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VAUDE – Sustainable and innovative products for mountain and bike athletes

For 40 years, VAUDE has stood for high quality outdoor clothing and equipment for mountain sports and the perfect equipment for cycling fans. As a modern Family business and a sustainable innovative outdoor outfitter, VAUDE takes its responsibility for people and nature very seriously. » Read more

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VAUDE - "Germany's Most Sustainable Brand"

VAUDE is without any doubt one of the most impressive companies in the outdoor industry. Founded in 1974 by Albrecht von Dewitz and handed over to his daughter Antje von Dewitz in 2009, VAUDE is still 100% family-owned today. The name VAUDE is derived from the initials of the family name (pronounced [fau'de]). The commitment of the Southern German company from Tettnang to environmental protection, sustainability and fair production conditions is remarkable and, in its consistency, certainly unique in the industry. VAUDE was awarded "Germany's most sustainable brand" in 2015.

VAUDE – The Spirit of Mountain Sports

Sustainable and innovative products for mountain and bike athletes

Today VAUDE is an outdoor full-range supplier producing clothing, shoes for women, men and children, backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, bike bags, bags and accessories. The products cover applications such as mountaineering, trekking, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, road cycling and everyday life in the city.
Whether you are a passionate mountain biker, ambitious road cyclist or adventurous cyclist, VAUDE has something for every biker: As a complete supplier of cycling equipment, VAUDE offers bike clothing such as shorts, jerseys and rain jackets and rain pants as well as cycling shoes, backpacks and bike bags.

Backpacks and bicycle bags from the "Made in Germany" collection are handmade by VAUDE in its own factory in Tettnang.

Green Shape - functional, environmentally friendly products made from sustainable materials

The Green Shape label, introduced in 2010, is based on a comprehensive catalogue of criteria that must be met before the product can be labelled with the environmental label. VAUDE ensures fair working conditions and compliance with ecological standards throughout the entire supply chain. The criteria for assessment are strict and transparent. They are continuously reviewed and cover the entire life cycle of the product - from design and production to care, repair and recycling. VAUDE is proud that in 2019 98% of the apparel collection and 78% of the entire range can be awarded the Green Shape Label.

Green Shape Core Collection - #ecofair #multiuse #unique

The Green Shape Core Collection, launched in 2018, goes one step further. According to the Credos #ecofair #multiuse #unique, this small collection refuses the competition for ever better water column values and other parameters, but relies on strict sustainable production and sets an example against overconsumption: multifunctionality! You don't have to buy a highly specialized product for every sport. The Green Shape Core Collection shirts, pants, windbreakers and fleece jackets have a wide range of applications and offer comfort when biking, hiking or in the city.

VAUDE – The Spirit of Mountain Sports