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Cycling is healthy, reduces everyday stress instantly and is also a really eco-friendly and modern way of getting around in the city, in the countryside and off-road. And the BIKE24 online shop has the right bike for you. Our range covers bikes from big-name manufacturers for many different requirements. From children’s bikes and city bikes to high-end bikes, you can buy the bike that suits you here, hassle-free. And the wide choice of women’s and men’s bikes means that dreams of an individual or unusual bike can also come true. Read more

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Buying a bike online – can it really work?

Maybe you find the idea of buying your bike online rather odd – after all, the size and feel of the ride need to be right. No problem: you can easily work out the right bike frame size yourself with the help of our guide, ensuring your bicycle fits perfectly. After you order placed, we do most of the assembling for you, also doing several test rides if required until everything’s right. Once your bicycle has been tested thoroughly, we deliver it quickly and securely to your door. All our preparation makes any bike assembly at home really easy. Just a few quick finishing steps that you can do yourself.

Buying women’s and men’s bikes for all needs and applications

Whether you do your shopping with a trekking or city bike, train with you sports bike or explore amazing trails with your mountain bike, cycling keeps you fit in both mind and body: you can look forward to everyday relaxation, stress relief and activity. So, buying a bicycle is an investment in your health – not least because you won’t have to put up with traffic jams or parking problems anymore.

It’s also a good idea for nature lovers and environmentally aware people to buy a bike. No other modern means of transport brings climate protection and practical benefits together so effectively. Exploring forest and gravel tracks on a hybrid bike or trekking bike is also a wonderful way to experience nature by bike.

Competitive training on a road bike or challenging across country cycling on a cyclocross bike or gravel bike also offer new adventures, sometimes even taking you to your limits.

With a multitude of cool high-quality children‘s bikes for boys and girls, BIKE24 is also the ideal starting point for young, budding cyclists.

And of course the BIKE24 online shop also offers suitable accessories – best ordered when you buy your bike.

How do I find a suitable bike online?

Women’s bike, men’s bike, city bike or electric bike? Our filter makes it easy to find the right model. The most important thing is that your bike has the right frame size.

And the intended use is a major factor, as frame geometry, sitting position and equipment need to be geared to this. For example…

  • ...women’s bikes often have a frame with a lower top tube for an easy step-over, whereas men’s bikes come with a diamond frame – but personal preference comes first.
  • … a city bike allows a more upright sitting position with less strain on the arms, but a road bike is designed for optimum performance.
  • … mountain bikes come with suspension forks and knobby tires for coping with adventurous touring, while a lightweight bicycle with lights and pannier rack is more sensible for everyday use.

Before you buy your bike, think about how often you will ride it and for how long. In any case, BIKE24 has just the right bicycle for your needs.

If that’s still not enough, BIKE24 also gives you the option of buying a custom made bicycle. Based on the frame model supplied, we can build a bike precisely to your specifications. Our customer service team will help you do this.