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Alpenüberquerung von München nach Venedig

Alpenüberquerung von München nach Venedig

1st edition 2011, 38 color illustrations, 33 maps & altitude profiles, language German.

Adventure crossing the Alps: on foot from Munich to Venice

Whether you travel by car, plane or train, if you want to get to Italy, you have to cross the Alps. So why not make the journey the destination and venture to cross the Alps on foot?

One of the most beautiful routes for this hike is presented by Ralph Martin in the new OutdoorHandbook "Alpenüberquerung von München nach Venedig". Already since the end of the 17th century, the old routes and trade routes across the Alps also have a tourist significance. Nowadays, there are a number of ways to cross the mountain range, which is between 150 and 250 kilometers wide. The route described by Ralph Martin begins at Munich's main train station and leads past Bad Tölz, Mayrhofen and Belluno to the famous St. Mark's Square in Venice - a delightful destination that motivates further hiking. The course of the trail is based on the route described by Ludwig Grassler in the 1970s, which also became known as the "Dream Trail". However, some particularly difficult sections were deliberately avoided in the new variant and the use of fixed rope routes was dispensed with. The detailed route description, which is designed for a total of 28 daily stages, is supplemented by helpful information on places to stop for refreshments and overnight stays. General information for travel preparation, map sketches and altitude profiles round off the description additionally. Thus, the handy hiking guide from Conrad Stein Verlag is the perfect companion on the adventurous way across the Alps.

The author: Ralph Martin, born in 1952, is a radio and television journalist and lives in Stuttgart. He has been a passionate mountaineer and hiker since his earliest youth and has reported in many reports from almost all parts of the world. For some years now, he has devoted himself to European long-distance hiking routes, including the path from Munich to Venice, which is often referred to as the "dream path."

Fact Sheet of Alpenüberquerung von München nach Venedig

Product Name: Alpenüberquerung von München nach Venedig
Manufacturer: Conrad Stein Verlag
Item Code: CSV363459
activity: Cycling
book version: guidebook
ISBN: 978-3-86686-270-8
number of pages: 160
author / publisher: Ralph Martin
publishing house: Conrad Stein Verlag
book theme: Hiking Guides
countries: Germany, Italy, Austria