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ZIPP – Always in Front

ZIPP Speed Weaponry found in the USA meets road and triathlon rider's needs for high performance, superlative quality wheel, handlebar and stem components and accessories. They are manufactured utilizing best materials like carbon and technologies as Firecrest. Especially the wheels of the 404 and 808 series available for clincher and tubular tires convince with detail solutions and versatility. » Read more

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Born of science. Realized by hand.

ZIPP is known worldwide for its aerodynamic high-end wheels for road, triathlon and track cycling. ZIPP was founded in 1988 with the mission to make cycling athletes faster. The company focused on producing the most powerful and robust wheelsets and components. Over the last three decades, ZIPP has succeeded in doing just that by focusing its core competencies on development engineering, carbon composites, computer simulations and wind tunnel development.

Thanks to these competencies, ZIPP has been able to present a series of innovations in the bicycle industry: from the first carbon disc wheel, to the first carbon crank, to the first wheel that creates negative resistance in the wind tunnel. These innovations helped athletes win the world's toughest races on the world's most demanding roads, from the paved roads of Belgium to the Queen K in Kona.


ZIPP's Firecrest® technology has revolutionized the fundamentals of wheel design, setting new standards in aerodynamics, ride quality and stiffness, even in strong crosswinds. The aim is not only to optimize the front half of the rim, but also the half facing away from the wind. Previously, the rim tapered from the rim base to the spokes in a pronounced curvature. Firecrest® rims have an almost constant width up to the spoke bed and thus the air flow around the rear half of the rim can be effectively controlled: the handling becomes much more stable even in cross winds.

ZIPP – Always in Front

ABLC™ (Aerodynamic Boundary Layer Control)

The idea behind ZIPP's ABLC™ technology is based on the fact that the Firecrest® rim shape can only optimize the air flow if the air sticks to the rim surface. The effect is similar to that of a golf ball: at high speeds, the air currents that converge behind the rim create turbulence that slows down the forward movement. The ABLC™ Dimples provide for small turbulences at the entire rim. Although these initially increase the frictional resistance of the air on the rim surface, they ultimately result in less turbulence at the rear of the rim. This reduces the overall aerodynamic drag.

In addition to the long-distance models 303, 404 and 808 Firecrest®, ZIPP 2018 has developed the new NSW™ wheels 454 and 858 with SawTooth™ technology. This revolutionary rim design features a varying rim height, reminiscent of the surface shape of a whale fin. Based on wind tunnel tests, state-of-the-art fluid mechanics calculations and extensive road trials, ZIPP has developed the most powerful wheel to date, which reduces both drag and lateral force at all angles of wind incidence.

In addition to wheels, ZIPP also develops components for racing bikes and triathlons, such as drop bar handlebars, aero handlebars, stems and seat posts.