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HOKA Shoes – Trail & Running Shoes with Cutting-Edge Technology and Top-Class Cushioning

HOKA is one of the most famous brands for running shoes in the world. The inventors of the maximalist running shoe promise maximum levels of comfort and a unique running experience across all distances: with dynamic HOKA shoes for men or women on your feet, you’ll fly over trails, mountains, running tracks and roads. Whether running shoes or hiking boots, HOKA is there for you every step of the way.

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HOKA Shoes for Men & Women – Maximum Support on Every Terrain

Whilst out on the mountain trails around Annecy back in 2009, Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard came up with a plan. They wanted to design a shoe that would still feel fast and supportive even after 100 miles of long downhill. Drawing on their wealth of experience from the running shoe industry and using ideas from skiing, surfing and cycling, the revolutionary shape of the HOKA running shoe was born. Thanks to their high degree of cushioning, low weight and propelling rocker technology, HOKA men's and women's shoes quickly became a sought-after favourite, especially among ultra runners.

Numerous athletes, such as “Speedgoat” Karl Meltzer, Jim Walmsley and Sage Canaday, have worn HOKA running shoes to great success and out into the wider world. The award-winning HOKA Clifton was one of the first shoes to change perceptions of what a running shoe can be, and HOKA has since become a household name for runners and hikers all over the world. And it’s not just any name: the word “HOKA “comes from the Maori language and means something similar to “flying over the earth”.

HOKA Trainers – Technology That Makes the Kilometres Fly By

HOKA running shoes are now synonymous with high-quality cushioning. Having become lighter, more agile as well as more durable over the years, the Hoka trainers are now offered in an array of thicknesses and heights, but always with little drop. This provides a natural running feeling and ensures contact between foot and ground, even on technically demanding trails.

HOKA calls the unique midsole they use in their running shoes the Meta-Rocker. The small difference in height between the cushioning on your forefoot and heel promotes a natural running shape and propels you forwards. Your foot is softly embedded deep in the midsole instead of directly above it. Similar to a bucket seat in racing cars, the Active Foot Frame gives your foot support and guidance without any elements that press or restrict.

The firmer foam of the J-frame gives your foot additional stability on the inside and ball of your foot, and to ensure that you always land comfortably, but can also push off quickly, the innovative Profly dual-density midsole is equipped with softer cushioning towards the heel and firmer foam towards the forefoot. On the one hand, this forgives any mistakes made when landing and, on the other hand, ensures better foot placement below your body's centre of gravity. Time to fly with HOKA.

HOKA Kawana

HOKA Running Shoes for Men & Women

From your fastest lap of the stadium to your first marathon: reach your goal in comfort with HOKA runing shoes for women and men.

  • HOKA Clifton: a bestseller and trailblazer. The perfect combination of minimal weight and maximum comfort. The legendary HOKA women's & HOKA men's shoes are made for everyday wear with a lightweight sole, tried-and-tested Meta Rocker and breathable mesh upper. Whether interval training on the track, a relaxed lakeside walk with friends or a long weekend run.
  • HOKA Kawana: the Kawana is the perfect all-rounder for running and fitness enthusiasts. Its dynamic, innovative foam ensures a well-balanced running experience and the swallowtail-shaped heel combined with the Early Stage Meta Rocker provide maximum comfort at any pace.
  • HOKA Mach: the dynamic, lightweight running shoe will have you flying like the wind and ready for any race. Highly responsive and breathable, this shoe is very popular with triathletes.
  • HOKA Rincon: this is the lightweight HOKA speed shoe. It features soft, well-balanced cushioning yet with a reduced profile.
  • HOKA Elevon: the moderate cushioning on this casual shoe means you can rack up the kilometres. Its neutral fit in combination with the Profly midsole generates a decidedly smooth running feel with plenty of propulsion.
HOKA Kawana

HOKA Trail Running Shoes for Women & Men

Whether mountain ultra or Alpine crossing, HOKA trail running shoes for men and women ensure the best possible grip and comfort on any terrain.

  • HOKA Speedgoat: named after the “Speedgoat” Karl Meltzer, the record holder for the most victories in 100-mile mountain races, this HOKA trail shoe is designed for technical terrain. An aggressive sole, firm grip and plenty of protection paired with a wide toe box and famous HOKA cushioning help you tackle smooth trails and rugged paths.
  • HOKA Challenger: the Challenger guarantees versatility and a firm grip — even on wet ground.
  • HOKA Torrent: as a competition shoe for ambitious trail runners, the Torrent achieves a balance between cushioning and agility.
  • HOKA Mafate Speed: this HOKA trail shoe helps men and women overcome longer distances across difficult terrain problem-free.

HOKA Walking Boots for Men & Women

HOKA walking boots for men and women provide the best levels of comfort and optimal protection for any walking and hiking adventure.

  • HOKA Anacapa: the Anacapa is Hoka's lightweight walking boot that provides just the right amount of stability and cushioning you need on the trail. Thanks to HOKA’s characteristic extended heel, a smooth ride is guaranteed.

And when you're not flying off running or hiking, you can recover in HOKA Ora recovery thongs and sandals.

HOKA Shoes Sale

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