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AQUASPHERE - Italian Swimming Goggles, Clothing & Wetsuits

AQUASPHERE are the epitome of high quality and technological swimming goggles, clothing, wetsuits and accessories. The Italian company was founded in 1998 by two engineers, P. Ferraro and G. Beltrani. Previously, inspired by their work in the diving industry, they spent two years experimenting, testing and creating prototypes. They then successfully presented their Seal swim mask. The Seal swim mask was a patented, curved lens with no vision distortion - a milestone.

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AQUASPHERE Swimming Goggles - Underwater Vision in Highest Perfection

Today, the two company founders are still burning for their passion - swimming goggles in highest perfection. Goal-oriented and innovative AQUASPHERE swimming goggles are designed to improve the experience of swimmers and take it to the next level. To meet this demand, AQUASPHERE relies on an in-house research and development station. Combined with manufacturing at on-site production facilities in Italy, the products excel in many areas. The innovative AQUASPHERE products combine high quality, reliability and comfort.

AQUASPHERE - the Italian Product Portfolio at a Glance

Was mit einer einzigen gebogenen Scheibe für Schwimmbrillen im Jahr 1998 begann, hat sich zu einem weltweit agierenden Unternehmen entwickelt. AQUASPHERE bietet heute folgende Produktkategorien an:

  • AQUASPHERE swimming goggles
  • AQUASPHERE Swimwear
  • AQUASPHERE Wetsuits
  • AQUASPHERE accessories (e.g. AQUASPHERE swim vest)

Extremely popular with swimmers are the AQUASPHERE swimming goggles. These are offered by the Italians in different shapes and designs. Differentiate the AQUASPHERE diving goggles in compact models, masks and classic swimming goggles. AQUASPHERE swimming goggles are for use in open water, fitness, triathlon, competition or learning to swim. Of course, children also get their money's worth. Swimming goggles are available at AQUASPHERE for children from three years.

AQUASPHERE Swimming Goggles - the Difference is in the Lens

AQUASPHERE offers its swimming goggles for different applications in different shapes. In addition, there is a distinction in the lenses. A distinction is made at AQUASPHERE between clear, photochromic, polarizing and titanium mirrored lenses. The right AQUASPHERE lens can improve the performance of the swimming goggles and provide important seconds in the competition.

AQUASPHERE Swimwear - the Italian Complement to the In-house Swim Goggles

In the development of the company, the two founders realized that not only AQUASPHERE swimming goggles provide good performance and clear vision under water. The subject of swimwear came up, so that today the company offers the following products:

  • AQUASPHERE swim caps
  • AQUASPHERE Ladies Swimsuits
  • AQUASPHERE Men Swim Trunks
  • AQUASPHERE Wetsuits / Wetsuits
  • AQUASPHERE accessories & training tools

Body-hugging cuts and high-quality materials ensure a comfortable feeling in the water. At the same time, they guarantee a consistent and functional performance that makes swimming easier and more effective.