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Specialized Bikes – Bicycle History Since 1974

Bikes create unique moments – Specialized Bikes helps you to experience them. With the Specialized road bike you break your own speed records and with the gravel bike you explore new paths On technical trails you can test your mountain bike skills. And sometimes you get to places where there are no more paths. And keep going. What are you waiting for? Get out there and ride your Specialized bike.

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I Am Specialized – The History behind the Global Bike Brand

When Mike Sinyard founded the Specialized brand in California in 1974, its success could not have been predicted. Today, Specialized is one of the largest, best-known and most influential bike brands in the world. Initially producing touring tires, Specialized brought out the first folding tire in 1978 with the Turbo. Specialized followed this with the first road bike, the Allez, and then the first touring bike, the Sequoia. In 1981 the Stumpjumper revolutionized the bicycle market. The first mass-produced mountain bike brought cyclists off the road and into rough terrain. 37 years later the model has become a real legend. Then as now, today it has the most up-to-date equipment and as a “Fully” has a regular place in the Specialized MTB line-up. When it came to carbon, Specialized Bikes did pioneering work: In 1989 the Specialized Epic was the first mountain bike with a carbon tube frame.

Since then Specialized has grown rapidly and has become a world-renown manufacturer of the most innovative and advanced bikes and bike accessories. Specialized offers road and mountain bike riders a wide range of high-end products: Specialized bikes and components such as handlebars, saddles, stems, cranks, right through to equipment such as bike helmets, cycling shoes and clothing. The gold standard for Specialized Bikes is the S-Works series. Only the most advanced materials, the most innovative technologies and most modern designs are used here. Specialized S Works products win pro races; not least by top athletes such as Peter Sagan. No matter whether professional, amateur or beginner, with Specialized everyone can enjoy sophisticated technology and outstanding quality. The wide range of different Specialized wheels means they can be applied in different areas. Depending on your taste, you can choose your Specialized bike from these categories, among others:

Specialized Bike Registration – Secure Your Lifetime Frame Guarantee on Your Dream Bike

Specialized stands behind its products and the quality of them. For this reason you can now secure a lifetime guarantee on the frame of your Specialized Turbo e-bike or your Specialized bicycle.

Register Your Specialized Turbo e-bike for a Lifetime Frame Guarantee

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Register Your Specialized Bike for a Lifetime Frame Guarantee

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King of the Road! With a Specialized Road Bike

Specialized road bikes have a long tradition. Over the years, the US manufacturer has been able to claim numerous titles in a wide variety of bike races. Team riders all over the world cause a stir with Specialized bikes and work closely with the development teams. Specialized remains at the cutting edge of technology. The brand delivers its riders what they need to be successful.

In 2018 Specialized technologically revolutionized its classic Endurance road bike. Thanks to Zertz inserts, the Specialized Roubaix has given its owner good cushioning properties since 2004. The new model is now equipped with the Future Shock System mounted over the head tube. This gives up to 20 mm of vertical flexibility, without sacrificing frame geometry and therefore forward movement and handling characteristics. It’s an absolute gain for performance-orientated road racers.

Another much-loved road bike model in the Specialized family is the Tarmac. The Specialized road bike is designed to be ridden fast – without compromise. With its aerodynamic properties it will help you to achieve your best times, whether uphill or downhill. The special Rider First frame offers the best possible riding properties, regardless of the frame size. The development goal for the Tarmac was to keep the weight below the UCI weight limit. With no compromise in terms of aerodynamics. This goal was achieved with special and advanced technologies and the road bike became one of the lightest and most aerodynamic bikes. 

With the Specialized Aethos the Americans are bridging the gap between the ultimate riding experience, low weight and a special style. Confidence-inspiring driving characteristics make the Aethos an ideal companion on every road bike tour. The balance between rigidity and a certain amount of flexibility provide you with a high level of comfort, so that long rides quickly become a habit. Specialized has thought of everything with this bike. 

All Specialized road bikes are available with different features and in different colours. 

Specialized Road BIkes

Explore Gravel Paths with a Specialized Gravel Bike

With a Specialized gravel bike you expand your options. It gives you the liveliness and speed of a road bike, and at the same time you benefit from the off-road quality of a mountain bike. A robust frame, wider tires and additional options for adding accessories, make Specialized gravel bikes flexible. Do you want to take a quick, after-work lap of the forest, or would you rather experience a multi-day tour? Both are possible and Specialized offers you the ideal foundation for this with the Diverge model.

The Specialized Diverge is your bike for boundless freedom. It combines speed, control and confidence and makes your ride over any terrain a real experience. The change from asphalt to gravel or forest trails has never been easier as the Diverge is a versatile companion. Switch everyday life off, switch adventure on — it’s never been easier to action this motto. With the Future Shock technology you benefit from cockpit cushioning, and can ride more comfortably for longer. The adjustable, hydraulic shock absorption makes it easier for you to retain control. The geometry of the bike has been redesigned from the ground up. Development started on a blank sheet of paper with the question of what a gravel biker needs in order to have maximum fun. Wide tires, new rear construction, the latest carbon fibre technologies and innovative details make this gravel bike one of the best on the market.

If you want something a little less comfortable but more sporty, a Specialized cross bike is just right for you. Are fast rides on gravel and trails part of your everyday life? And that little duel with your mates is not to be missed? Then you should take a look at the Specialized Crux. It’s basically a classic gravel bike. With a more modern geometry and the omission of some details, it focuses more on the cross area. The frame and components ensure an agile riding style, while comfortably absorbing shocks. You tire less quickly and can perform at your best for longer — whether on the cross track or during a ride in the forest.

Specialized Mountain Bikes: Performance-Orientated Bikes for Lots of Action

Specialized mountain bikes signify the innovative power of the brand. If you compare earlier MTB models with today’s bikes, a layman would become aware of the incredible development. The shape of the frame, the materials used, and the change in the geometry are just some of the features. Specialized is a trailblazer in mountain bike development and not least because of their professional team riders in all areas of MTB. Cooperation with the best of the best enables continuous development and adaptation to the needs of the mountain biker. This is important because the routes travelled have changed. What was ridden as a World Cup downhill race in 1999 is today at most just considered a gravel bike tour to be ridden after the race. This is matched by the extremely wide range of uses of a mountain bike. The Americans have recognized this and therefore offer Hardtails and Specialized “Fullys” from XC to Trail to Enduro and Dirt Jump.

Cross-country is a wide-ranging discipline. To some it means a relaxed tour through the forest. Others are going to the start of a UCI XC race and fighting against their opponents for absolute best times. The selection of models in the Specialized cross-country bikes range is just as broad. With the Specialized Hardtail Chisel you get a perfectly tuned racing machine that leaves nothing to be desired by a racer. The Epic model also comes in three different models: the “Fully” Epic, Epic Pro and the Epic Hardtail. The Specialized Epic Pro is often called the fastest XC bike in the world. Numerous podium finishes at international racing events confirm this image! The Specialized Rockhopper is the further development of a popular Specialized MTB classic. It is aimed at any rider who wants to have fun off-road without being tailored to a specific specialism. This is reflected in the price and offers beginners an attractive opportunity to get a taste for the sport of mountain biking.

If things get more aggressive, then Specialized trail bikes are the right choice. With them you are the king of the t

rails and can tackle small and large obstacles as well as lumps and bumps. There are no more stones standing in the way of your mountain bike ride and with the additional full suspension on the rear triangle you get additional riding comfort. The Specialized Enduro, Stumpjumper and Stumpjumper Evo models have been developed precisely to meet these requirements. They give you mountain bike performance at the highest level. Alpen trail, home trail or bike park — you’ll have more fun and get to the valley quicker than you’d like!

For daring riders there is the Specialized Demo, a genuine downhill MTB. The international downhill elite contest their races on the toughest routes in the world with this model. If you also want to be part of this, then the Demo in its different versions, each with 200 mm of spring travel, is just right for you.

For riders who love airtime there is the Specialized P. series. The P.3 model is a pure dirt bike from Specialized and designed for use in a dirt or skate park. 360° turn, tailwhip or barspin not foreign words to you? Then you should take a good look at this dirt bike.

Get Electrified – Turbo e-Bikes from Specialized

Specialized MTB – We love Riding

In 1974, the vision of the Specialized founders was to make every ride on a bike better than the last it is not surprising that the first Specialized e-bike in 2009 was a true e-mountain bike. The pace of e-bike development picked up rapidly from 2010. The bike workshop from California made a significant contribution to shaping this sector with the Specialized Turbo e-bikes. Today, Specialized offers e-bikes from a wide variety of areas. You can choose your dream bike from the following categories:

You’ll find the right Specialized e-bike for any lifestyle, any age and any level of fitness. Light, versatile, agile and equipped with a vast range — the Specialized Turbo Levo e-mountain bikes above all promise boundless trail-riding fun. Other classics of the Specialized e-MTB range are the models of the Specialized Turbo Kenevo series. They offer phenomenal riding performance and combine this with powerful support for long trips. The worlds of the bio-bike and the e-bike merge with a Specialized Turbo e-bike. The handling and the agility of an e-bike is similar to that of Specialized bicycles without an e-drive. So, if you’re looking for a performance mountain bike with powerful e-bike support, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for at Specialized.

Go with the Right Bike Right from the Start – Specialized Children’s Bikes

What use is the most beautiful bike for youngsters, if it doesn’t work properly? There are many heavy and rickety bikes for children, and the bike enthusiasts from California have put an end to them. The range of Specialized Kids Bikes is comprehensive: the Hotwalk model is the classic balance bike and offers toddlers under the age of 3 the perfect entry point to the two-wheel bike sector. It is followed by the Specialized Kids Bikes in 12, 16 and 20 inches from the Riprock Coaster series. And finally adding the latest kids mountain bike Jett for children between four and 12 years old. For all kids who want to let it rip a bit, the Riprock in 20 or 24 inches is an option. These are genuine mountain bikes that make the first trail experience effortless. They are suitable for kids from six to 12.

Would you like a bit more? Specialized Clothing, Shoes and Equipment

The Body Geometry System which is used in Specialized gloves, handlebar grips, saddles and of course Specialized cycling shoes, stands out among accessories from the Californian brand. Everything that carries the Body Geometry label has been scientifically tested and ergonomically designed – for maximum efficiency and reduced risk of injury.