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absoluteBLACK Direct Mount Narrow-Wide Chainring - Oval - for EASTON EC90SL - red

absoluteBLACK Direct Mount Narrow-Wide Chainring - Oval - for EASTON EC90SL - red

absolteBLACK's premium 1X Easton compatible, Direct mount Oval chainring is designed for Easton EC90SL cranks specifically. Super stiff, mud optimized narrow-wide chainring is a Perfect choice for Cyclocross and Gravel setup. Eagle 12spd compatible.


  • Size (Mass +/-1g): 38T (94g), 40T (101g), 42T (108g), 44T (109g), 46T (120g), 48T (122g)
  • Compatibility: Easton Cinch(tm) EC90SL cranks and RaceFace Cinch cranks. Eagle 12spd compatible.
  • Material: cnc machined 7075 tempered Aluminium. Long-lasting construction.
  • Finish: type II anodizing
  • Ovality: Optimized to each size separately. Range: 10.2-12.1% and Timing of 110.5-112.3° after TDC (top dead center) Patent Pending.

Advantages of the special Direct Mount chainrings:

  • Finest design to provide excellent weight to strength ratio.
  • One of a kind special oval shape (Patent Pending).
  • Unique Patent Pending narrow-wide teeth profiles to keep your chain in place for minimum 12 months!
  • Special 3D teeth machining for ultimate mud relief, decrease wear and noise dramatically.
  • Designed to handle mud and grass with easy.
  • Superb quality and great look.
  • You will ride faster using ovals. If you keep using round ring then others will get quicker.
  • You will not "feel" the oval shape at all.
  • Reduces stress on knees.

Why absoluteBLACK's oval chainrings work:

Oval chainrings work because a rider does not produce power evenly through a pedal stroke; they maximize the part of the stroke where power is produced and minimize resistance where it isn't. Oval rings make the spin cycle a lot smoother and are easier on legs while climbing. Believe it (or not), but a round chainring doesn't transfer torque to your rear wheel as smoothly as an Oval one. You will actually feel your stroke to be more "round" with an Oval shape than with a round chainring.

Why it matters:

Traction, Traction and Traction. With oval rings rear tire traction improves greatly on loose and slippery terrain. Smoother power delivery to your rear wheel means that you will be able to maintain better, constant cadence; get less stress on the joints (knees) and therefore be able to keep certain level of effort for longer. This results in higher average speed. Moreover, 11 studies made by various Universities in the World show that using oval chainrings human legs utilize more muscle groups (compared to round one), but each of them to lesser degree. Load from pedaling an oval chainring is spread over greater muscle mass which in effect gives you the feeling of fresher and more relaxed legs. It is world's finest oval chainring backed by tens of thousands of customers.

What size should I choose?

Most CX riders choose 38T as most versatile option. For Gravel 44 or 46T is a good start. If you feel strong try bigger size.

  • 38T Oval ring will suit best someone who uses 37 or 38T chainring currently. While pedaling, you will feel similar effort to the one riding round 37T ring, but you will gain the speed similar to riding 40T chainring.
  • 40T Oval chainring has an ovality of 38/42T and is best for someone who uses currently 39 or 40T round ring.
  • 42T Oval chainring has an ovality of 40/44T and is best for someone who uses currently 41 or 42T round ring.
  • 44T Oval chainring has an ovality of 42/46T and is best for someone who uses currently 43 or 44T round ring.
  • 46T Oval chainring has an ovality of 44/48T and is best for someone who uses currently 45 or 46T round ring.
  • 48T Oval chainring has an ovality of 46/50T and is best for someone who uses currently 47 or 48T round ring.

How to mount AB Oval chainring to Easton Cinch crank:

CINCH is a system used by Easton and RaceFace to secure a chainring on the crank. Hence same way of mounting apply. AB chainring has a mark on the backside that you need to line up with the center of the crank arm to achieve the correct position. Once this is done use BB key to close the lockring (torque spec written on the lockring itself).

It is ideal for 1x 9/10/11/12 system and Singlespeeds!. Oval (elliptical) chainring does not compromise the work of clutch mechanism in rear derailleur. It also does not require chain tensioner when using in singlespeed application. Riding out of saddle on the uphill will become more pleasant. These chainrings also help you to recover after knee injuries as pedaling becomes smoother and less exhausting.
Fitting for derailleur: 9-speed ||| 10-speed ||| 11-speed ||| 12-speed
Material: aluminum 7075 tempered
Weight supplement: 38 teeth) up to 122 grams (48 teeth)
manufacturer information

Fact Sheet of absoluteBLACK Direct Mount Narrow-Wide Chainring - Oval - for EASTON EC90SL - red

Product Name: absoluteBLACK Direct Mount Narrow-Wide Chainring - Oval - for EASTON EC90SL - red
Manufacturer: absoluteBLACK
Item Code: ABB376616
activity: Bike
usage bikesport: Road Bike
direct mount standard: RACE FACE Cinch
chainring version: Narrow-Wide (1-speed), oval
number of teeth: 38
Model year: 2019
Color: Red
weight: 94g
Manufacturer page: http://absoluteblack.cc/index.php