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Knog PWR Powerbank (S) - 3350mAh

Knog PWR Powerbank (S) - 3350mAh

The clever PWR Powerbank

Modular power supply in a clever, minimalistic design. The PWR Powerbank offers a Micro USB-port to charge the powerbank itself, and a Standard USB-port to put out power to your smartphones, bike computer, head lamps, speakers and more. The main idea behind this modular system is that every device shares one power supply. Practically this safes you space, weight and money.

But the clou is that, if a PWR Lighthead is combined with the PWR Powerbank it transforms into a adequate safety light. Up to your needs the diverse PWR Powerbanks (S,M,L) can be connected to the PWR Lightheads (Road, Trail, Mountain). Thus offers many possible applications, for example you can mount a small lighthead to a stronger powerbank to extend the period of use.

Program your modes:

The BrightRunner app and the Lightheads allows for you to design the modes for any PWR bike light. Simply plug in your light/lighthead and then select flash patterns from a pre-programmed menu, or select constant mode. Perhaps the most important benefit of this world first feature is the ability to optimise your output through understanding the runtime you need.

For example, if runtime is more important to you than brightness, you can use the sliders to increase your runtime, and see the effect that selection has on the brightness. Of course, if you just want to get going, don’t worry – all PWR lights have 4 default modes pre-programmed.

Further Advantages of the PWR Powerbank

  • Modular powerbank system that can be combined with the PWR Lightheads to a safety light (sold separately)
  • Output: 2200mAh
  • CNC machined body
  • water resistant housing
  • 4 default light modes preinstalled
  • Programmable modes
  • sleek design
  • Capacity charge indicator

Fact Sheet of Knog PWR Powerbank (S) - 3350mAh

Product Name: Knog PWR Powerbank (S) - 3350mAh
Manufacturer: Knog
Item Code: KNG339195
battery ernergy: 12.40Wh
power supply version: Powerbanks
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
weight: 133g
Manufacturer page: http://www.knog.com.au