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Mammut Eiger Extreme - Mountain Sports Wear and Equipment for Professional Outdoor Athletes

The Mammut Eiger Extreme collection, named by the legendary mountain and its north face, includes mountaineering clothing and equipment such as highly functional jackets, pants, hiking boots, backpacks, but also climbing harnesses and climbing helmets. Their intended use: radical and extreme conditions, such as those found only in high alpine terrain, on the north faces of the world, on expeditions and ski mountaineering tours. Here you will find uncompromising high performance clothing for adventures in the limit zone.

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Eiger Extreme - Radical and Highly Functional Mountain Sports Wear for Extreme Athletes

The Eiger - myth, legend, but above all a mountain of extremes. Its more than 1800 m high north face, the wall of walls, was long known as "the last problem of the Alps" and was disreputable as not climbable. Not until 1938 could it be conquered, after numerous rope teams and mountaineers had fallen victim to it in several previous attempts. Even today, the Eiger and especially the Eiger North Face is one of the greatest and most dangerous challenges in mountaineering.

The imposing peak is not without reason the godfather of Mammut's high-performance collection for extreme alpinists and extreme scenarios: Eiger Extreme.

On expeditions, ski tours in high alpine terrain or ice climbing, high-performance mountain sports clothing that you can rely on 100% is indispensable. Ever since the first generation was presented in 1995, the Eiger Extreme collection with its striking orange-blue design has guaranteed the highest functionality, quality and, last but not least, minimum weight. 

Generation after generation, the Eiger Extreme series has succeeded in setting standards and consistently advancing the progress of textile technology. In 2006, Mammut was already able to significantly optimize the second generation in terms of weight, comfort and freedom of movement. In 2011, the third generation was the first to come up with its own models for women and high-performance optimized backpacks and shoes. In 2017, the fourth generation was further improved in freedom of movement by taking into account the special moves involved in climbing during the design phase. 

Three years later, in 2020, Mammut is now trumping the field with the new and fifth generation of Eiger Extreme, and relies on innovative textile technologies such as the new GORE-TEX® Pro. Specially designed for professional outdoor athletes and thus for extreme challenges and stresses, it offers you maximum protection and extreme robustness and durability. In addition to outstanding abrasion resistance even in rocky terrain, GORE-TEX® Pro offers unrivaled values in wind and waterproofness as well as breathability.

Mammut Eiger Extreme - Mountain Sports Wear and Equipment for Professional Outdoor Athletes

Hardshell, Softshell, Isolation, Midlayer & Baselayer for Unprecedented Performance in High Alpine Terrain

High mountain terrain demands everything from you. Not only every step or grip must be right, but also the clothing. Your full concentration is on the wall, the ice field in front of you. There are hardly any scenarios where you can do without badly fitting or not 100% functional jackets, pants or shoes. With Mammut Eiger Extreme you don't have to worry about your clothing anymore. Here you get highly specific and highly functional outdoor clothing that makes the summit a tangible reality. For men and women, of course. The lines of the Eiger Extreme collection are also specific:

  • Eiger Extreme Nordwand. Hardshelljacken und Hardshellhosen aus GORE-TEX® Pro Material. Hochrobust, wind- und wasserdicht. Abgerundet durch Kletterhelme, Klettergurte, Rucksäcke sowie Handschuhe und Mützen. Perfekt für den extremen Einsatz.
  • Eiger Extreme Eigerjoch. Down jackets and insulation jackets and insulation T-shirts, wearable as middle or outer layer. Synthetic PrimaLoft® fabric is used, which is optimized with strategically placed down fill for maximum warmth performance.
  • Eiger Extreme Eisfeld. Robust and highly elastic hybrid softshell jackets and softshell pants for the perfect combination of weather protection, insulation, breathability and flexibility. Perfect for mountaineering, climbing or ski touring.
  • Eiger Extreme Eiswand. Midlayer jackets for the warming intermediate layer. Made of stretch fabric or antibacterial and odor-resistant merino wool for optimum moisture management and improved breathability.
  • Eiger Extreme Moench. Longsleeves and T-shirts acting as base layer. Moisture is transported away from the body to the outside and you stay pleasantly dry. An antimicrobial finish avoids unpleasant odors.
Mammut Eiger Extreme - Mountain Sports Wear and Equipment for Professional Outdoor Athletes

Eiger Extreme Backpacks, Helmets, Shoes - Uncompromising Mountain Sports Equipment for Extreme Conditions

As a full outdoor outfitter, Mammut has even more to offer within the Eiger Extreme collection than only professional mountain sports clothing. Perfection and functionality do not stop at jackets and pants. On the mountain you need to be able to rely on your shoes, your backpack and especially your climbing harness. That's why the Eiger Extreme Nordwand Series 2011 has been launched with outdoor equipment for extreme scenarios. This includes completely crampon-proof mountain boots and mountain shoes for high alpine tours, north faces or expeditions up to 6000 m. 

"Everybody has to carry one's burden" gets a positive connotation without exception thanks to the high-quality Trion Nordwand alpine backpacks of the Eiger Extreme Collection and probably you don't want to carry another backpack from now on. Of course, radically designed for extreme sports - ultra-light, especially abrasion-resistant, with outstanding carrying comfort, attachment options for skis, ice axe, rope, trekking poles, they are unparalleled for skiing, mountaineering and climbing tours.

The Eiger Extreme portfolio is rounded off by extremely light climbing harnesses for performance-oriented climbers and climbing helmets with MIPS system, which offer your brain increased protection in the event of an impact.