling helmet options, check out the world’s biggest brands at BIKE24. Stay protected for less, and look great in the process.