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CITEC High Tech Wheels Without Compromise

The idea was born in Berlin in 1988: two competitive athletes wanted to reach the next level of aerodynamics - and developed carbon disc wheels for bicycles whose performance surpassed anything known to cycling to date. The company CITEC was born and word spread about how fast the discs were. To this day, CITEC develops and produces high-quality carbon and aluminum wheels for professionals and amateurs in Germany. Discover the products of CITEC and learn everything about the technology.

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Technological Features of CITEC Wheels - When Know-how Meets Passion

CITEC wheels are not just wheels; they are technological masterpieces. What distinguishes them from the beginning until today is the construction with prestressed carbon flanks. It simultaneously ensures the most important attributes in time trialing: Aerodynamics, lightness and pleasant riding dynamics.

More groundbreaking features of the CITEC wheels at a glance:

  • Power Block System: This system eliminates the movable connection between hub and spoke, which reduces the risk of spoke breakage.
  • Power Block Nipples: The goal and the principle are similar to the Power Block System: Th
  • Equal Tension System (ETS): The spoking system ensures symmetrical spoke tension and enables lighter hub and rim designs. For this purpose, CITEC uses twice as many spokes on the drive side of the rear wheel, which is subject to heavier loads, as on the other side.
  • Concave System: The Concave System is a rim design from CITEC, for which the company has developed a special shaping inside. The rim profile makes it possible to combine little material, little weight and yet high load capacity and maximum performance.
  • Hub Design: The multi-part hub design allows for more flexible manufacturing and a distinctive design.
  • Aluminum brake rims on carbon wheels: These ensure uniform, maximum braking deceleration.

By the way, CITEC not only attaches importance to maximum performance. Local production of the system wheels is also close to the company's heart. This is the only way the company can ensure quality at all times, guarantee optimal end-to-end service, score points in terms of sustainability and quickly bring new developments to the athlete. Today, CITEC is based in Brandenburg and produces locally - including its own aluminum and carbon rim production.

Disc or Rim Brake? CITEC Wheels for Every Need

Do you ride with disc or rim brakes? CITEC has an optimal solution for both. Because efficient braking is just as important for cyclists fast acceleration. Thus, the company produces a range of wheels specifically for rim brakes with conventional brake pads, which are equipped with aluminum brake flanks. But even if you swear by the more powerful disc brakes on the road bike, time trial bike or gravel bike, you will find in the lightweight CITEC wheels. Thanks to the missing brake flank design and surface of the composite rims could be made even more aerodynamic, which ensures minimal drag and maximum performance gain!

It also doesn't matter if you ride an aluminum bike, a triathlon bike, a track bike or a carbon bike - CITEC has a suitable system wheel for everyone who loves cycling.

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