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Scope Wheels - Hand Spoked Carbon Performance

Scope wheels are a Dutch team of engineers and designers, but above all passionate cyclists. Together they work on handmade performance wheels made of carbon. The constant development of carbon wheelsets is the central passion of the company from the Netherlands. The goal: the perfect balance between aerodynamics, lightness, stiffness and durability. Scope Cycling thinks anew, tests, and continuously optimizes the manufacturing process.

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Scope Wheels - Carbon Performance Wheels for Road, Gravelbike & MTB.

The secret of success of Scope wheels is the high quality. It's no wonder that cyclists from a wide range of disciplines rely on Scope wheels. Scope Cycling offers its hand spoked carbon wheels for different applications. These include wheels for use on road bikes, all-road or gravel bikes and mountain bikes.

Road Performance Wheels from Scope

The product range of Scope road wheels is the largest product category of the Dutch company. In total, there are six different carbon wheels to choose from.

The Scope Road Race R3, R4 and R5 models are designed to bring absolute performance to the road. And yet they differ in their characteristics and their areas of use. The Scope Road Race R3 model is the most aerodynamic wheel and weighs the least. It is optimized for use on mountain passes and alpine crossings. The Scope R4 wheel is the model with the best Eingenschaften in hilly terrain. It is light, stiff and sufficiently aerodynamic. Scope R5 wheels made of carbon is aimed at all road cyclists who are mainly on the flat terrain. In all road race wheels, the latest hub technology is used. Sapim CX-Ray / Sprint Aero spokes are installed.

The Scope Road Sport models S3, S4 and S5 are designed for the same applications as the Race models. The difference is that the Scope Sport wheels use the hub technology of the first generation Scope Cycling wheels. Sapim CX Leader Aero spokes provide stability. Scope Road Sport wheels are comparatively cheaper, but are not inferior to their big brothers in quality.  

All-Road & Gravel Performance Wheels from Scope

Scope All-Road wheels are designed for a wide variety of terrain. They combine stability, aerodynamics and stiffness in a way that every gravel biker can find his suitable wheel. From pure gravel biking to loose all-road rides over asphalt and forest trails, everything is possible. There are a total of three models to choose from. The Scope All-Road wheels R3.A, R4.A and R5.A are all identical in price, but differ in their features.

As with the road wheels, the range of use is also distinguished in the All-Road models. The Scope R5.A wheelset is best suited for flat terrain, whereas the R3.A model is designed for the mountains. With the Scope All-Road R4.A wheelset you are best between the flat and the mountains. The differences lie in the rim width, weight and aerodynamics.
Performance MTB Wheels from Scope

The XC track is your home and uncompromising performance is your claim? Then the Scope Off-Road R2.0 wheelset is your choice. It combines lightness, comfort, stability and high durability to a perfect wheel for any cross country track. The rim of the Scope Off-Road R2.0 wheelset is 23 mm wide and holds MTB tires with 2.1 to 2.6 inches (6.6 cm).

The Technology Behind the Scope Wheels

At Scope, all wheels are developed in-house. This is the only way to achieve the claim of a perfect balance between aerodynamics, weight, stiffness and durability.

To stay informed about the latest materials and technologies, Scope works with industry-leading companies and scientific development partners. Scope's partners include the Eindhoven and Delft Technical Universities and the companies Schwalbe and SKF.

One example of this collaboration is the Algorithm Enhanced Aerodynamics method. Using the Algorithm Enhanced Aerodynamics method, Scope determines the shape of the rims. This technology calculates the most aerodynamic rim profile to guarantee optimal aerodynamic performance of the rims.

Not only is shape critical for carbon rims, but so is strength and stiffness. Scope Carbon Lay-Up, the way the carbon is formed, features the use of the innovative and unique Local Reinforcement technology. It is thereby only the spoke hole is reinforced and not the complete rim. This guarantees excellent durability at low weight.

For the hubs, Scope places increased emphasis on durability. The Scope Race Series wheels are equipped with the Diamond Ratchet Engagement System. The system allows a more direct response of the hub and provides extreme durability. In addition, this Scope system significantly reduces the overall weight.

Finally, Scope worked with tire manufacturer Schwalbe to develop the Scope Tubeless System. A simple tire mounting, easy inflation and best pressure characteristics were the result.