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Polar – Athletes all around the world rely on polar to optimize their performance

Listening to your body is one thing, understanding what it is telling you is an altogether different story. The Polar heart rate monitors and GPS sports watches help you to get under the skin of your training. » Read more

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Data you can count on

On a ski tour in 1975, the idea of developing the world's first portable, wireless heart rate monitors was born. Only four years later, the Finnish company Polar based near Oulu applied for its first patent. Today, Polar offers the most comprehensive range of sports watches with heart rate measurement, fitness trackers, GPS running watches, bike computers and matching accessories.
The wide range of products extends from basic models that help motivate and support beginners and regular exercisers to complete training systems for professional athletes. Everything improving an athlete’s sports performance to helping people enjoy a healthier lifestyle, and aiding rehabilitation and weight management - every athlete will find the right product for him or her at Polar Pro, Fitness and Lifestyle

Polar Vantage GPS multisport watches - Discover the winner within you

The new professional and all-round GPS sports watches Polar Vantage V and Polar Vantage M help you reach the full potential of every sport. They provide all the data you need so that you can focus on what’s important: your training.

Vantage V was developed by pro athletes for anyone who trains like a pro. The sturdy, waterproof multisport watch with GPS is ideal for triathlon or marathon training. The data is measured accurately and easily on the wrist, no additional sensors needed. In addition to increasing performance, the watch also assists in maintaining a balance between training load and physical recovery.

Vantage M is a true all-rounder. The collected data of the multisport watch with GPS motivates you to challenge yourself and achieve new goals. Individual settings can be made for more than 130 sports. The measurement also takes place on the wrist.

Environment and social responsibility

In the development of new products and innovations, Polar‘s expertise in sports, physiology and electronics is incorporated just as much as the real needs of athletes. Apart from the best requirements for the products, Polar pays attention to its social responsibility and the effects on our environment. A large part of the gear is manufactured in the company's own production sites. The most important suppliers are, among other things, selected for their proximity to the Polar headquarters in order to keep transport distances as short as possible. A further component of product development and fabrication is the use of materials from approved recycling companies. For the 1200 employees, Polar demands worldwide high ethical workplace standards whose principles of social responsibility are regularly reviewed.