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Polar - Precise GPS Multisport Watches, Bike Computers & Heart Rate Sensors for Athletes and Adventurers

Find the perfect balance between effort and recovery. Train smarter and more efficiently. Listen to your body. Polar helps you listening. The Finnish-based company uses uniquely precise data acquisition methods, the latest sports science findings and first-class heart rate sensors to make multi-sport watches like the Vantage and Ignite or cycling computers like the M460 and V650 perfect training and everyday companions. » Read more

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Data you can rely on

It was during a ski tour in 1975 that the idea was born to develop the world's first portable, wireless heart rate monitors. Only four years later, the Finnish company Polar, based near Oulu, applied for its first patent. Today, Polar is known for its accurate heart rate measurement and offers reliable data for the evaluation of your training via heart rate sensors and wrist heart rate measurement. First-class connectivity options, integrated GPS tracking and a variety of tailor-made functions make their multi-sport watches and cycling computers indispensable on your way to better performance and health. 

Polar GPS Multi Sport Watches - Vantage V, Vantage M and Ignite

Designed by professionals for professionals, the rugged, water-resistant Vantage V GPS watch is ideal for triathlon and marathon training. Its outstanding battery life means you can enjoy a long adventure in the mountains or in the lake. In addition to the innovative and precise wrist heart rate measurement, the professional multi-sport watch also helps you to optimize your training and recovery. It analyses extensive data - such as your training load, the calories burned, the restfulness of your sleep or your maximum oxygen saturation - and calculates your physical load, the optimal length of the recovery phases and optionally creates a personal training plan that is perfectly adapted to your needs. 

Light, slim, and with a stylish interchangeable wristband, the modern all-around GPS multisport watch Vantage M is the ideal companion for all those who want to be active every day and are looking for variety. More than 130 sport profiles and heart rate monitoring with the new Precision Prime™ sensor fusion technology ensure motivation and smart tracking. 

You want to get even fitter? Then the Ignite is your new best friend. The waterproof fitness watch provides you with the usual precise heart rate measurement on your wrist, GPS, pedometer or sleep phase monitoring, as well as individual, adaptive FitSpark™ training instructions. 

Award Winning Bike Computers - Polar V650 and M460

If you want to see and analyze every detail, the V650 GPS bike computer is the right choice. The crisp, clear colour touch screen lets you follow any route with ease. And with OpenStreetMap (OSM) support, you'll always have the right map data with you. The winner of the Red Dot Design Award is a professional tool that cyclists will never want to do without again, especially in combination with the many sensors (such as the H10, OH1 or CS). Heart rate, cadence, power, training stress or even intensity: The Polar V650 gives you everything you need to optimize your performance. 

Training smart is not only for pros. The Polar M460 GPS bike computer provides you with extensive coaching tips and analysis tools in a compact format and with a long battery life of up to 16 training hours. Furthermore, it is compatible with most power meters and always provides you with reliable information about your fitness level. 

Precise Sensors for Heart and Legs - H10, OH1 and CS

It can’t get more accurate than this. The Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor is the most precise heart rate sensor in Polar's history. It can be connected to numerous ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible fitness devices, sports watches or bike computers and allows multiple simultaneous connections. The soft Polar Pro Chest Strap has been equipped with new silicone dots and a new closure for even greater wearing comfort. 

Small, practical and versatile: The optical heart rate sensor OH1 measures your heart rate comfortably on land and in water. You can wear the inconspicuous bracelet on your arm or even attach it to your swimming goggles with a clip. Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity included. 

Improve your technique and keep your speed and cadence perfectly in view with the lightweight Polar CS speed and cadence sensors. Train smarter!