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As one of the leading bicycle shops in Europe, we offer a huge selection of complete bikes, with a portfolio of over 800 brands, in order to satisfy every bicycle wish and fulfill dreams: from high-end road bikes to mountain bikes of all kinds, from gravel bikes, fitness bikes, e-bikes or city bikes. Also when it comes to the bike equipment and the right gear, every cycling fan and recreational cyclist will find what he is looking for online at BIKE24 in the extensive parts and accessories categories. Read more

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Thanks to our superior variety of products you can complement your bike equipment perfectly with products for running, outdoor, triathlon and fitness.

Many items are available in stock immediately and will be delivered within a very short time. If a cycling equipment or any other article is not available directly, we reorder it in the shortest possible time as we work closely together with our suppliers. The available products will be shipped directly to you and we will keep you informed about the reordered products in regular status notifications.

Complete Bikes

The BIKE24 claim: Offering our customers the widest possible choice in the BIKE24 bike shop. 

Our bike selection includes high-quality models from renowned manufacturers as well as top road racing machines from the pros. As your bike is the most important part of your cycling equipment set it has a particularly high priority in terms of pre-assembly and shipping. Our very well-trained mechanics take care of the best possible preparation so that you can ride your new gem on or off road in the shortest time possible.

The more choices you have, the harder it is to choose! To make sure you find the right bike equipment for your needs, our friendly customer service staff will be happy to help you.

Bikes for Every Purpose in our Online Bike Store

Bike Equipment: Express Your Lifestyle

A fast cyclist and his bike have to look always fast. For your individual requirements and in addition to a growing selection of bikes, BIKE24 also offers suitable bike equipment of the following categories:

Road Bike, Gravel Bike and Triathlon Equipment – The Drop-Bar Section

All types of road bikes and the appropriate bike equipment should be designed primarily for reasons of speed and low weight. Tuning is almost always possible with bicycle equipment. From great entry-level bike equipment such as the right road bike shoes, shorts with a seat pad and a tight-fitting jersey, to professional equipment like an electric derailleur groupset and deep-profile full carbon wheels.

As a passionate partner of important events and competitions BIKE24 also knows what ambitious triathletes need when they are fighting for seconds. Put together your own personal triathlon bike equipment or buy a state-of-the-art triathlon and time trial machine.

A trend that comes from overseas, which is also becoming increasingly popular in Europe, is formed by allroad and gravel bikes. Your journey begins in the BIKE24 bicycle shop where you select the right bike and cycling equipment which you need to explore the gravel roads and trails on your next bikepacking adventure.

Mountain and Trekking Bike Equipment – Gear You Need for Your Offroad Adventures and Tours

Most people who are interested in cycling probably think of a classic MTB as a bike with wide studded tires, a wide handlebar and suspension fork, which, is ideal for all off-road rides, thanks to its sporty design.

Meanwhile there are numerous subcategories of bicycle equipment for MTBs – cross country, trail, all-mountain, enduro and downhill bikes are only a general classification. The required bike equipment, add-on parts and accessories can be derived from the range of use of a mountain bike. The following factors are important when selecting your cycling equipment and the right mountain bike:

  • Frame Geometry: sporty for competitions or comfortable for touring
  • Chassis: full suspension with rear shock and front suspension fork or hardtail with suspension fork only
  • Wheel Size and Material: 27.5 inch, 29 inch or classic 26 inch, very light carbon or aluminium
  • Tires: knobby for gravity, low tread for high speed on XC tracks or plus tires for discovery tours with more comfort
  • Weight and Durability: lightweight construction with maximum use of carbon and machined parts or durable for everyday use
  • Comfort and ergonomics: saddle with optimum fit and innovative design, ergonomically optimized handlebars, stems and grips

In addition, the equipment for trekking bikes is mostly exposed to high stress due to everyday use and must work carefree in daily commuter traffic as well as on long tours. For this purpose you will find the necessary equipment in the BIKE24 cycle shop, such as cassettes, chains as well as brake pads or accessories such as fenders and lighting to ensure your and your family's safety.

You want to shop E-Bike Equipment? Right This Way!

The demand for bicycles with motor assistance is increasing. It is being used not only as a relaxed and fast means of individual transport in large cities, but also for training and to stay fit.

While previously E-MTBs (E-Mountain Bikes) were  available primarily for sports use, more and more manufacturers are now offering road bikes with electric motor support.

In stressful everyday life there is usually little scope left for recreational activities apart from work and family. But don't worry, with proper e-bike equipment you can "experience" new paths and ride many kilometers with a minimum expenditure of time.

To ensure that your e-bike is always ready for action, the BIKE24 bike store offers numerous spare parts, care products, replacement batteries and approved e-bike equipment.

Furthermore, special accessories like battery protection covers, specific pannier racks or e-bike backpacks for the transport of a spare battery are part of a comprehensive cycling equipment.

Lots of Action and a Little “Bling-Bling Feeling” – Parts for BMX

All those who still love to fly over the dirts on 20 inches, grind rails or do a few flips in the halfpipe, definitely need to check out our bicycle equipment for BMX.

Bike Supplies – Equipment That Makes Your Bike Even Better

The diversity of cycling is also reflected in the range of matching accessories and gadgets. This category includes bicycle accessories that help to ensure safety, such as lighting, reflective elements or bicycle locks that are particularly important for everyday use. Furthermore you will find in this section protective equipment for bicycles, i.e. helmets, glasses and body armor.

For many people it is hard to imagine everyday life without their smartphone. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that electronic devices for navigation (GPS) and training monitoring (heart rate monitors, sports watches, bicycle computers) as well as action cams to record what you have experienced. Add valuable functions to your cycling equipment.

Do you  think sometimes: "I always wanted to go there and explore the surroundings by bike."  But suddenly you are facing the question: “Where to store my bike equipment”? For comfortable storage and transport of your bike you will find a wide range of bags and travel cases.

Whether you are an everyday and leisure cyclist or a professional athlete – while browsing the BIKE24 cycle shop you will find practical accessories that you probably didn't even know existed. When looking for fancy bike equipment gifts the accessory section is always worth a look.

Tools and Care Products for the Maintenance of Your Bike

The right tools and suitable care products for bicycles are not only essential in the BIKE24 bike store. If you want to do the maintenance yourself you should supplement your bicycle equipment with high-quality tools and maintenance materials such as cleaning agents and lubricants.

If you must do a quick repair instead, pocket tools for the ride, also known as mini- or multitools and a repair kit are essential. Always ready for use in your cycling backpack or jersey pocket, these useful gadgets complete your cycling equipment on every tour and on every training ride.

Bike Wear: Lifestyle meets Functionality

Passionate cyclists express their enthusiasm and lifestyle with stylish bike apparel usually provide valuable features too. Whether it's a cool jersey with a fancy pattern, the little black bib shorts or the super insulated winter jacket that lets you breathe easy even in freezing cold – in our bike shop you will always find new collections with functional and trendy products. 

With regards to cycling there is no wrong weather, just the wrong clothing. 

You will find suitable outfits and shoes for the whole season at BIKE24. Take your time to look around, because even small accessories like bike caps, multifunctional clothes, shoe covers and cycling gloves often make a big difference in comfort and style.

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