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sailfish – Wetsuits, Swimskins, Trisuits and Accessories – #madetomakeyoufaster

The sailfish brand was created in 2007 by the IRONMAN Hawaii swim-course record holder Jan Sibbersen and stands for high end swimming and triathlon equipment. Designed in Pfungstadt, Germany, their award-winning neoprene suits are now sold in more than 25 countries worldwide. Great flexibility and outstanding gilding properties define every tri and wetsuit and help you be the first out of water.

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sailfish – Neoprenanzüge, Swimskins, Trisuits und Accessoires – made to make you faster

Professional Triathlon, SwimRun, Open Water & Swimming Equipment made from Experience

Former German national team swimmer Jan Sibbersen had at least two successful second careers. The first one as a professional triathlete. And the second one as the founder of sailfish. Regularly „first out of water“, he made a name for himself with a world best IRONMAN swimming time of 42:17 minutes in Frankfurt and by breaking the 23-year-old course record for the swim stage at the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, with a time of 46:29 minutes. A performance, made even more impressive by the fact that he was 43 years old at the time, which was of course achieved wearing a trisuit from sailfish.

The brand he had created more than 10 years earlier. The same focus and perseverance that made him one of the world‘s fastest swimmers in triathlon, also lead to sailfish becoming one of the most decorated and popular companies in the field.

Readers of Europe‘s largest triathlon magazine have time and again been convinced by the quality of the sailfish wetsuits, like the G-Range or the One, and have voted them „Neoprene Suit of the Year“ multiple times in the last decade. Worn by World Cup Winners and Olympians, every sailfish product is designed in Pfungstadt, Germany and made to make you faster.

Technologies & Materials for Top Speeds

Just like the sailfish, with its characteristic dorsal fin, which is also commonly called a sail, the swimwear and wetsuits made by sailfish love cold waters and high speeds. Besides keeping you warm and fast, the entire range of wetsuits benefits from innovative materials and technologies, which help you to keep fatigue at bay and enable an unbeatable range of motion and flexibility. Starting with the beginner-friendly Vibrant, the popular and freshly updated One and Attack and the award-winning G-Range, all the way to the ultimate Ultimate IPS wetsuit, every element, every detail, has a specific benefit, with a specific goal in mind.

Recently developed technologies, like the Zero Resistance Panel, let you glide through the water in full stretch without feeling restricted. V-shaped V-Power Panels reduce resistance in the water and even increase power during the pulling of the arm. And for a perfect transfer of power and water feel into speed the Waffle Grid Panels optimises the pressure build-up in the pull phase with its diamond-shaped elements. To minimize frictional resistance as much as possible the Nano Space Cell 2 water-repellent coating is another important piece in the speed puzzle.

A further crucial factor is your stability and buoyancy. One interacts with or constrains the other. Consequently, the material used in the wetsuits from sailfish guarantees a optimal combination of both. Whether it is the robust Longlife Cell, the dependable and agile SCS #39 neoprene, which achieves an elasticity of up to 520%, or the unique Nano Aero Dome, with its three layers with enclosed air cells in a honeycomb structure, you will be swimming high and streamlined in the water.

Additional Stability and Stability Aero Panels reduce hip sway and roll movements, with firmer material at the lateral hip. And the low water absorbing Avevia Super Dry even ensures fast changeovers after you are the first out of water.