Bombus Raw Energy - Vegan Fruit Bar - 50g

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Description of Bombus Raw Energy - Vegan Fruit Bar - 50g

Raw Energy is a range of healthy fruit bars that are produced without any heat treatment and of purely natural ingredients. Bombus Raw Energy not only complements energy quickly, but also helps with restoring the body‘s natural balance, adds vitamins, minerals and fiber. They are vegan and gluten-free and without sugar additives. All this is done with a unique and delicious flavor.

Bombus Raw Energy is available in different flavors:

Apple & Cinnamon: Familiar taste of Czech juicy apples and cinnamon. This traditional combination complemented with dried dates surprises with balanced content of healthful nutrients and energy. High proportion of apple fiber, phytonutrients and antioxidants greatly helps with indigestion. Protects the body against diseases of civilization, improves memory and supports the respiratory tract. Cinnamon powder has the ability to break down the fats, causing a lower blood sugar and improves blood circulation.

Banana & Coconut: The banana, coconut, and dates bar will make the day full of activities more enjoyable for those who prefer the taste of the sun and exotic. This summer delicious will not only make you feel good, but also give your body a lot of vitamins and minerals. It will become the indispensable content of your beach bag.

Coconut & Cocoa: A refreshing tropical taste of coconut and cocoa. It is possible to experience healthy pleasure practically at anytime and anywhere. This energy bar of RAW products from completely heat unrefined and natural ingredients will provide you not only superb taste but also much needed healthy nutrients and valuable dietary fiber. Satisfy hunger, fill up even with small quantity and during the physical or mental activity quickly deliver much needed energy.
Raw coconut helps in decalcification of bones, hair, and nail brittleness and promotes the formation of dental enamel. Coconut is also useful for pain in the musculoskeletal system caused by physical performance and for bone thinning (osteoporosis). Despite the fact of higher vegetable fat, coconut does not increase the production of cholesterol.

Cocoa & Cocoa Beans (Kakao & Kakaobohnen): Cocoa and cocoa beans bar is made of a real super food – which unroasted cocoa beans certainly have. This bar is recommended by Bombus to all lovers of chocolate in its purest form. It is the best for a supply of energy and fight with tiredness. Cocoa supports concentration and primarily helps you to cheer up! This bar is full of amazing flavor of unroasted cocoa and it fills you up even in a small quantity.

Maracuja & Coconut: Passionate combination of pure extract from passion fruit, coconut, and dates provides you reliable source of natural energy, one and only taste, and health for your body. Dominant taste of passion fruit is composed of more than hundreds of natural substances. Passion fruit is beneficial for proper functioning of metabolic processes and overall energy conversion in human body. Riboflavin has a positive effect on condition of the skin, eyes, and heart. Non-sulfate coconut is also welcomed assistant for regeneration of musculoskeletal system at intense muscular exertion.

Peanuts & Dates: The bar is recommended to all lovers of peanuts. It is a combination of dates and peanuts, it fills your stomach well and provides your body with needed protein. Peanuts contain a lot of beneficial vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, which most people lack. Thanks to peanuts the bar is not so sweet. The bar contains pieces of unsalted peanuts.

This product should be taken as part of a varied and balanced diet and in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. Store in a cool, dry place.
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Food Information

  • Description
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Fact Sheet of Bombus Raw Energy - Vegan Fruit Bar - 50g

Product Name: Bombus Raw Energy - Vegan Fruit Bar - 50g
Manufacturer: Bombus
Item Code: BOM318942
Organic: No
activity: Outdoor
food type: Carbohydrates, Vitamins/Minerals
food properties: Vegan, Lactose-free, Gluten-free, Raw food
taste: Sweet
after/during/before: Before
Model year: 2020
weight: 50g
  • Description
  • Fact Sheet
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