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Norrøna - High Quality Outdoor Clothing & Equipment from Norway

Norrøna is a Norwegian outdoor company that is constantly pushing the boundaries of functional product design to offer quality equipment for every adventure. Whether on expeditions, mountaineering, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking or trekking. Norrøna's vision is to bring more people into nature. With the best products and sustainability as an indispensable basis along the entire value chain.

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Norrøna - Premium Outdoor Clothing since 1929

Norrøna was born in the land of fjords, glaciers and forests and carries the DNA of the Norwegian wilderness. Now in the hands of the fourth generation of one family, Norrøna was founded in 1929. The young craftsman Jørgen Jørgensen laid the foundation for what Norrøna is today: a leading and international supplier of equipment and clothing for cycling adventurers and mountain and outdoor enthusiasts.

Norrøna's collection is structured according to concepts named after regions in Norway and assigned to specific activities.

By Bike From the Summit to the Valley - Norrøna fjørå & skibotn

With the fjørå collection, Norrøna puts an end to seasonal cycling. The bike clothing line, consisting of mountain-tested classics as well as warmer and insulating clothes, is ideal for challenging trails. Norrøna has designed skibotn apparel for fast descents and extremely rough terrain. The mature trousers, shorts, jackets, socks, bras and shirts really do keep moving with you.

Norrøna - High quality outdoor clothing and equipment

Mountain, Outdoor & Lifestyle Essentials - Norrøna falketind, trollveggen, bitihorn, svalbard, baselayer & /29

If you want to be prepared for as many conceivable weather conditions as possible in every season, then the light and functional products of the Norrøna falketind line are just the thing for you. And when the rain gets heavier, the snow deeper, the wind stronger or the mountain steeper, the legendary Norrøna trollveggen series is an extremely reliable companion.

The timeless svalbard collection combines mountain adventure with an active urban lifestyle. So that you always look and feel well equipped. And for the indispensable essentials: baselayer and /29. Without the right underwear and baselayer, even the best jacket won't help. Norrøna designs uncompromising outdoor clothing and equipment.

Ski Touring & Freeriding with Protection & Design - Norrøna lofoten, tamok, røldal & lyngen

The freeride apparel and equipment of the Norrøna lofoten collection puts functionality and resilience above everything else. For the big mountains. With ski through the woods, in a discreet military look and highest protection, this is what the tamok line stands for. Alpine tourists and ski tourers are guaranteed to get their money's worth with the innovative lyngen concept. And for those who want to escape the everyday stress of the city and take a short break in the mountains, the røldal collection provides reliable protection in the mountains and a clean look for the city.

Ski Touring & Freeriding with Protection & Design -  Norrøna lofoten, tamok, røldal & lyngen

Environmental Protection is a Neccessity

Better equipment also means welcoming more people to nature. Norrøna is committed to responsible sustainability so that nature does not suffer too much and is preserved for future generations. In addition to well-known certifications such as the Responsible Down & Wool Standards, the Norwegian family business also donates 1% of its total turnover to environmental initiatives.