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The Petzl Head Torch and Other Climbing Equipment

In 1930, at the age of 17 Fernand Petzl discovered caving for himself. In doing so he laid the foundation for today’s family company, Petzl, from France. What began at the end of the 1960s with self-produced products has now developed into a popular brand for climbers and Alpinists worldwide. The Petzl head torch in its different versions has now become indispensable in the mountains and is a symbol of innovation, quality and durability. There are also products such as Petzl climbing harnesses and Petzl helmets.

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Petzl – 50 Years of Innovation in Climbing

In 1930 the 17-year old Fernand Petzl discovered caving for himself in France and was enthusiastic about it. His fascination for caves and climbing went so far that he made a profession out of it. At the end of the Sixties Petzl marketed the first climbing and caving products under his name. Some years later, in 1975, the Petzl company was founded. It was and always has been, family-run. With his passion and craftsmanship, founder Fernand Petzl provided the necessary innovations. His son, Paul Petzl, the current managing director, was determined to make the company big. He said of his father: 

“My father was both a craftsman and a caver. This enthusiasm for discovering new things, has accompanied me since childhood. My father, Fernand Petzl, loved to develop things and then improve them.”

The passion for discovering new caves and venturing into unknown territory, prompted Fernand Petzl to develop a ground-breaking product for the future in 1943. With the invention of the nylon rope he revolutionised mountaineering, climbing, sailing and its industrial use.

With this spirit of innovation it is no surprise that Petzl head torches, Petzl harnesses and all equipment in general from the French company are used all over the world. Amateur mountaineers, sports climbers, sailors and industrial users trust in the products from the French Alps.

The combination of the four Petzl foundation pillars ensures that the innovative character of the products remains consistently high and provides new surprises. It is important for the Petzl company, to combine family tradition, a pioneering spirit, perfection in terms of product quality and the cohesion of its own communities. This is how they succeed in constantly forging ahead and developing products that change the world.

With Petzl Headlamps, Harnesses, Helmets and Much More You Are Perfectly Equipped

Fernand Petzl began his entrepreneurial activity by selling individual products, which he was still selling under his own name at that time. At that time the subsequent extent of Petzl’s business activities could not yet be estimated. Today the French brand is reckoned to be one of the forerunners and pioneers in the field of climbing equipment. To give you an overview, we’ve listed the most significant Petzl products for climbing activities:

  • with a Petzl head torch or Petzl headlamp you’ll get lighting in all conditions – even in the deepest caves. At the same time your hands are free.
  • The Petzl harness ensures you have the necessary hold when climbing or abseiling.
  • Petzl helmets are ideal for the necessary safety and to protect you from falling stones.
  • If your trip takes you over icy paths, Petzl crampons ensure you have the necessary support and sufficient stability.
  • Petzl belay devices and Petzl ropes ensure that you are optimally prepared to tackle climbing routes safely and without problems.
  • To complete your equipment, Petzl offers ice axes, a Petzl ferrata route set, carabiners, rope clamps, pulleys and much more

The Petzl Head Torch – For Greater Vision at Night

With the Petzl head torch the French have achieved worldwide fame. On every evening hike in the mountains you’ll find a Petzl head torch on climbers’ heads. The manufacturer offers different models with different technologies and light durations. The Petzl head torches from the ranges Petzl NAO, Petzl SWIFT and Petzl ACTIK are particularly popular. Depending on the area of application, you can opt for just the right head torch and turn night into day from now on.

Naturally there are numerous accessories for Petzl head torches. The supply of spare parts is also guaranteed, so that you can use the Petzl quality product for even longer.

Petzl Harness, Crampons and Helmets – Your Life Insurance

Petzl wants to highlight three special priorities with its climbing harnesses. User safety has top priority. No matter what the situation, the Petzl climbing harness should provide security and be beyond doubt at all times. Of course, the comfort of a Petzl climbing harness also plays a significant role. This aspect goes hand in hand with ergonomics. With the combination of these three criteria Petzl offers climbing harnesses for mountaineering, climbing, canyoning, caving and for children.