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Atlantic Radwachs Bike Wax - 150 ml

Atlantic Radwachs Bike Wax - 150 ml

ATLANTIC Wheel Wax is the beauty treatment for all frames and parts. It cleans, maintains and preserves all paint and metal parts in one step. The wax provides long-lasting protection against environmental influences such as rain, UV radiation, etc.. The applied sealant allows water to roll off and protects against re-contamination. Due to the thin preservative wax layer, dust and dirt no longer rub against the material, but are excluded. It displaces moisture and repels dirt. Through finest spray mist it penetrates even into hard-to-reach cavities.


Application of the Atlantic Wheel Wax

Simply spray your bike with ATLANTIC Wheel Wax and wipe with a clean cloth. The bike is cleaned and preserved in one step. If your bike is very dirty, you should first remove the coarse dirt with ATLANTIC Complete Cleaner.

Fact Sheet of Atlantic Radwachs Bike Wax - 150 ml

Product Name: Atlantic Radwachs Bike Wax - 150 ml
Manufacturer: Atlantic
Item Code: ATL124924
activity: Cycling
care & clean application: Wax / Polish
care & clean product : Spray
content: 150ml
Model year: 2022
weight: 160g
Weight Source: Manufacturer