Sigma Sport BC 14.16 STS - Cycle Computer wireless

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Description of Sigma Sport BC 14.16 STS - Cycle Computer wireless

Calling all hill climbers!

The BC 14.16 STS is the perfect computer for attacking the hills. Enhanced altitude measuring functions include an altitude profile graph and current gradient.
Using NFC technology and the free SIGMA LINK app, the BC14.16 STS can communicate with Android smartphones to program and download ride data.

BC 14.16 STAS - Highlights

  • Over 14 functions
    The more than 14 functions of the BC 14.16 STS are clearly and partly graphically displayed on the large dot matrix display screen. In addition to the classic bike functions, the BC 14.16 STS has six altitude features and in the STS CAD variant, two cadence functions.
  • High-percentage
    In addition to the classic altimeter functions, the BC 14.16 STS also shows the altitude profile and the ascent percentages.
    The BC14.16 STS has a built‐in NFC chip. Using NFC¹ (near field communication) and the SIGMA LINK app, you can use your smart phone to set up and program your bike computer. After a ride, trip data can instantly be transferred to your phone! Save and share your data with NFC & the SIGMA LINK app.
  • Trip section timer
    Due to the integrated trip section timer, partial sections of an overall trip can be separately entered manually. Thus, the evaluation of a partial section or interval workout is made possible, without affecting the total values of the trip.
  • Temperature display
    All BC 14.16, BC 16.16, and BC 23.16 models have a thermometer to display current temperature.
  • Adjustable wheel sizes
    Got more than one bike? Two wheel sizes can be programmed into the BC 14.16 to separate ride data. For the wired version, choose bike 1 or bike 2 in the settings menu. The STS wireless version automatically switches from bike 1 or bike 2 based on the transmitter signal.
  • Predefined tire sizes
    Setting the wheel size is extremely easy using the tire size. From 16 inches to 700C to 29 inches, the wheel size can be set easily using predefined tire sizes. Of course, it is also possible to manually enter the wheel size in millimetres.
  • Speed comparison
    A comparison of the current and average speed. While cycling, a permanent comparison is made of your current and average speeds. The difference is indicated by an up or down arrow. When moving at approximately the average speed, no arrow is displayed.
  • Workout statistics for 12 months
    In addition to total values, the BC14.16 STS keeps track of statistics for the last twelve months. The “workout diary” helps compare and analyze monthly activities.
  • Integrated storage chip
    Thanks to an integrated memory chip in the computer head unit, all the total values and settings are permanently stored in the device. After changing the battery, you therefore only need to reset the time.
  • Computer/transmitter battery warning
    All BC 14.16, BC 16.16, and BC 23.16 models have a battery status indicator. The battery level of the computer head and each transmitter is checked at regular intervals. If a battery is low, an early warning is displayed on the computer screen.
  • Bike inspection reminder function
    Thanks to the service interval, you are reminded to submit your bike to an inspection after a freely selectable number of kilometres cycled. The service interval can only be enabled/disabled and pre-configured by the retailer. The retailer can set the desired number of kilometres using the UNIVERSAL FAST SETTING BOX. The device comes with the service interval disabled.


  • Maximum display, minimum size
    The new sleek, vertically orientated TOPLINE 2016 computers will look great on your stem or handlebar. We’ve maximized the display size and slimmed down the computer housing to show the largest, easiest to read numbers, letters, and images possible.
    Housing Height x width x depth: 53,2 mm x 40,3 mm x 12,2 mm
    Display Height x width: 27 mm x 37 mm
  • Button functions
    “Menu / Back” button (top)
    • Press to go backwards through Alti/Bike functions
    • Press and hold button to enter Setting menu
    „Alti“ button (bottom left)
    • Press to go forward through the altitude functions
    „Bike“ button (bottom right)
    • Press to go forward through the bike functions
    Press Menu & Alti button at same time to activate backlight.
  • Animated menu navigation
    Full text and images clearly identify the different setting menus in the BC14.16 STS. In addition, a scroll bar below the image indicates where you are within each menu. Images are also used within during ride such as the altitude profile graph.
  • STS transmitter
    The STS‐speed and cadence transmitters now pivot to easily align with the magnets. The battery compartment of the STS‐speed transmitter is located on the outside of the transmitter, making it possible to change the battery while mounted.
    When using the cadence transmitter, you get both the current and average cadence measurement.
  • Backlight
    Or as Sigma Sports like to call it, a smart backlight. Press the Alti button and the Menu button at the same time to activate the backlight. Once activated, each time you press a button, the backlight will illuminate. When the computer goes into sleep mode, the backlight automatically deactivates.
  • Watertight
    The BC 14.16 STS is waterproof according to the international standard IPX 8. This means there is "protection against permanent immersion". Nothing stands in the way during the next ride in the rain.
  • Click-magnets
    Two new spoke magnets (standard and power) are equipped with a one-piece click-mount clamp. Installation is easier than ever. Magnets can be installed and removed without tools.
  • Cadence magnet
    The new cadence magnet can be attached directly to the pedal spindle without additional aids. Since it is very thin, the risk of making contact with the transmitter is low, even in tight spaces. In the event of a large gap between the crank and the transmitter, or when used with non‐magnetic pedal axles, two plastic magnet holders are included.


Bike functions
  • Average cadence
  • Average speed
  • Maximum speed
  • Ride time
  • Current Speed
  • Current temperature
  • Trip distance
  • Total distance (Bike 1/Bike 2)
  • Total ride time (Bike 1/Bike 2)
  • Trip section timer
  • Clock (12/24h)
Altitude functions
  • Altitude
  • Altitude graph
  • Altitude uphill
  • Current gradient
  • Maximum altitude
  • Total altitude uphill
  • 12 months of workout statistics
  • Adjustable start altitude
  • Automatic bike recognition (Bike 1 / Bike 2)
  • Automatic pairing
  • Automatic start/stop
  • Available languages: DE-EN-FR-IT-ES-NL-PL
  • Backlight
  • Can be used for 2 bikes
  • Computer battery warning
  • Data communication via NFC
  • Data communication via TOPLINE 2016 docking station
  • Data retention when batteries are replaced
  • Digitally coded wireless transmission (up to 90 cm)²
  • Energy saving sleep mode
  • My Name function
  • My Screen function
  • Programmable based on tire selection
  • Transmitter battery warning

¹ The NFC technology is currently available only on Android smartphones.
² Range for speed transmitter
  • Description
  • Fact Sheet
  • Ratings (4)

Fact Sheet of Sigma Sport BC 14.16 STS - Cycle Computer wireless

Product Name: Sigma Sport BC 14.16 STS - Cycle Computer wireless
Manufacturer: Sigma Sport
Item Code: SIG287223
Year: 2019
Included in delivery:
  • Bike Computer (incl. battery CR2032)
  • Mount
  • STS Speed Transmitter (incl. battery)
  • Magnet
  • Mounting Equipment
  • User Manual
Number of functions: more than 14
Kind of functions:
  • Current speed
  • Average speed
  • Trip distance
  • Total calories
  • Calories
  • Maximum speed
  • Riding time
  • Time
  • Total distance
  • Total ride time
Speciality: NFC & SIGMA LINK
Wireless: Yes
Manufacturer page:
  • Description
  • Fact Sheet
  • Ratings (4)


(4 Ratings)
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Customer Reviews

Anonymous Nov. 13th 2018

Das ist bereits mein zweiter Sigma 14.16 sts. Beim ersten verabschiedete sich das Display, beim zweiten fing es damit an, das er permanent abstürzte. Das Menü war dann in englisch, Datum etc. musste neu eingegeben werden. Davor nervte er schon durch unwilliges Starten und Ausfälle in der Aufzeichnung.
Häufiger Batteriewechsel kommt dazu. Ansich ein gut aufgesetztes Produkt, aber mit absolut unbefriedigender Ausführung.
Was sollte einem dazu bringen ein Rox oder ein anderes Sigma Topprodukt zu kaufen??? Bei der Erfahrung. Nichts!
Der Service von Bike24 mit sofortigen Tausch beim ersten Totalausfall dagegen top!!!!
Werde jetzt einen VDO kaufen. Ansonsten fahre ich mit der App Maps3D auf dem Smartphone.

Bike24: Wir bedauern Ihre Unannehmlichkeiten mit dem Produkt und bitten Sie, unseren Kundenservice für etwaige Reklamationsansprüche zu kontaktieren, sollten Sie den Artikel bei Bike24 erworben haben.

Anonymous Sep. 17th 2018

Preis Leistung ungenügend
Der Computer ist nach 20 Minuten Regenfahrt buchstäblich abgesoffen.
Weit und breit nichts von Wasserdicht!
Die Menuführung ist gewöhnungsbedürftig und nichts für jemanden der es gerne einfach hat.
Beigelegtes Manual ist so dünn wie die Packungsbeilage für Medikamente und so gross wie eine Landkarte = unbrauchbar.

Anonymous Jul. 03rd 2018

Der Sigma Tacho ist nicht wasserfest. Nach mehrstündiger Fahrt im Regen mit einigen Höhenmetern hat sich Feuchtigkeit im inneren gesammelt und der Tach viel komplett aus. Wahrscheinlich war die Verarbeitung der Gummidichtungen nicht Innordnung und das für etwa 70 Euro

Bike24: Wir bedauern Ihre Unannehmlichkeiten mit dem Produkt und bitten Sie, unseren Kundenservice für etwaige Reklamationsansprüche zu kontaktieren, sollten Sie den Artikel bei Bike24 erworben haben.

Heinz Jul. 09th 2017 50 - 65 years Male

Bedienungsanleitung schlecht. Konstruktion Abnehmer an der Gabel mangelhaft - verrutscht auf holprigen Strassen. Menüführung unübersichtlich. Und das um 70 Euro.
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