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Norrøna – Welcome to Nature

Norrøna is a Norwegian outdoor company that is constantly pushing the boundaries of functional product design to offer quality equipment for every adventure. Whether on expeditions, mountaineering, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking or trekking. Norrøna's vision is to bring more people into nature. With the best products and sustainability as an indispensable basis along the entire value chain. » Read more

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Norrøna was born in the land of fjords, glaciers and forests and combines the adventure of the Norwegian wilderness. Now in its fourth generation, Norrøna was founded in 1929. The young craftsman Jørgen Jørgensen recognised that Norwegians have a constant longing to be out in nature. To do this, he developed products that make no compromises. He laid the foundation for what Norrøna is today: a leading international supplier of premium outdoor equipment.

The Norrøna collections

Norrøna's collection is structured according to concepts that are named after regions in Norway and assigned to specific activities.
lofoten - Big Mountain Freeride
Uncompromisingly tailored to the needs of big mountain freeriders who need protection from the most demanding conditions. Purely technical, highly durable and practical, lofoten's functional design is second to none.
lyngen - Ski tours
Climb alpine steep slopes with easy ease, descend from the summit again at high speed. The innovative lyngen concept offers protection for aerobic climbing and skiing time and has been specially developed for alpine tourists. Functionality, breathability, weight and flexibility are the main features.
falketind - At any time of year, in any weather
Whether on the long route, when climbing or climbing, the falketind products are suitable for all challenges of nature in any weather throughout the year.
trollveggen - clothing for the mountain
Norrøna's legendary trollveggen collection is a true legend in the world of mountaineering. Extremely robust and durable products that maximise mobility in steep and difficult terrain. Innovative safety details make trollveggen the most powerful alpine clothing available today.
bitihorn - easy trekking
From the vibrant urban scene to muddy forest trails to airy peaks, Norrøna's bitihorn collection adapts perfectly to your activities. These technical, packable and super-light products offer full features when it comes to extremely light, breathable yet protective clothing.
fjørå - Singletrack mountain bikes
With the fjørå collection, Norrøna puts an end to seasonal cycling. The collection offers a year-round product line consisting of warmer and insulating parts combined with improved classics. So you are equipped for technical challenges in rough terrain, regardless of weather conditions.