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Garmin Smartwatches: Sports Watches & Fitness Watches for an Active Lifestyle

With a Garmin fitness watch, you can get important data to improve your workout and adjust it as needed. With a Garmin sports watch, you're on the right track to your personal top performance. And in everyday life, a regulated pulse and health information can't hurt to lead a healthy lifestyle. Besides, the sophisticated designs make the sporty companions suitable for everyday use. With a Garmin fitness watch, you can keep an eye on your athletic performance and your health.

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The Different Garmin Fitness Trackers and Lifestyle Watches

In a modern world, a watch often serves for much more than just the time. Watches, such as those from Garmin, can have a positive influence on everyday life. Be it through the reassuring fact of having your blood pressure in view, or for accurate indications of your own energy level. Special is a simple and noble design, which can be integrated pleasantly into the own style needs. For this reason, there is a suitable Garmin ladies' watch in different designs for women.

Garmin vívo Fitness Watches for a Healthy and Active Lifestyle

  • Garmin vívosmart
  • Garmin vívoactive
  • Garmin vívomove
  • Garmin Venu

The Garmin vívosmart fitness watch is a stylish fitness tracker for an active lifestyle. With its compact and simple design, it does not impose itself on you, but still provides you with valuable information. You can choose different recording profiles for walking, running, strength training, yoga classes or swimming. Recorded data is sent directly to your smartphone, where you can evaluate and analyze it.

The Garmin vívoactive is a fitness tracker with smartwatch functions for athletes and people with an active lifestyle. Of course, it supports the recording of all common body and GPS data. It additionally combines these with functions like calls, SMS, emails and social media. When using GPS functions, the battery of the Garmin Vivoactive lasts about 10 hours. In display-only mode, you can expect about three weeks of runtime.

Looking for a Garmin sports watch that doesn't sacrifice style? Then the Garmin vívomove is right for you. This is a simple fitness tracker in an analog watch design with a battery life of one year. A pedometer and an inactivity counter are integrated into the watch and your sleep can be monitored.

The Garmin Venu is the flagship of the Garmin watches and convinces with a variety of features. On the one hand, this Garmin watch allows you all the important smartwatch functions, so that your smartphone can stay in your pocket in the future. On the other hand, all health and sports data are recorded, of course. With about 25 available apps, you can evaluate your data and constantly get new opportunities to become active.

The different models are available in different colors, which are perfect for both men and women.


Always Keep an Eye on Your Training: With Your Garmin Forerunner & Enduro Running Watch

A Garmin running watch is your perfect partner. Whether on the short after-work lap after a hard day at work, or the hard-earned marathon. Due to the large product range, you can get a running watch from a watch for beginners to a high-performance model.

The Garmin Forerunner smartwatch running watches are aimed at all ambitious runners. The Forerunner models help you improve your pace, keep better track of your performance and make your training more effective.

The Garmin Enduro running watches are smartwatches for endurance athletes. This ultra-performance GPS smartwatch is designed to help you reach distances of 100 km and more. State-of-the-art recording technologies, sensor functions and smart features make this watch your optimal companion for long sports sessions.

Flexibility in Sports with the Garmin Multisport Watches

Not everyone focuses on one discipline when it comes to sports. Garmin multisport watches have the normal features like GPS and health data collection. Their flexibility makes it easy to switch between different disciplines. This is important, for example, in the case of a triathlon to save valuable seconds, but also if you want to use your watch for both running and cycling. Swimming or other sports. In addition, the models in this series are also shock and water resistant to meet any challenge.

With the robust Garmin Fenix Solar multisport watch, you can face any challenge during sports or various outdoor activities. The watch's scratch-resistant surface harnesses solar energy to extend battery life for even more workout features and sports apps. Likewise, the health monitoring sensors can record longer.

The Garmin Epix is the premium GPS multisport smartwatch with a brilliant AMOLED display. This multisport watch provides you with all the necessary features to always have everything in view in everyday life and during peak athletic performances. With up to 16 days of battery life and over 60 sports apps, there are no limits to your adventures.

Sporty look, numerous sports functions and smartwatch features - that's the Garmin Instinct multisport watch in a robust everyday design.