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Triathlon Equipment & Gear for Training and Competition

Triathlon has been one of the fastest growing sports in the last decades, so that the selection of high-quality equipment is now also very extensive. Triathletes therefore need sports-specific equipment in training as well as in competition. Here you can find the right triathlon clothing and all the accessories you might need in the water, on the bike, during running and in a race. So nothing keeps you from finishing your first or next short, medium or long distance triathlon. Read more

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Triathlon - The Right Equipment for All Disciplines

The idea of combining swimming, cycling and running, originally in a different order, in one sport was born in the early 1970s at the San Diego Track Club. The new sport quickly gained popularity and was first held at the Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000. The length of the triathlon depends on the discipline: 

  • the Olympic distance consists of 1.5 km swimming, 40 km cycling and 10 km running
  • the sprint distance, which is often used as a beginner triathlon, usually includes about 500 m swimming, 20 km cycling and 5 km running
  • in the long distance or Ironman, for very ambitious and enduring triathletes, 3.8 km must be swum, 180 km ridden and 42.195 km (marathon) run 
  • the middle distance or half Ironman (70.3) is about half of the long distance

Since swimming is mostly done in open water and the individual disciplines are directly connected with each other, and since every second counts when changing from swimming to cycling and cycling to running, there is a lot of special clothing, equipment & accessories like triathlon suits, triathlon shoes, aerodynamic handlebars or drinking systems.

Training, Olympic Distance or Ironman - Apparel & Accessories for the Water

For practicality reasons, most of the swimming training takes place in the pool hall, even though the actual race will be in open water, so specific training and equipment that works for both environments is even more important. 

Swimming goggles for triathletes are usually curved and equipped with UV protection and thus offer a 180 degree field of vision, so that you can see everything even in stressful situations in the field.

Because triathletes often have a lot of room for improvement in swimming and already train in 2 disciplines, which are very leg-heavy, many special accessories and training aids such as kickboards, pullbuoys, fins, hand paddles or even cords for dry training are used to train their upper body better and improve their swimming technique.

You should never go unprepared into your first competition with open water swimming and therefore you should first complete a few units in the lake, river or sea with the appropriate equipment. Appropriate cold protection accessories made of neoprene (shoes, gloves, buoyancy shorts, socks) make this much more comfortable, while warming caps & hats (swim caps, neoprene hoods, neoprene headbands or thermal baclavas) and shirts & tops (neoprene baselayers, neoprene vests) keep you at full throttle even in cold temperatures.

Cycling - Equipment for Beginners & Experts

The right triathlon shoes are a crucial component for effective cycling as well as fast times in the transition zone. Triathlon shoes provide practical entry and exit aids, quick release fasteners and stiff, lightweight sole constructions for time savings and best performances.

Triathlon bikes differ in some aspects from the usual road bikes and are more like time trial bikes, with aerodynamic adjustments through special components. Especially for longer distances, it is important to be able to maintain the optimal streamlined position as comfortably as possible.

To help you achieve an optimal position there are:

  • special aero bottles & bottle cages made of carbon
  • Time trial handlebars or Aero triathlon handlebars and matching handlebar attachments and armrests
  • compatible brake and shift levers for triathlon handlebars
  • specifically tailored and streamlined triathlon saddles
  • special drinking systems for cockpit, frame or saddle, for liquid and energy supply during the ride 

Lightweight, quick-drying and aerodynamic jerseys and speed race jerseys will provide additonal support to reach your best times as comfortably as possible. 

The Right Triathlon Equipment for Runners

Triathlon shoes created for the running section are designed in a similar way to cycling shoes, so that they are light and breathable, but above all easy to put on. In order to prevent premature muscle fatigue during training sessions or over long distances, we recommend sports wraps and supports with compression (calf sleeves, arm warmers, etc.). And to protect yourself against annoying or even damaging sunlight and also as a sweat catcher it is worthwhile to have a foldable cap, a triathlon visor or a sun cap with you when running.

Wetsuits & Other Useful Things for Competitions

The central piece of clothing in competition is the triathlon suit in all possible forms and variations. Complete swimsuits & wetsuits keep you warm and give you buoyancy, but may often only be worn at certain water temperatures. One-piece suits or trisuits, racing suits or two-piece suits consisting of separate tri shorts and triathlon tops, shirts, singlets or triathlon bras are recommended as the sole item of clothing on warmer days. Regardless of the temperature, they are designed to accompany you throughout the entire race. They are light, breathable, quick drying and equipped with seat pads or pockets to help you reach the finish line with as much energy as possible. 

In training as well as in competition, it is also possible to use GPS multisport watches, which have their own sport profiles for swimming, cycling and running, are suitable for open water swimming and can measure speed, distance and possibly your pulse, or even record different sports in one activity. Additional useful accessories such as transition bags and race number holders will let you start the competition even more relaxed.

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Our online shop allows you to put together your perfect traithlon outfit step by step: When jumping into cool water, a wetsuit is a must. If the water already got enough sun, a trisuit or racesuit will do. Don't forget to take off your goggles and swimming cap before putting on your helmet. Hop onto the saddle, put on your quick-release cycling shoes and get into the aero position. Now you should drink diligently, before it’s time to step on the run course. Whether you're wearing triathlon shoes or running shoes with elastic speed laces, every second counts! The GPS multisport watch on your wrist will help you to the finish line.