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Compression Clothing - More Stability and Better Regeneration

You want to be able to compete harder or just feel better during activities? Irrespective of your individual goals, compression wear ensures more power, stability and a better recovery. The benefits of this next to skin apparel are evident. The venous return is amplified under the musculus pressure from the outside and the supply with oxygen and nutrients increases, which speeds up the recovery. When using compression wear the perceived exertion decreases and the perception of well-being is boosted. And those who feel stronger during high exertion usually end up faring better! Read more

Medical compression socks have long been established as a therapeutic measure for venous diseases and for the prevention of thrombosis. External pressure on the body tissue relieves the venous and lymphatic system. For some time now, socks, shirts, tights, trousers and underwear with a compressive effect have also been increasingly used in sports. Clothing and accessories with compression are not only popular for long-distance races and triathlons. In addition to running sports, compression clothing is also appreciated for other endurance sports activities such as mountain sports, fitness training or biking.

Compression Wear - Well-Being During and After Exertion

The special textile properties of compression socks, but also compression shirts and compression pants are characterised by limited elasticity, which increases the pressure on the blood vessels. This is supposed to lead to an increased blood flow velocity and thus to a faster return transport of oxygen-depleted blood to the heart as well as an improved removal of "waste materials". 
In addition, wearing compression garments can help to support the muscles from the outside. This not only reduces muscle vibration and micro injuries, but also makes movements more stable. The fatigue of muscles, tendons and ligaments is slowed down and injuries can be prevented.

A positive effect on the increase in performance by wearing compression apparel during sports has not been scientifically proven beyond doubt, but reports of endurance athletes on positive subjective effects of compression clothing, such as improved well-being through increased muscle base tension and improved economy, are increasing.

The positive effects of compression clothing on recovery are best proven. Worn after exercise, the faster removal of tissue fluid can reduce muscle soreness and shorten the recovery time of the musculature.

What Clothes and Accessories Are Available?

In addition to the widely used compression stockings, there are also sleeves (i. e. arm and leg warmers), which have the advantage that they can be put on and taken off quickly during competitions. Furthermore, shirts with short or long sleeves as well as pants, tights or shorts with a compression function are no longer a rarity. So you will find the ideal compression clothing for every weather and temperature!